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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Shadowlands

Available cardlists:
Promo Pre-GoldPath of Hope
Promo GoldDrums of War
Promo Gold & DiamondThe Training Grounds II
Promo DiamondTest of Enlightenment
Promo Diamond & LotusRise of the Shogun
Promo LotusKhan's Defiance
Promo Lotus & SamuraiTomorrow
Promo SamuraiThe Truest Test
Promo Samurai & CelestialSamurai Edition
Promo CelestialStronger Than Steel
PromoThe Emerald and Jade Champions
Pre-ImperialHonor's Veil
Imperial EditionSamurai Edition: Banzai
ShadowlandsUltimate Clan Packs
Emerald EditionWords and Deeds
Forbidden KnowledgeThe Heaven's Will
The Battle of Beiden PassThe Imperial Gift, Part 1
Anvil of DespairGlory of the Empire
Crimson and JadeDeath at Koten
Obsidian EditionCelestial Edition
Time of the VoidCelestial Edition 15th Anniversary
Scorpion Clan CoupThe Imperial Gift, Part 2
Jade EditionPath of the Destroyer
Hidden EmperorThe Harbinger
Pearl EditionThe Plague War
Siege of Sleeping MountainThe Imperial Gift, Part 3
Honor BoundBattle of Kyuden Tonbo
Ambitions DebtEmpire at War
Fire and ShadowThe Dead of Winter
Heroes of RokuganBefore the Dawn
Storms Over Matsu PalaceWar of Honor
Soul of The EmpireForgotten Legacy
Spirit WarsSecond City
Learn to PlayEmperor Edition
Gold EditionEmbers of War
A Perfect CutThe Shadow's Embrace
An Onis FurySeeds of Decay
Dark AlliesHonor and Treachery
The L5R ExperienceEmperor Edition: Gempukku
Broken BladesTorn Asunder
1000 Years of DarknessCoils of Madness
The Fall of Otosa UchiGates of Chaos
Heaven and EarthAftermath
Winds of ChangeA Matter of Honor
Diamond EditionIvory Edition
The Training GroundsThe Coming Storm
Reign of BloodA Line in the Sand
Hidden CitySiege: Heart of Darkness
Wrath of the EmperorThe New Order
Dawn of the EmpireThe Currency of War
Web of LiesTwenty Festivals
Enemy of My EnemyThunderous Acclaim
Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Shadowlands

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]A Gift of HonorActionR
[Skan]A Stout HeartActionU2
[Skan]Accessible TerrainActionC
[brak obrazka]AllianceEventF
[Skan]Ancient Spear of the NagaItemF
[Skan]Another TimeActionC
[brak obrazka]ArchersFollowerF
[Skan]Arrows from the WoodsActionC
[Skan]Bayushi AramoroPersonalityScorpionU2
[Skan]Bayushi GoshiuPersonalityScorpionU2
[Skan]Bayushi HisaPersonalityScorpionC
[Skan]Bayushi KyotoPersonalityScorpionR
[Skan]Bayushi SupaiFollowerR
[Skan]Bayushi TomaruPersonalityScorpionC / F
[brak obrazka]Biting SteelSpellF
[Skan]Block Supply LinesActionF
[Skan]Blood of MidnightSpellC
[brak obrazka]BloodswordItemF
[brak obrazka]Brilliant VictoryActionF
[Skan]Call to ArmsActionU2
[brak obrazka]Call Upon The WindSpellF
[brak obrazka]Careful PlanningActionF
[brak obrazka]Castle of WaterSpellF
[Skan]Change of LoyaltyActionR
[brak obrazka]ChargeActionF
[Skan]Confusion at CourtActionC
[Skan]Contemplate the VoidSpellC
[brak obrazka]Contentious TerrainActionF
[Skan]Copper MineHoldingF
[Skan]Corrupted GroundActionC
[Skan]Corrupted Iron MineHoldingC
[Skan]Court JesterActionU2
[Skan]Crystal ArrowItemC
[brak obrazka]Crystal KatanaItemF
[Skan]Dark DivinationSpellR
[Skan]Dark Oracle of AirHoldingR
[Skan]Dark Oracle of EarthHoldingR
[Skan]Dark Oracle of FireHoldingR
[Skan]Dark Oracle of WaterHoldingR
[Skan]Darkness Feeds...ActionR
[brak obrazka]Deadly GroundActionF
[Skan]Defend Your HonorActionC / U1
[Skan]Desperate MeasuresEventR
[brak obrazka]Dispersive TerrainActionF
[Skan]Doji Hoturi (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR
[Skan]Doji House GuardFollowerU2
[Skan]Doom of the CrabEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the CraneEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the DragonEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the LionEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the NagaEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the PhoenixEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the ScorpionEventU2
[Skan]Doom of the UnicornEventU2
[brak obrazka]Encircled TerrainActionF
[brak obrazka]Energy TransferenceSpellF
[Skan]Enough Talk!ActionU2
[brak obrazka]Entrapping TerrainActionF
[Skan]Evil WardSpellU2
[Skan]False AllianceActionR
[Skan]Final ChargeActionR
[Skan]Force of WillSpellC
[Skan]Forced MarchActionU2
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingC
[Skan]Garegoso no BakemonoFollowerR
[Skan]Geisha HouseHoldingC
[brak obrazka]GinawaPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Go MasterHoldingF
[brak obrazka]Goblin ChuckersFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Goblin MobFollowerF
[Skan]Goblin ShamanPersonalityShadowlandsC
[brak obrazka]Goblin WarmongerPersonalityShadowlandsF
[brak obrazka]Gold MineHoldingF
[Skan]Gust of WindSpellU2
[brak obrazka]Hawks and FalconsHoldingF
[Skan]He's Mine!ActionC
[brak obrazka]Heavy CavalryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Heavy InfantryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Heichi ChokeiPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Hida House GuardFollowerU2
[Skan]Hida O-UshiPersonalityCrabR
[Skan]Hiruma KagePersonalityCrabU2
[Skan]His Most FavoredActionR
[brak obrazka]Honorable SeppukuActionF
[brak obrazka]Iaijitsu ChallengeActionF
[brak obrazka]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Ikoma KaokuPersonalityLionU2
[Skan]Impassable TerrainActionC
[Skan]Imperial LevyingEventR
[brak obrazka]Intersecting HighwaysActionF
[brak obrazka]Iron MineHoldingF
[Skan]Isawa Tadaka (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsR
[Skan]Jade ArrowItemU2
[brak obrazka]Jade BowItemF
[Skan]Jade GobletItemU2
[Skan]Jade WorksHoldingF
[Skan]Kakita TorikagoPersonalityCraneC
[Skan]Kakita YogosoPersonalityCraneU2
[Skan]Kitsu MotsoPersonalityLionR
[Skan]Kolat OyabunHoldingU2
[brak obrazka]Lesser MujinaFollowerF
[Skan]Levy TroopsActionU1
[Skan]Light CavalryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Light InfantryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Look into the VoidSpellF
[Skan]Mantis BushiFollowerR
[Skan]Market PlaceHoldingF
[Skan]Matsu ChokokuPersonalityLionC
[Skan]Matsu House GuardFollowerU2
[brak obrazka]MeditationActionF
[brak obrazka]Medium CavalryFollowerF
[Skan]Medium InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Minor Oni ServantFollowerR
[Skan]Mirumoto Hitomi (Experienced)PersonalityDragonU2
[Skan]Mirumoto House GuardFollowerU2
[Skan]Mirumoto TakiPersonalityDragonC
[Skan]Morito TokeiPersonalityUnalignedF
[brak obrazka]Moto TsumePersonalityShadowlandsF
[Skan]Mountain GoblinPersonalityShadowlandsC
[brak obrazka]Naga BushiFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Naga ShugenjaPersonalityNagaF
[brak obrazka]Naga WarlordPersonalityNagaF
[brak obrazka]NaginataItemF
[Skan]New Year's CelebrationEventR
[brak obrazka]Oath of FealtyActionF
[Skan]Obsidian MirrorItemR
[Skan]Oni no OgonPersonalityShadowlandsU2
[Skan]Oni no Ogon (Oni no Kamu)PersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Oni no SanruPersonalityShadowlandsU2
[Skan]Otaku Kamoko (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornU2
[Skan]Otaku KojiroPersonalityUnicornR
[brak obrazka]OutflankActionF
[Skan]Pearl BedHoldingC
[brak obrazka]Pearl DiversHoldingF
[brak obrazka]PlagueEventF
[Skan]Plague ZombiesFollowerC
[Skan]Plea of the PeasantsActionU2
[Skan]Porcelain Mask of Fu LengItemR
[brak obrazka]Rally TroopsActionF
[brak obrazka]Rallying CryActionF
[Skan]Rampant PlagueEventR
[Skan]Ratling ConscriptsFollowerC
[brak obrazka]Ratling PackFollowerF
[Skan]Ratling ScavengerPersonalityRatlingC
[Skan]Ratling ThiefPersonalityRatlingU2
[brak obrazka]Remorseful SeppukuActionF
[brak obrazka]Sanctified TempleHoldingF
[brak obrazka]ScoutFollowerF
[Skan]Setsuban FestivalEventR
[Skan]Shadowlands MadmenFollowerR
[Skan]Shadowlands SicknessActionU2
[Skan]Shiba House GuardFollowerU2
[Skan]Shiba TetsuPersonalityPhoenixC
[Skan]Shinjo House GuardFollowerU2
[Skan]Shinjo TsuburoPersonalityUnicornC
[Skan]Shosuro HametsuPersonalityScorpionF
[Skan]Shosuro TaberuPersonalityScorpionU / F
[Skan]Shosuro TagePersonalityScorpionR
[brak obrazka]Shuriken of SerpentsItemF
[brak obrazka]Silver MineHoldingF
[Skan]Skeletal ArchersFollowerC
[brak obrazka]Skeletal TroopsFollowerF
[Skan]Small FarmHoldingF
[Skan]Soshi BantaroPersonalityScorpionC / F
[brak obrazka]StablesHoldingF
[Skan]Stale WindSpellU2
[Skan]Strike at the TailActionR
[brak obrazka]Summon FaeriesSpellF
[Skan]Superior TacticsActionF
[Skan]Suspended TerrainActionC
[Skan]Sympathetic EnergiesSpellC
[Skan]Temple of BishamonHoldingC
[Skan]Terrible Standard of Fu LengItemR
[Skan]Test of MightActionC
[Skan]The Broken Sword of the ScorpionItemF
[Skan]The Code of BushidoActionU2
[Skan]The Falling DarknessEventR
[Skan]The Festering Pit of Fu LengHoldingR
[Skan]The Fire From WithinSpellU2
[brak obrazka]The Fury of Osano-WoSpellF
[Skan]The Hidden Temples of the NagaStrongholdNagaBox
[Skan]The Hooded RoninPersonalityUnalignedR
[Skan]The Laughing MonkPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]The Nameless OnePersonalityPhoenixU2
[Skan]The Obsidian HandItemR
[Skan]The Rising SunEventR
[Skan]The Ruined Fortress of the ScorpionStrongholdScorpionBox
[Skan]The Turtle's ShellActionU2
[Skan]Threat of WarActionR
[Skan]Thunder DragonPersonalityUnalignedR
[Skan]Togashi GaijutsuPersonalityDragonR
[Skan]Tomb of JadeSpellC
[Skan]Touch of DespairSpellR
[Skan]Touch of Fu LengSpellR
[brak obrazka]Traversable TerrainActionF
[Skan]Twist of FateActionR
[Skan]Utter DefeatActionR
[Skan]When Darkness Draws NearActionR
[brak obrazka]Wind Born SpeedSpellF
[brak obrazka]Wings of FireSpellF
[Skan]Winning Kachiko's FavorActionR
[Skan]Wounded in BattleActionC
[Skan]Yasuki NokatsuPersonalityCrabC
[Skan]Yuki no OnnaPersonalityUnalignedC / F

Cards: 229

Rarity distribution
C / F3
C / U11
U / F1
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei1
Phoenix / Shadowlands1