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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> The Imperial Gift, Part 2

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Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: The Imperial Gift, Part 2

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]A Samurai's SoulItemF
[Skan]Akodo KuroganePersonalityLionF
[Skan]Arugai no OniPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Back to the FrontStrategyF
[Skan]Bayushi KayamaPersonalityScorpionF
[Skan]Bayushi SihakenPersonalityScorpionF
[Skan]Bayushi TsubakiPersonalityScorpionF
[Skan]Breath of the DragonSpellF
[Skan]Chuda FukuzoPersonalitySpiderF
[Skan]Collapsing BridgeHoldingF
[Skan]Daidoji HaradaPersonalityCraneF
[Skan]Daigotsu OkiPersonalitySpiderF
[Skan]Daigotsu ShinjitsuPersonalitySpiderF
[Skan]Delayed ArrivalEventF
[Skan]Do Not Turn Your Back!StrategyF
[Skan]Doji KatoPersonalityCraneF
[Skan]Dutiful YojimboFollowerF
[Skan]Earthen BladeSpellF
[Skan]Elite ArchersFollowerF
[Skan]Fall Back!StrategyF
[Skan]Family HistoriesHoldingF
[Skan]Fields of BattleStrategyF
[Skan]For My Brothers!StrategyF
[Skan]Forward ReconnaissanceStrategyF
[Skan]Frontline EncampmentHoldingF
[Skan]Heavy RegularsFollowerF
[Skan]Hida RokurotaPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida ShinkoPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hiruma EtsuroPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Ikoma IgawaPersonalityLionF
[Skan]Infamous BladeItemF
[Skan]Iron FanItemF
[Skan]Isawa ReidoPersonalityPhoenixF
[Skan]Isawa TanakaPersonalityPhoenixF
[Skan]Iuchi KotaPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Kakita ToshiroPersonalityCraneF
[Skan]Kitsuki HanbeiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Lost Traveler CastleStrongholdUnalignedF
[Skan]Mastery of the BladeStrategyF
[Skan]Matsu MansaikoPersonalityLionF
[Skan]Midnight AssaultEventF
[Skan]Military AllianceEventF
[Skan]Mirumoto AyabePersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Moshi TakakoPersonalityMantisF
[Skan]My Father's ShrineHoldingF
[Skan]Prayer for GuidanceStrategyF
[Skan]Prepared for DeathStrategyF
[Skan]Rejuvenating VaporsSpellF
[Skan]Ruthless DeterminationStrategyF
[Skan]Seppun Heavy InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Shiba NobuyukiPersonalityPhoenixF
[Skan]Shinjo KodamaPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Simple MerchantsHoldingF
[Skan]Smuggler's PortHoldingF
[Skan]Spearmen LegionFollowerF
[Skan]Straw HorseItemF
[Skan]Suitengu's EmbraceSpellF
[Skan]Sunrise KeepStrongholdUnalignedF
[Skan]Tamori MasakoPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]The Cresting WaveStrategyF
[Skan]The Stone DiscoveredEventF
[Skan]Throwing KnivesItemF
[Skan]Thunderous ReportSpellF
[Skan]Timely AssistanceStrategyF
[Skan]Token of DestinyItemF
[Skan]Traveling WardensFollowerF
[Skan]Tsuruchi OguriPersonalityMantisF
[Skan]Undefended BorderRegionF
[Skan]Under Cover of NightStrategyF
[Skan]Under SiegeEventF
[Skan]Utaku YanaiPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Village GuardianFollowerF
[Skan]Well-Defended BorderRegionF
[Skan]Wrathful DefenseStrategyF
[Skan]Yoritomo SasakePersonalityMantisF

Cards: 82

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