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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Coils of Madness

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Edition: Coils of Madness

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Foil / Full Bleed Art

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Fudo's AssurancesCelestialF
2[Skan]Hantei's GuidanceCelestialF
3[Skan]P'an Ku's MadnessCelestialF
4[Skan]An Empire of MadnessEventF
5[Skan]An End to HostilitiesEventF
6[Skan]Dark AudienceEventF
7[Skan]Rampant ParanoiaEventF
8[Skan]Riot in the Second CityEventF
9[Skan]The Second Battle of Beiden PassEventF
10[Skan]The Empire's Foe ExposedEventF
11[Skan]The Madness SpreadsEventF
12[Skan]Bamboo Harvesters (Experienced 2)HoldingF
13[Skan]Border Keep (Experienced 2)HoldingF
14[Skan]Colonial DojoHoldingF
15[Skan]Colonial TempleHoldingF
16[Skan]Fudoist AdvisorHoldingF
17[Skan]Questionable MerchantHoldingF
18[Skan]Recruitment StationHoldingF
19[Skan]Suikihime's ChambersHoldingF
20[Skan]Temple of MadnessHoldingF
21[Skan]Temple of TengenHoldingF
22[Skan]Hida O-Ushi (Inexperienced)PersonalitycrabF
23[Skan]Hiruma Nikaru, the Flesh EaterPersonalitycrabF
24[Skan]Kasuga Aizawa, the Razor's EdgePersonalitycrabF
25[Skan]Kuni Renyu (Experienced 2)PersonalitycrabF
26[Skan]Nishoji, the Steel-EyedPersonalitycrabF
27[Skan]Yasuki Tono (Experienced)PersonalitycrabF
28[Skan]Asukai, the TirelessPersonalitycraneF
29[Skan]Doji Hakuseki (Experienced 3)PersonalitycraneF
30[Skan]Doji Hoturi (Inexperienced)PersonalitycraneF
31[Skan]Kakita Hideo, the Fallen KeeperPersonalitycraneF
32[Skan]Kakita Ichigiku (Experienced)PersonalitycraneF
33[Skan]Suzume Shindo, the Final BladePersonalitycraneF
34[Skan]Kimura, Forgiver of SinsPersonalitydragonF
35[Skan]Kitsuki Daisuke (Experienced 2)PersonalitydragonF
36[Skan]Kitsuki Kinaro (Experienced)PersonalitydragonF
37[Skan]Togashi Mitsu (Inexperienced)PersonalitydragonF
38[Skan]Togashi Noboru, the Shattered StarPersonalitydragonF
39[Skan]Usagi Seki, the UntouchablePersonalitydragonF
40[Skan]Akodo Tsudoken (Experienced 2)PersonalitylionF
41[Skan]Ikoma Aimi (Experienced)PersonalitylionF
42[Skan]Ikoma Natsu (Experienced)PersonalitylionF
43[Skan]Jikoji, Fist of StonePersonalitylionF
44[Skan]Matsu Nimuro (Experienced 2)PersonalitylionF
45[Skan]Morito Inoue, Scourge of the PlainsPersonalitylionF
46[Skan]Moshi Tomiko (Experienced)PersonalitymantisF
47[Skan]Okazaki, Breaker of WillsPersonalitymantisF
48[Skan]Tochiko, the Jagged Tusk of DeathPersonalitymantisF
49[Skan]Tsuruchi (Inexperienced)PersonalitymantisF
50[Skan]Yoritomo Kanaye (Experienced)PersonalitymantisF
51[Skan]Yoritomo Minori (Experienced)PersonalitymantisF
52[Skan]Asako Chukage (Experienced 2)PersonalityphoenixF
53[Skan]Asako Kaitoko (Experienced)PersonalityphoenixF
54[Skan]Hamuro, the WisePersonalityphoenixF
55[Skan]Isawa Tsuke (Experienced)CoMPersonalityphoenixF
56[Skan]Shiba Iaimiko (Experienced)PersonalityphoenixF
57[Skan]Tonbo Inuyama, the Eye of TomorrowPersonalityphoenixF
58[Skan]Bayushi Kachiko (Experienced)CoMPersonalityscorpionF
59[Skan]Bayushi Kahoku (Experienced 2)PersonalityscorpionF
60[Skan]Bayushi Nitoshi (Experienced)PersonalityscorpionF
61[Skan]Rokkaku, Master of ScrollsPersonalityscorpionF
62[Skan]Shosuro Kameyoi (Experienced)PersonalityscorpionF
63[Skan]Daigotsu Arakan (Experienced)PersonalityspiderF
64[Skan]Daigotsu Gyoken (Experienced 3)PersonalityspiderF
65[Skan]Susumu KurokoPersonalityspiderF
66[Skan]Toku Saiga, the Metal StormPersonalityspiderF
67[Skan]Yunmen, the WhisperPersonalityspiderF
69[Skan]Asako UsoharaPersonalityF
70[Skan]Asp SkirmisherPersonalityF
71[Skan]Hantei XVI (Inexperienced)PersonalityF
72[Skan]Ichiro Otani, the Stone BreakerPersonalityF
73[Skan]Iuchi TakakiPersonalityF
74[Skan]Kokujin (Inexperienced)PersonalityF
75[Skan]Otomo Suikihime, Queen of Fools (Experienced)PersonalityF
76[Skan]P'an Ku (Experienced)PersonalityF
77[Skan]Sengmai, the UnbreakablePersonalityF
79[Skan]The Dark Naga (Experienced)PersonalityF
80[Skan]The Shakash (Experienced)PersonalityF
81[Skan]Tsi Hayamizu, the Hand of SteelPersonalityF
82[Skan]Zansho (Experienced)PersonalityF
83[Skan]Iuchi Karasu (Inexperienced)PersonalityunicornF
84[Skan]Komori Miyano, the Shadow WingPersonalityunicornF
85[Skan]Moto Ming-Gwok (Experienced)PersonalityunicornF
86[Skan]Moto Taigo, the Skull TakerPersonalityunicornF
87[Skan]Shinjo Tselu (Experienced)PersonalityunicornF
88[Skan]Tsiang, the BenevolentPersonalityunicornF
90[Skan]Fudo's FiendsFollowerF
91[Skan]Lone SentryFollowerF
92[Skan]Maddened HordeFollowerF
93[Skan]Naga RemnantsFollowerF
94[Skan]Reconnaissance ScoutsFollowerF
95[Skan]Shinobi VassalFollowerF
96[Skan]Thunderous LegionFollowerF
97[Skan]Armor of the MadItemF
98[Skan]Blood of the Preserver (Experienced)ItemF
99[Skan]Heart of Fudo (Experienced 2)ItemF
100[Skan]Justice of the CraneItemF
101[Skan]Koan's JingasaItemF
102[Skan]Koan's RobesItemF
103[Skan]Koan's Scroll SatchelItemF
104[Skan]Koan's StaffItemF
106[Skan]The Egg of P'an Ku (Experienced)ItemF
107[Skan]False Ring of AirRingF
108[Skan]False Ring of EarthRingF
109[Skan]False Ring of FireRingF
110[Skan]False Ring of the VoidRingF
111[Skan]False Ring of WaterRingF
112[Skan]Among the CloudsSpellF
113[Skan]Blade of StormsSpellF
114[Skan]Flame LashSpellF
115[Skan]Hidden PowerSpellF
116[Skan]Koan's WhisperSpellF
117[Skan]Soul of EarthSpellF
118[Skan]Tempest of AirSpellF
119[Skan]Typhoon SurgeSpellF
120[Skan]A Magistrate FallsStrategyF
121[Skan]Death of the WindsStrategyF
123[Skan]Delicate GambleStrategyF
124[Skan]Fires of TurmoilStrategyF
126[Skan]Looming DangerStrategyF
127[Skan]Moments of DestinyStrategyF
128[Skan]No Way OutStrategyF
129[Skan]Overwhelming ChaosStrategyF
130[Skan]Strength in the EarthStrategyF
131[Skan]Strength of the DivineStrategyF
132[Skan]Suikihime's SanctionStrategyF
133[Skan]Temple GroundsStrategyF
134[Skan]The Heavens' BlessingStrategyF
135[Skan]The Tale of the DisgracedStrategyF
136[Skan]Unbearable WeightStrategyF
137[Skan]Foothold of the MadStrongholdF
138[Skan]The False PathStrongholdF
139[Skan]Hiruma OgataPersonalitycrabP
140[Skan]Daidoji AdachiPersonalitycraneP
141[Skan]Mirumoto KazuyaPersonalitydragonP
142[Skan]Ikoma AyumiPersonalitylionP
143[Skan]Yoritomo TonogiPersonalitymantisP
144[Skan]Isawa RyuzoPersonalityphoenixP
145[Skan]Yogo KatsutaPersonalityscorpionP
147[Skan]Moto XinPersonalityunicornP

Cards: 147

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