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Available cardlists:
Promo Pre-GoldPath of Hope
Promo GoldDrums of War
Promo Gold & DiamondThe Training Grounds II
Promo DiamondTest of Enlightenment
Promo Diamond & LotusRise of the Shogun
Promo LotusKhan's Defiance
Promo Lotus & SamuraiTomorrow
Promo SamuraiThe Truest Test
Promo Samurai & CelestialSamurai Edition
Promo CelestialStronger Than Steel
PromoThe Emerald and Jade Champions
Pre-ImperialHonor's Veil
Imperial EditionSamurai Edition: Banzai
ShadowlandsUltimate Clan Packs
Emerald EditionWords and Deeds
Forbidden KnowledgeThe Heaven's Will
The Battle of Beiden PassThe Imperial Gift, Part 1
Anvil of DespairGlory of the Empire
Crimson and JadeDeath at Koten
Obsidian EditionCelestial Edition
Time of the VoidCelestial Edition 15th Anniversary
Scorpion Clan CoupThe Imperial Gift, Part 2
Jade EditionPath of the Destroyer
Hidden EmperorThe Harbinger
Pearl EditionThe Plague War
Siege of Sleeping MountainThe Imperial Gift, Part 3
Honor BoundBattle of Kyuden Tonbo
Ambitions DebtEmpire at War
Fire and ShadowThe Dead of Winter
Heroes of RokuganBefore the Dawn
Storms Over Matsu PalaceWar of Honor
Soul of The EmpireForgotten Legacy
Spirit WarsSecond City
Learn to PlayEmperor Edition
Gold EditionEmbers of War
A Perfect CutThe Shadow's Embrace
An Onis FurySeeds of Decay
Dark AlliesHonor and Treachery
The L5R ExperienceEmperor Edition: Gempukku
Broken BladesTorn Asunder
1000 Years of DarknessCoils of Madness
The Fall of Otosa UchiGates of Chaos
Heaven and EarthAftermath
Winds of ChangeA Matter of Honor
Diamond EditionIvory Edition
The Training GroundsThe Coming Storm
Reign of BloodA Line in the Sand
Hidden CitySiege: Heart of Darkness
Wrath of the EmperorThe New Order
Dawn of the EmpireThe Currency of War
Web of LiesTwenty Festivals
Enemy of My EnemyThunderous Acclaim
Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Ultimate Clan Packs

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[brak obrazka]A Surprising TaleActionF Crane
[brak obrazka]Agasha OritoPersonalityPhoenixF3
[brak obrazka]Akodo TomioPersonalityLionF1
[brak obrazka]Archers UnleashedActionF3
[brak obrazka]Artisan AcademyHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Ashigaru DefenderFollowerF4
[brak obrazka]Baraunghar ScoutsFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]Blessed LibraryHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Brothers of JadeFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]Chuda NaotakePersonalitySpiderF1
[brak obrazka]College of WarHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Conscript SailorsFollowerF1
[brak obrazka]Contemplation of DestinyActionF1
[brak obrazka]Courageous YorikiFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]Crab MasterPersonalityCrabF3
[brak obrazka]Crane LeviesFollowerF4
[brak obrazka]Crane MasterPersonalityCraneF3
[brak obrazka]Custom BardingItemF1
[brak obrazka]Daidoji ArrowsItemF3
[brak obrazka]Daidoji JitawaPersonalityCraneF1
[brak obrazka]Daigotsu KeigoPersonalitySpiderF3
[brak obrazka]Dawn of the DeadActionF1
[brak obrazka]DissensionActionF1
[brak obrazka]Doji NoboruPersonalityCraneF3
[brak obrazka]Dragon MasterPersonalityDragonF3
[brak obrazka]Elemental MasteryActionF1
[brak obrazka]Enraged AssaultActionF1
[brak obrazka]Equipment StorageHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Front GateHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]FuyuzarePersonalitySpiderF1
[brak obrazka]Gong of the High HouseHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Heroic DefianceActionF3
[brak obrazka]Hida FujikiPersonalityCrabF1
[brak obrazka]Hidden ReservesFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]House of the DeadHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]House of the Rising SunHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Ide ShinjiPersonalityUnicornF3
[brak obrazka]Ikoma BugoroPersonalityLionF3
[brak obrazka]Ikoma ReinforcementsPersonalityLionF4
[brak obrazka]Impenetrable FrontActionF3
[brak obrazka]Isawa IdomuPersonalityPhoenixF1
[brak obrazka]Kaiu KirinoPersonalityCrabF1
[brak obrazka]Kakita KatsuroPersonalityCraneF1
[brak obrazka]Kitsune TsukePersonalityMantisF3
[brak obrazka]Kuni JosukePersonalityCrabF3
[brak obrazka]Kurimoko's RecruitsPersonalityUnalignedF4
[brak obrazka]Legion of Flame ArmorItemF3
[brak obrazka]Lion MasterPersonalityLionF3
[brak obrazka]Mantis MasterPersonalityMantisF3
[brak obrazka]MasakariItemF3
[brak obrazka]Matsu TakehikoPersonalityLionF1
[brak obrazka]Men at ArmsFollowerF4
[brak obrazka]Militia RecruitFollowerF4
[brak obrazka]Mirumoto Yoma-shiPersonalityDragonF1
[brak obrazka]Moto HorsebowItemF3
[brak obrazka]Moto KunioPersonalityUnicornF1
[brak obrazka]Mountain's Heart BladeItemF1
[brak obrazka]My Gradfather's BladeItemF1
[brak obrazka]New RecruitPersonalityUnalignedF4
[brak obrazka]O-YoroiItemF3
[brak obrazka]Obsidian ArmorItemF3
[brak obrazka]Onnotangu's MemoryActionF1
[brak obrazka]Otemi's TechniqueActionF1
[brak obrazka]Phial of PoisonItemF3
[brak obrazka]Phoenix MasterPersonalityPhoenixF3
[brak obrazka]Poison SakeActionF3
[brak obrazka]Rampart SentriesFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]Ritual StandardItemF1
[brak obrazka]Scorpion MasterPersonalityScorpionF3
[brak obrazka]Shadow GamesActionF3
[brak obrazka]Shattered MoraleActionF3
[brak obrazka]Shiba RyugoPersonalityPhoenixF1
[brak obrazka]Shielded by FireActionF3
[brak obrazka]Shielding the Command GroupActionF1
[brak obrazka]Shosuro NikaiPersonalityScorpionF1
[brak obrazka]Shosuro SeibeiPersonalityScorpionF1
[brak obrazka]Siege EngineItemF1
[brak obrazka]Signal FanItemF3
[brak obrazka]Soshi IaikePersonalityScorpionF3
[brak obrazka]Spider MasterPersonalitySpiderF3
[brak obrazka]Summon the CouncilActionF3
[brak obrazka]Temple SentriesFollowerF3
[brak obrazka]The Kansen's ShadowSpellF1
[brak obrazka]The Moto FeintActionF1
[brak obrazka]The Wind WhispersSpellF1
[brak obrazka]Togashi ChikatoPersonalityDragonF3
[brak obrazka]Togashi IkumuPersonalityDragonF1
[brak obrazka]Toshi Ranbo GuardFollowerF4
[brak obrazka]Trident FormationActionF3
[brak obrazka]Tsuruchi KimitaPersonalityMantisF1
[brak obrazka]Tsuruchi LongbowItemF3
[brak obrazka]Unicorn MasterPersonalityUnicornF3
[brak obrazka]Utaku ArisaPersonalityUnicornF1
[brak obrazka]Venomous SteelItemF3
[brak obrazka]Western OutpostHoldingF1
[brak obrazka]Writ of ProtectionItemF1
[brak obrazka]Yoritomo OmuraPersonalityMantisF1
[brak obrazka]Young DefenderFollowerF4

Cards: 98

Rarity distribution
F Crane1
Type distribution
Faction distribution