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Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time CCG was a collectible card game (CCG) based on The Wheel of Time, a series of books written by author Robert Jordan. The first set was released in 1999 by Precedence. Only three sets were ever released, (one base set and two expansions). The next base (2nd Edition) set was due for release when Precedence announced they were dropping the game in 2001.

One player takes the side of the light while another takes the side of the shadow in a struggle for control of the Pattern, the ultimate fabric and destiny of the universe.

Each player requires his or her own Hero or Villain deck to play. Each deck features a major character from the Wheel of Time book series. The light side player chooses a hero to play with while the shadow player uses a villain deck.

The players attempt to sway the Pattern to their side and amass the might needed to defeat his or her opponent in the Last Battle and win the game. Along the way players will engage in politics, marshaling of armies, magic, and intrigue in an effort to bring characters, troops, and entire kingdoms onto their side.

You have 5 types of cards: Characters, Troops, Events, Challenges, and Advantages. Characters have 4 stats, Politics, Intrigue, One Power, and Combat. Troops are just like Characters, but they only have one stat, Combat. Events are the cards you play out of your hand to influence the flow of the game, and Advantages are cards you play on your Characters or other cards (think Magic's Enchantments).

Finally, Challenges are how you score points on the Pattern. Every turn, there is an automatic challenge, the pattern challenge, and each player decide which of their Characters and Troops will take place in it. Each card in the fight rolls custom dice equal to his stats. A character with 4 Combat rolls four of the black Combat dice. Both players add up the number of support or Opposition symbols they roll, plus the amount of damage and magic symbols . If the Hero gets 3 more support than the Villain gets opposition, he wins the Pattern Challenge. If the Villain gets 3 more opposition than the Hero gets support, he wins. The winner adds a token to his side of the Pattern. They also assign the damage points and cast spells with the magic symbols they rolled.

That happens every turn. In addition, each player may play a Challenge card to add a fight. Anyone who doesn't go fight in the Challenges may roll their dice to get the magical symbols and summon more Characters and Troops. When the Pattern has 20 tokens, the "Last Battle" occurs, which is essentially one big Challenge. Every card goes automatically, and the players just keep rolling dice until one side wins the Challenge. The mechanics are okay, but every one of them involves rolling dice and placing tokens.

For sale: 2454 single(s).

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