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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> The Coming Storm

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Edition: The Coming Storm

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Foil

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Auspicious ArrivalEventR
3[Skan]The BlessingEventR
4[Skan]Alchemy LabHoldingC
6[Skan]Bountiful FieldsHoldingC
7[Skan]Carpenter ShrineHoldingU
8[Skan]Cloth MarketHoldingC
9[Skan]Defensive MemorialHoldingC
10[Skan]Expansive RangeHoldingC
11[Skan]Hotei's SmileHoldingC
12[Skan]House of DisgraceHoldingR
13[Skan]Kaiu EngineersHoldingC
14[Skan]Shigekawa's CourtHoldingU
15[Skan]Summer CourtHoldingU
16[Skan]Temple of SerenityHoldingU
17[Skan]Temple of the Heavenly CrabHoldingR
18[Skan]Tunnel NetworkHoldingR
19[Skan]Voice of ExperienceHoldingC
20[Skan]Hida ZaiberuPersonalitycrabC
21[Skan]Hiruma MaikoPersonalitycrabC
22[Skan]Kuni Shinoda, Advisor to the Jade ChampionPersonalitycrabR
23[Skan]Toritaka IsaiPersonalitycrabU
24[Skan]Yasuki AitokoPersonalitycrabU
25[Skan]Yasuki ShaireiPersonalitycrabR
26[Skan]Daidoji RyushiPersonalitycraneU
27[Skan]Daidoji SuteboPersonalitycraneR
28[Skan]Doji NatsuyoPersonalitycraneC
29[Skan]Kakita BureiPersonalitycraneC
30[Skan]Kakita JikeruPersonalitycraneR
31[Skan]Kakita MitohimePersonalitycraneF
32[Skan]Kitsuki KiraPersonalitydragonR
33[Skan]Mirumoto ReijiPersonalitydragonC
34[Skan]Mirumoto TakanoriPersonalitydragonU
35[Skan]Tamori JunyaPersonalitydragonU
36[Skan]Tamori TouyaPersonalitydragonC
37[Skan]Togashi YayoiPersonalitydragonR
38[Skan]Akodo IketsuPersonalitylionR
39[Skan]Ikoma KeisukePersonalitylionC
40[Skan]Ikoma ShungoPersonalitylionU
41[Skan]Kitsu AsatoPersonalitylionU
42[Skan]Kitsu LeikoPersonalitylionR
43[Skan]Matsu MariiPersonalitylionC
44[Skan]Kitsune BeikoPersonalitymantisU
45[Skan]Moshi RaikoPersonalitymantisC
46[Skan]Tsuruchi HikariPersonalitymantisC
47[Skan]Tsuruchi Yashiro, Defender of the Obsidian BladesPersonalitymantisR
48[Skan]Yoritomo ShotsuoPersonalitymantisU
49[Skan]Yoritomo YusukePersonalitymantisR
50[Skan]Isawa GenmaPersonalityphoenixR
51[Skan]Isawa Kaname, Advisor the the Ruby ChampionPersonalityphoenixR
52[Skan]Isawa KidoPersonalityphoenixC
53[Skan]Isawa MuiraPersonalityphoenixU
54[Skan]Shiba KakeiPersonalityphoenixC
55[Skan]Shiba YuuchiPersonalityphoenixU
56[Skan]Bayushi AkagiPersonalityscorpionR
57[Skan]Bayushi FuyukoPersonalityscorpionU
58[Skan]Bayushi Jinn-JaPersonalityscorpionR
59[Skan]Bayushi KotomuriPersonalityscorpionC
60[Skan]Shosuro KayoPersonalityscorpionU
61[Skan]Shosuro SadaoPersonalityscorpionC
62[Skan]Daigotsu AtsushiPersonalityspiderC
63[Skan]Daigotsu TeruoPersonalityspiderR
66[Skan]Susumu MizukiPersonalityspiderU
67[Skan]Susumu TakuanPersonalityspiderR
70[Skan]Patairaku no OniPersonalityR
71[Skan]Seppun TeshanPersonalityC
73[Skan]Ide AragakiPersonalityunicornU
74[Skan]Ide KosakaPersonalityunicornR
75[Skan]Moto ErdenePersonalityunicornU
76[Skan]Moto QorinPersonalityunicornC
77[Skan]Shinjo Ajasu, Topaz ChampionPersonalityunicornC
78[Skan]Utaku SaikenPersonalityunicornR
79[Skan]Assault UnitFollowerR
80[Skan]Battle AttendantsFollowerC
81[Skan]Cavalry EscortFollowerC
82[Skan]Defensive MikoFollowerC
83[Skan]Mobile TroopsFollowerU
84[Skan]Personal GuardFollowerU
86[Skan]Samurai LancersFollowerC
87[Skan]Traveling Ronin (Experienced)FollowerR
88[Skan]Yomanri ArchersFollowerC
89[Skan]Zlkyt's FamilyFollowerC
90[Skan]Aramasu's MaskItemR
91[Skan]Awakened NaginataItemU
92[Skan]Bishamon's BowItemU
93[Skan]Bo of Ritual BlessingsItemR
94[Skan]Jiramu's WakizashiItemC
95[Skan]Kaiu AxeItemC
97[Skan]Osano-Wo's BowItemC
98[Skan]Singing BladeItemF
99[Skan]Sohei's OnoItemR
100[Skan]Tested BladeItemC
101[Skan]Untested BladeItemC
102[Skan]Aranai SenseiSenseiU
103[Skan]Suikihime SenseiSenseiU
104[Skan]Fear the ThunderSpellC
105[Skan]Interrupt the Void's FlowSpellR
106[Skan]Legacy of TadakaSpellC
107[Skan]Look Into the SoulSpellU
108[Skan]Sinful DreamsSpellR
109[Skan]The Dragon's BreathSpellU
110[Skan]The Dragon's TalonSpellR
111[Skan]The Swell of the StormSpellC
112[Skan]Visions of DarknessSpellU
113[Skan]A Growing RiftStrategyR
114[Skan]Arrival of the Ivory ChampionStrategyR
115[Skan]Bitter Lies TechniqueStrategyU
116[Skan]Bleak LandsStrategyC
117[Skan]Bonds of ServiceStrategyC
118[Skan]Contained at CourtStrategyU
119[Skan]Death from AboveStrategyC
120[Skan]Defending the CityStrategyC
121[Skan]Deny the False FormStrategyC
122[Skan]Discovering the Anvil of EarthStrategyR
123[Skan]Discovering the Daisho of WaterStrategyU
124[Skan]Discovering the Seeds of the VoidStrategyR
125[Skan]Discovering the Shakuhachi of AirStrategyU
126[Skan]Inspired LeadershipStrategyR
127[Skan]Iron and StoneStrategyU
128[Skan]Kharmic ThreatStrategyU
129[Skan]Losing FavorStrategyC
130[Skan]Merciless AssaultStrategyC
131[Skan]Open RoadsStrategyU
132[Skan]Persuasive TacticsStrategyC
133[Skan]Proper EquipmentStrategyC
134[Skan]Punishing BlowStrategyR
136[Skan]Relocating the CourtStrategyR
137[Skan]Scout TrainingStrategyC
138[Skan]Signal the ScoutsStrategyU
139[Skan]Strength in SubtletyStrategyR
140[Skan]Strike as the EarthStrategyC
141[Skan]Strike as the WindStrategyC
142[Skan]Sudden StormStrategyU
143[Skan]Swan TechniqueStrategyU
144[Skan]Taken HostageStrategyC
145[Skan]The Eternal ChaseStrategyF
146[Skan]Thousand Year RivalryStrategyU
147[Skan]Unsanctioned StrikeStrategyU
148[Skan]Way of the CrabStrategyR
149[Skan]Way of the CraneStrategyR
150[Skan]Way of the DragonStrategyR
151[Skan]Way of the LionStrategyR
152[Skan]Way of the MantisStrategyR
153[Skan]Way of the PhoenixStrategyR
154[Skan]Way of the ScorpionStrategyR
155[Skan]Way of the SpiderStrategyR
156[Skan]Way of the UnicornStrategyR

Cards: 156

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