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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Spirit Wars

Available cardlists:
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Wrath of the EmperorThe New Order
Dawn of the EmpireThe Currency of War
Web of LiesTwenty Festivals
Enemy of My EnemyThunderous Acclaim
Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Spirit Wars

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]Akodo Ginawa (Experienced 4)PersonalityLion / Toturi's ArmyR1
[Skan]Akodo IjiasuPersonalityLionU2
[Skan]Akodo QuehaoPersonalityLion / SpiritR2
[Skan]Akodo SenseiSenseiU1
[Skan]Amaterasu's FurnaceRegionU2
[Skan]Ancestral DictateActionU2
[Skan]Ancestral ProtectionActionR2
[Skan]Ancient KnowledgeKihoU1
[Skan]Arriving at the Imperial GatesActionU2
[Skan]Asako MisaoPersonalityPhoenixU2
[Skan]Asako RidersFollowerR2
[Skan]Back BannerItemC1
[Skan]Battle at White Shore PlainActionC2
[Skan]Battle of Drowned HonorActionC2
[Skan]Battle of Quiet WindsActionC2
[Skan]Battle of Shallow WatersActionC2
[Skan]Bayushi Baku (Experienced)PersonalityScorpion / SpiritR2
[Skan]Bayushi PanekiPersonalityScorpionC2
[Skan]Bayushi Yojiro (Experienced 2)PersonalityScorpionR1
[Skan]Beginning and EndKihoR2
[Skan]Birth of the AnvilEventR1
[Skan]Birth of the SwordEventR1
[Skan]Birth of the WolfEventR1
[Skan]Biting SteelSpellFixed
[brak obrazka]Bridged PassHoldingFixed
[Skan]Bronze LanternItemR2
[Skan]Call the SpiritSpellR2
[Skan]Chou-SinPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC2
[Skan]Clay SoldiersFollowerC2
[Skan]Cliffs of Golden TearsRegionU2
[brak obrazka]Copper MineHoldingF
[brak obrazka]CounterattackActionFixed
[Skan]Crab TattooActionR2
[Skan]Cursed GroundRegionU1
[Skan]Daidoji HachiPersonalityCraneC1
[Skan]Dark SecretsActionC2
[Skan]Devastation of Beiden PassSpellC / R
[Skan]Doji KurohitoPersonalityCraneU2
[Skan]Doji MeihuPersonalityCrane / SpiritU2
[Skan]Doji Reju (Experienced 2)PersonalityCrane / DragonR1
[Skan]Doji Reju (Experienced 2)PersonalityDragon / CraneR1
[Skan]Dragon DancersHoldingC1
[Skan]Earthquake at Otosan UchiEventR1
[Skan]East Wall of Otosan Uchi (Experienced)HoldingR1
[brak obrazka]Elite Light InfantryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Elite Medium InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Emperor's FavorEventR1
[Skan]Emperor's Under-HandHoldingR1
[Skan]Empress's GuardFollowerR2
[brak obrazka]Entrapping TerrainActionF
[brak obrazka]Evil Feeds Upon ItselfEventF
[Skan]Fall of the AllianceEventR1
[Skan]Fall on Your KneesActionR2
[Skan]Fallen GroundActionC2
[Skan]Fallen LegionFollowerU2
[Skan]Fields of DarknessRegionC1
[Skan]Fields of the SunRegionR1
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingFixed
[Skan]GiunikoPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC1
[brak obrazka]Glimpse of the UnicornEventFixed
[Skan]Great CraterRegionR1
[Skan]Guard the HouseActionC2
[Skan]Hantei XVIPersonalitySpiritF
[Skan]Hida HioPersonalityCrabC2
[Skan]Hida KuonPersonalityCrabC2
[Skan]Hida KurodaPersonalityCrabC2
[Skan]Hida Sukune (Experienced 2)PersonalityCrab / SpiritR1
[Skan]Hida TsuneoPersonalityCrab / SpiritR1
[Skan]Hitomi's GlareKihoR2
[brak obrazka]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Ide GokunPersonalityUnicorn / SpiritU2
[Skan]Ikoma TsaiPersonalityLionC2
[Skan]Imperial CensusEventR1
[Skan]Infantry ChargeActionC2
[Skan]Intelligence AgentHoldingU2
[Skan]Iron MempoItemC1
[Skan]Isawa MetigaruPersonalityPhoenix / SpiritC1
[Skan]Isawa NakamuroPersonalityPhoenixC1
[brak obrazka]Jade BowItemFixed
[brak obrazka]Jade WorksHoldingF
[Skan]Kaiu SenseiSenseiR2
[Skan]Kakita Kaiten (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR2
[Skan]Kamoko's ConstellationEventR1
[Skan]Kitsu DejikoPersonalityLionC2
[brak obrazka]Kitsu OkuraPersonalityLionF
[Skan]Knowing Lands and Giving TreesRegionU1
[Skan]KohuriPersonalityToturi's ArmyC2
[Skan]Kuni Utagu (Experienced)PersonalityCrabR1
[Skan]Lady of the Forest SenseiSenseiU1
[Skan]Last GiftActionC2
[Skan]Lay the BlameActionC2
[Skan]Let the Spirit Move YouKihoC1
[brak obrazka]Light InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Luring TacticsActionU2
[Skan]Mara's FarewellActionC2
[Skan]Master Smith AscendsSpellC1
[brak obrazka]Matsu AgetokiPersonalityLionF
[brak obrazka]Matsu GoemonPersonalityLion / Toturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Medium InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Mirumoto UkiraPersonalityDragonC2
[Skan]Mirumoto Uso (Experienced)PersonalityDragonR2
[Skan]Miya DosonuPersonalitySpiritU2
[Skan]Miya SenseiSenseiR2
[Skan]Miya YemiPersonalityUnalignedU2
[Skan]MokotoPersonalityToturi's ArmyU2
[Skan]Morito (Experienced 2)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Mortal FleshKihoU1
[Skan]Moshi ShanegonPersonalityMantisU2
[Skan]Moto HideyoPersonalityUnicornC1
[Skan]Moto TechniqueActionR2
[Skan]Moto VorduPersonalityUnicornC2
[Skan]Moving the WindKihoU1
[brak obrazka]NaginataItemFixed
[Skan]New KimonoItemC1
[brak obrazka]No-DachiItemFixed
[Skan]Noble Halls of the AkodoStrongholdLionF
[Skan]North Wall of Otosan Uchi (Experienced)HoldingR1
[Skan]Obsidian StatuesRegionR1
[Skan]Old DebtsFollowerC2
[Skan]Oni no FushikiPersonalityShadowlandsC1
[Skan]Oni no YamasoHoldingC1
[Skan]Oni SpawnFollowerC2
[Skan]Otomo DsichiPersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Otomo HoketuhimePersonalityToturi's ArmyC1
[brak obrazka]OutflankActionF
[Skan]Personal SacrificeActionC2
[Skan]Pitch and FireHoldingF
[Skan]Poorly Placed GardenHoldingC1
[Skan]Quiet TombsRegionC1
[Skan]Rallying CryActionFixed
[Skan]Ratling ScroungersFollowerR2
[brak obrazka]RefugeesActionFixed
[Skan]Return for TrainingActionU2
[Skan]Revealing the BastardEventR1
[Skan]Revering the PastEventR1
[Skan]Right to RuleEventR1
[Skan]Roshungi (Experienced)PersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / ShadowlandsR2
[Skan]Ruin and DevastationSpellU1
[Skan]Saigorei (Experienced)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR2
[Skan]Sanctified TempleHoldingF
[brak obrazka]SanzoPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Scaring the MassesActionU2
[Skan]Shasyahkar (Experienced)PersonalityNagaR2
[Skan]Shiba AikunePersonalityPhoenixC2
[Skan]Shiba Ningen (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenixR1
[brak obrazka]Shiba TsukunePersonalityPhoenixF
[Skan]Shinjo Shono (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornR2
[Skan]Shiryo no Ch'iAncestorPhoenixR1
[Skan]Shiryo no HoteiAncestorCraneR2
[Skan]Shiryo no NyokoAncestorDragonR1
[Skan]Shiryo no RohataAncestorCrabR1
[Skan]Shiryo no ShojuAncestorScorpionR1
[Skan]Shiryo no TaisaAncestorLionR1
[Skan]Shiryo no Ujik-haiAncestorUnicornR1
[Skan]Shosuro Chian (Experienced)PersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / ScorpionR1
[Skan]Shrine of the Evening StarHoldingR1
[Skan]Shrine of the SpiritsStrongholdSpiritF
[Skan]Sign of WeaknessActionU2
[Skan]Signal CorpsFollowerU2
[brak obrazka]Silver MineHoldingF
[Skan]Simple HutsHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]Small FarmHoldingF
[Skan]Snow Crane TattooActionR2
[Skan]Soshi AngaiPersonalityScorpionU2
[Skan]Soul SwordSpellC1
[Skan]South Wall of Otosan Uchi (Experienced)HoldingR1
[brak obrazka]SpearmenFollowerF
[Skan]Spirit BellsHoldingU2
[Skan]Spirit HoundsFollowerC2
[Skan]Star-Filled SteelSpellU2
[Skan]Sumai MatchEventR1
[brak obrazka]Superior TacticsActionFixed
[Skan]Suzume RoshiPersonalityUnalignedC1
[Skan]Suzume SenseiSenseiU1
[Skan]Tamori ChosaiPersonalityDragonC1
[Skan]Tamori ShaitungPersonalityDragonU2
[Skan]Three-Stone RiverActionU2
[Skan]Through the FlamesActionC2
[Skan]Togashi MioPersonalityDragon / SpiritC1
[brak obrazka]TokuPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Torii ArchHoldingC1
[Skan]Torii TattooActionC2
[Skan]Towers of the AsakoStrongholdPhoenixF
[Skan]Tsi YojiPersonalitySpiritU2
[Skan]Tsuko SenseiSenseiF
[Skan]Tsuko's HeartFollowerU2
[Skan]Tsuruchi OkamePersonalityMantisC1
[Skan]Turn of FateSpellU2
[Skan]UidoriPersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / SpiritU2
[Skan]Undead LegionFollowerU2
[brak obrazka]Unexpected AlliesEventFixed
[Skan]Uona SenseiSenseiF
[Skan]Usagi GoheiPersonalitySpiritU2
[Skan]Utaku Yu-PanPersonalityUnicornU2
[Skan]Wall of BonesHoldingC1
[Skan]War PaintsKihoR2
[Skan]Warriors of the Great ClimbFollowerU2
[Skan]Wasp SenseiSenseiU1
[Skan]Weapons CacheActionC2
[Skan]West Wall of Otosan Uchi (Experienced)HoldingR1
[Skan]Where Tsanuri FellActionR2
[Skan]Witch HuntActionU2
[Skan]Witch Hunter's AccusationActionU2
[Skan]Yakamo's SmileKihoR2
[Skan]Yokai no MizushaiAncestorShadowlandsR2
[Skan]Yoritomo Aramasu (Experienced 3)PersonalityMantisR1
[Skan]Yoritomo KitaoPersonalityMantisC2
[Skan]Yoritomo Yukue (Experienced)PersonalityMantisR1

Cards: 233

Rarity distribution
C / R1
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei2
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Scorpion1
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Shadowlands1
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Spirit1
Crab / Spirit2
Crane / Dragon1
Crane / Spirit1
Dragon / Crane1
Dragon / Spirit1
Lion / Spirit1
Lion / Toturi's Army2
Phoenix / Spirit1
Scorpion / Spirit1
Toturi's Army5
Unicorn / Spirit1