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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> The Training Grounds II

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Edition: The Training Grounds II

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
[brak obrazka]A Favor ReturnedHoldingDragon
[brak obrazka]A New WallEventDragon
[brak obrazka]A Soul of ThunderEventCrane
[brak obrazka]AbandonedActionDragon
[brak obrazka]AmbushActionCrane
[brak obrazka]Asahina KasaiPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Asahina YoshinoPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Battlefield of Shallow GravesActionCrane, Dragon
[Skan]Be Prepared to Dig Two GravesActionDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Boastful ProclamationEventCrane
[brak obrazka]Brutal ConfrontationActionDragon
[brak obrazka]Charge of the BarungharActionDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]City of GoldRegionDragon
[brak obrazka]Companion SpiritSpellDragon
[brak obrazka]Conserve your StrengthActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]CourtesyActionCrane
[brak obrazka]Cunning of the DaidojiActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji AkagiPersonalityCraneCrane (3)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji GunsoPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji NichirenPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji ShiheiPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji TakihiroPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Daidoji Uji (Experienced 3)PersonalityCraneCrane
[brak obrazka]Diplomatic RetreatHoldingCrane
[brak obrazka]DisavowedActionCrane
[brak obrazka]Doji DomotaiPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[Skan]Doji Domotai (Experienced)PersonalityCraneCrane
[Skan]Doji House GuardFollowerCrane
[brak obrazka]Doji Midoru (Experienced)PersonalityCraneCrane
[brak obrazka]Doji NioPersonalityCraneCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Doji SeoPersonalityCraneCrane (3)
[brak obrazka]Dragon's Heart DojoStrongholdDragonDragon
[brak obrazka]DutyActionDragon
[brak obrazka]Explored TerritoryActionDragon
[brak obrazka]ExplosivesActionCrane
[brak obrazka]First and Final StrikeActionCrane (3), Drag
[brak obrazka]Gifts and FavorsHoldingCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]Gold MineHoldingDragon (3)
[brak obrazka]Heavily EngagedActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Hitomi SuguharaPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon (2)
[Skan]Honor's CostActionCrane (2)
[Skan]Hoshi House GuardFollowerDragon
[brak obrazka]Hoshi Kaelung (Experienced Kaelung)PersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon
[brak obrazka]Hoshi MasujiroPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon (2)
[Skan]House of the Fallen BlossomHoldingCrane
[brak obrazka]Impromptu DuelActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Kabuki Theater TroupeHoldingCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Kitsuki HakihimePersonalityDragonDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Left Hand of the EmperorWindCrane
[brak obrazka]Living Blade DojoHoldingCrane
[Skan]Mark of OblivionItemDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Market PlaceHoldingCrane (3)
[brak obrazka]Meeting the KeepersActionDragon
[brak obrazka]Mirumoto GonkuroPersonalityDragonDragon (3)
[brak obrazka]Mirumoto MareshiPersonalityDragon / NagaDragon
[brak obrazka]Mountains of the PhoenixActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Mura Sabishii ToshiHoldingCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]No VictoryActionCrane (2), Drag
[brak obrazka]Obi of SilenceItemCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]OverwhelmedActionCrane (2), Drag
[brak obrazka]Palm StrikeKihoDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Prosperous Plains CityStrongholdCraneCrane
[brak obrazka]Puppet Theatre TroupeHoldingDragon
[brak obrazka]QuartermasterHoldingCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]RefugeesActionDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Regions of RokuganEventCrane
[brak obrazka]Return for TrainingActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Ring of AirRingDragon
[brak obrazka]Ring of EarthRingCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]Ring of FireRingCrane
[brak obrazka]Ring of the VoidRingCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]Ring of WaterRingCrane, Dragon
[Skan]Rosoku's StaffItemCrane
[brak obrazka]SaboteurFollowerCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Secluded VillageHoldingDragon (3)
[brak obrazka]Secluded WaystationHoldingDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Second Doom of the CraneEventDragon
[brak obrazka]Shrine to HoteiHoldingCrane
[brak obrazka]Silent WarriorsFollowerCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]SpearmenFollowerDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Stay Your BladeActionDragon
[brak obrazka]Swordmaster DojoHoldingDragon
[brak obrazka]Tamori AokiPersonalityDragonDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Tamori KonoyePersonalityDragonDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Tattooed AcolytesFollowerDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Temple to ShinseiHoldingDragon
[brak obrazka]Temples of New TaoRegionDragon
[brak obrazka]Ten Thousand TemplesRegionCrane
[brak obrazka]The Future is UnwrittenKihoDragon
[brak obrazka]The Kami's BlessingSpellDragon (2)
[Skan]The People's ChampionActionDragon
[brak obrazka]Threads of FateKihoDragon
[brak obrazka]To Do What We MustActionCrane (2)
[brak obrazka]Togashi Ieshige (Experienced Akodo Ieshige)PersonalityDragonDragon
[brak obrazka]Togashi KazukiPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Togashi RazanPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon (2)
[brak obrazka]Togashi Satsu (Experienced 2)PersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiDragon
[brak obrazka]TomodachiItemF1
[brak obrazka]Tower of the NingyoHoldingDragon
[brak obrazka]Tsuma DojoHoldingDragon
[Skan]Tsuno SwampsRegionCrane
[brak obrazka]Tsuruchi TechniqueActionDragon (2)
[Skan]Venerable MasterHoldingCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]Voice of the EmperorWindDragon
[Skan]War of Silk and SteelEventDragon
[brak obrazka]Weigh the CostActionCrane, Dragon
[brak obrazka]Well-laid PlansActionCrane
[brak obrazka]Will of the ElementsKihoDragon
[brak obrazka]Wisdom GainedEventDragon
[brak obrazka]Wisdom of the KeepersEventCrane
[brak obrazka]YogenItemDragon
11[brak obrazka]Sneak AttackActionDragon (2)
21[brak obrazka]Sneak AttackActionDragon (2)

Cards: 113

Rarity distribution
Crane (2)21
Crane (2), Drag2
Crane (3)3
Crane (3), Drag1
Crane, Dragon8
Dragon (2)19
Dragon (3)3
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Dragon / Brotherhood of Shinsei6
Dragon / Naga1