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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Stronger Than Steel

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Edition: Stronger Than Steel

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]A Gruesome DisplayEventU
2[Skan]Gujo OdoriEventC
3[Skan]Power of the MastersEventU
4[Skan]The Heavens Are WatchingEventU
5[Skan]The Throne Stands EmptyEventU
6[Skan]City GateHoldingC
7[Skan]Clan EstateHoldingU
8[Skan]Haiku SchoolHoldingC
9[Skan]Temple of the Righteous EmperorHoldingC
10[Skan]Hida FumetsuPersonalityCrabR
11[Skan]Hida ItsumaPersonalityCrabC
12[Skan]Hida KashinPersonalityCrabR
13[Skan]Hiruma AyaPersonalityCrabR
14[Skan]Kuni TakaniroPersonalityCrabU
15[Skan]Kuni UmibePersonalityCrabU
16[Skan]Toritaka KaiketsuPersonalityCrabC
17[Skan]Asahina EkeiPersonalityCraneR
18[Skan]Daidoji KojimaPersonalityCraneU
19[Skan]Daidoji NaoshigePersonalityCraneC
20[Skan]Doji MasakoPersonalityCraneR
21[Skan]Doji NobuhidePersonalityCraneR
22[Skan]Kakita AmakuniPersonalityCraneC
23[Skan]Kakita Kensho-inPersonalityCraneU
24[Skan]Mirumoto Ryosaki (Experienced)PersonalityDragonR
25[Skan]Mirumoto YozoPersonalityDragonC
26[Skan]Tamori SugiPersonalityDragonU
27[Skan]The RashanaPersonalityDragon / NagaR
28[Skan]Togashi KanayePersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiR
29[Skan]Togashi RemiPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiC
30[Skan]Togashi ShichiPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiU
31[Skan]Akodo HiroyukiPersonalityLionF
32[Skan]Akodo KatsumotoPersonalityLionR
33[Skan]Ikoma TatsunoriPersonalityLionR
35[Skan]Kitsu TenshinPersonalityLionU
36[Skan]Matsu KamekoPersonalityLionC
37[Skan]Matsu SakakiPersonalityLionU
39[Skan]Moshi TayaPersonalityMantisU
40[Skan]Tsuruchi AmayaPersonalityMantisR
41[Skan]Tsuruchi FuyuPersonalityMantisU
42[Skan]Tsuruchi MasakoPersonalityMantisR
43[Skan]Yoritomo DaishiroPersonalityMantisF
44[Skan]Yoritomo KanePersonalityMantisC
45[Skan]Agasha TamakiPersonalityPhoenixC
46[Skan]Asako Bairei (Experienced 3)PersonalityPhoenixR
47[Skan]Asako EichiroPersonalityPhoenixC
48[Skan]Isawa EmoriPersonalityPhoenixF
49[Skan]Isawa KajibaraPersonalityPhoenixU
50[Skan]Shiba FusaburuPersonalityPhoenixU
51[Skan]Shiba RaePersonalityPhoenixR
52[Skan]Bayushi ArunsaPersonalityScorpionU
53[Skan]Bayushi RyuzaburoPersonalityScorpionR
54[Skan]Bayushi ShinobuPersonalityScorpionC
55[Skan]Shosuro KyuichiPersonalityScorpion / NinjaR
56[Skan]Shosuro TakuroPersonalityScorpionC
57[Skan]Soshi UkonPersonalityScorpionU
58[Skan]Yogo HonamiPersonalityScorpion / SpiritR
59[Skan]Chuda GenkeiPersonalitySpider / ShadowlandsC
60[Skan]Daigotsu JunichiPersonalitySpiderU
61[Skan]Daigotsu SusumuPersonalitySpiderR
62[Skan]Datsue-baPersonalitySpider / ShadowlandsU
63[Skan]Goju RyuuPersonalitySpider / NinjaR
64[Skan]HiromasaPersonalitySpider / Brotherhood of Shinsei / ShadowlandsR
65[Skan]KatashiPersonalitySpider / Brotherhood of Shinsei / ShadowlandsC
66[Skan]Horiuchi YokoPersonalityUnicornC
67[Skan]Ide EienPersonalityUnicornU
68[Skan]Moto ChaiPersonalityUnicornR
69[Skan]Shinjo KurimokoPersonalityUnicornC
70[Skan]Shinjo Turong (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornR
71[Skan]Utaku EtsukoPersonalityUnicornR
72[Skan]Utaku TakaiPersonalityUnicornU
73[Skan]Gagoze no OniPersonalityShadowlandsC
74[Skan]Sentei no OniPersonalityShadowlandsU
76[Skan]Kitsune AikoPersonalityC
78[Skan]Toshi RanboRegionR
79[Skan]A Lion's RoarActionU
80[Skan]A Matter of HonorActionR
81[Skan]Calling in FavorsActionU
82[Skan]Choose Your GroundActionC
83[Skan]Crosswinds Cut StyleActionR
84[Skan]Dastardly TacticsActionC
85[Skan]Death of Virtue StyleActionR
86[Skan]Devious ExplorerActionC
87[Skan]Drawing in the StrikeActionC
88[Skan]Establishing a FootholdActionU
89[Skan]Evenly MatchedActionC
90[Skan]Failure to Your DaimyoActionU
91[Skan]Falling Leaf StrikeActionC
92[Skan]Fight As OneActionC
93[Skan]Furious AssaultActionC
94[Skan]Heart of the Katana StyleActionR
95[Skan]Heated DiscussionActionU
96[Skan]Hojatsu's Legacy StyleActionR
97[Skan]Honor is PowerActionU
98[Skan]Justly Earned VictoryActionR
99[Skan]Kolat ForgeryActionU
100[Skan]Mysterious DeathsActionR
101[Skan]Overwhelming SpeedActionU
102[Skan]Paragon of HonorActionC
104[Skan]Power of InnocenceActionR
105[Skan]Powerful AccusationActionC
106[Skan]Private WhispersActionR
107[Skan]Red Leaf CutActionU
108[Skan]Silent MovementsActionU
109[Skan]Single Strike StyleActionR
110[Skan]Soul StrikeActionC
111[Skan]Splendid Phoenix StyleActionR
112[Skan]Storm's Eye StyleActionR
113[Skan]Strength in Shadow StyleActionR
114[Skan]Strength of ParagonsActionC
115[Skan]Superior PositioningActionR
116[Skan]Surveying the LandActionC
117[Skan]The Hundred-Hand StrikeActionR
118[Skan]Tight QuartersActionC
119[Skan]True StrengthActionR
120[Skan]Unbroken Blade StyleActionR
121[Skan]Unexpected IntimidationActionR
122[Skan]Unexpected ReinforcementsActionC
123[Skan]Unseen AssailantActionU
124[Skan]Unseen ValorActionU
125[Skan]Use the WindActionC
126[Skan]Vision of P'an KuActionU
127[Skan]Watching the BattleActionC
128[Skan]Disgraced RoninFollowerC
129[Skan]Gunso AtshushiFollowerR
130[Skan]Gunso ChitoseFollowerR
131[Skan]Gunso HirobumiFollowerR
134[Skan]Respected MentorFollowerC
135[Skan]Ruthless BanditsFollowerU
136[Skan]Seppun DetachmentFollowerR
137[Skan]Unproven GuardianFollowerC
138[Skan]Yajuu no OniFollowerU
139[Skan]Blade of the KansenItemU
140[Skan]Budoka's TonfaItemC
141[Skan]Doji ArmorItemR
142[Skan]Gaijin UtensilItemC
144[Skan]Utaku SaberItemR
145[Skan]Wasp BowItemU
146[Skan]Bairei's VigilSpellR
147[Skan]Isawa's AirSpellU
148[Skan]Isawa's BloodSpellU
149[Skan]Isawa's EarthSpellU
150[Skan]Isawa's FireSpellU
151[Skan]Isawa's VoidSpellU
152[Skan]Isawa's WaterSpellU
153[Skan]Paper to SteelSpellC
154[Skan]Vigilance KeepStrongholdLionF
155[Skan]Houritsu MuraStrongholdMantisF
156[Skan]Brilliant Rebirth TempleStrongholdPhoenixF

Cards: 156

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Dragon / Brotherhood of Shinsei3
Dragon / Naga1
Scorpion / Ninja1
Scorpion / Spirit1
Spider / Brotherhood of Shinsei / Shadowlands2
Spider / Ninja1
Spider / Shadowlands2