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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Death at Koten

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Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Death at Koten

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
2[Skan]Imperial ArrivalEventF1
3[Skan]The Loss of the SoulEventF1
4[Skan]The Second Death of KisadaEventF1
5[Skan]Chugo SeidoHoldingF3
6[Skan]Forward CampHoldingF3
7[Skan]Hida HachimotoPersonalityCrabF1
8[Skan]Hida KaguraPersonalityCrabF3
9[Skan]Hiruma AkioPersonalityCrabF3
10[Skan]Yasuki TijakiPersonalityCrabF3
11[Skan]Daidoji InadaPersonalityCraneF3
12[Skan]Doji KishioPersonalityCraneF3
13[Skan]Kakita AichikoPersonalityCraneF1
14[Skan]Kakita TasakaPersonalityCraneF3
15[Skan]Kitsuki UmibePersonalityDragonF3
16[Skan]Mirumoto EikaruPersonalityDragonF3
17[Skan]Tamori ShaikoPersonalityDragonF1
18[Skan]Togashi ShoPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiF3
19[Skan]Akodo TsudokenPersonalityLionF1
20[Skan]Ikoma RyudoPersonalityLionF3
21[Skan]Matsu ShunranPersonalityLionF3
22[Skan]Matsu YoukoPersonalityLionF3
23[Skan]Moshi EnjuPersonalityMantisF3
24[Skan]Tsuruchi SuzukiPersonalityMantisF3
25[Skan]Yoritomo IwataPersonalityMantisF3
26[Skan]Yoritomo Iwata (Experienced)PersonalityMantisF1
27[Skan]Asako FosuPersonalityPhoenixF1
28[Skan]Isawa KumaiPersonalityPhoenixF3
29[Skan]Isawa MarikoPersonalityPhoenixF3
30[Skan]Shiba KosokuPersonalityPhoenixF3
31[Skan]Shosuro TakumaPersonalityScorpionF3
32[Skan]The SenseiPersonalityScorpionF3
33[Skan]The StudentPersonalityScorpionF3
34[Skan]Yogo KazunoriPersonalityScorpionF1
35[Skan]Chuda SeikiPersonalitySpiderF1
36[Skan]Daigotsu RasetuPersonalitySpiderF3
37[Skan]MomijiPersonalitySpider / Brotherhood of ShinseiF3
38[Skan]SuikotsuPersonalitySpider / Brotherhood of ShinseiF3
39[Skan]Moto RenaPersonalityUnicornF1
40[Skan]Moto SihungPersonalityUnicornF3
41[Skan]Shinjo Ji-taePersonalityUnicornF3
42[Skan]Shinjo Kai LiPersonalityUnicornF3
43[Skan]Nosloc no OniPersonalityUnalignedF3
44[Skan]Tsudo no OniPersonalityUnalignedF3
45[Skan]Seppun TashimePersonalityUnalignedF3
47[Skan]A False AccusationActionF3
48[Skan]Blind RageActionF3
49[Skan]Cavalry TacticsActionF3
50[Skan]Censure of ThunderActionF3
51[Skan]Civil DiscussionActionF3
52[Skan]Crippling StrikeActionF3
53[Skan]Dance of FlamesActionF3
54[Skan]Defensive NatureActionF3
55[Skan]Demonic PossessionActionF3
56[Skan]Desperate BattleActionF3
57[Skan]Doomed UndertakingActionF3
58[Skan]Essence of EvilActionF3
59[Skan]Expected ArrivalActionF3
60[Skan]Exposing SecretsActionF3
61[Skan]Fatal ErrorActionF3
62[Skan]Final DutyActionF3
63[Skan]I Do Not Die So Easily!ActionF3
64[Skan]Imperial AdjudicationActionF3
65[Skan]Mutual HatredActionF3
66[Skan]Presenting PapersActionF3
67[Skan]Preserving HonorActionF3
68[Skan]Ritual of BindingActionF3
69[Skan]Scouting AheadActionF3
70[Skan]Searching the LibrariesActionF3
71[Skan]The Water Dragon's FavorActionF3
72[Skan]Training ManeuversActionF3
74[Skan]Unleashed FuryActionF3
75[Skan]Veiled MenaceActionF3
76[Skan]Court AttendantsFollowerF3
77[Skan]Dragon AttendantsFollowerF3
78[Skan]Order of VenomFollowerF3
79[Skan]Shadowed SteelFollowerF1
80[Skan]A Magistrate's BladeItemF3
81[Skan]Friendly Traveler SakeItemF3
82[Skan]Seppun BladeItemF3
83[Skan]Essence of DestructionSpellF1
84[Skan]Ritual of SummoningSpellF3

Cards: 84

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Dragon / Brotherhood of Shinsei1
Spider / Brotherhood of Shinsei2