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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> The Battle of Beiden Pass

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Edition: The Battle of Beiden Pass

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]Agasha TamoriPersonalityDragonF
[brak obrazka]Akodo ToturiPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Ancestral Armor of Dragon ClanItemF
[Skan]Ancestral Sword Of Crab ClanItemF
[Skan]Another TimeActionF
[Skan]Biting SteelSpellF
[Skan]Block Supply LinesActionF
[Skan]Blood Of MidnightSpellF
[brak obrazka]Bloom of the White OrchidEventF
[Skan]Bushi DojoHoldingF
[Skan]Careful PlanningActionF
[Skan]Contentious TerrainActionF
[Skan]Crystal ArrowItemF
[Skan]Crystal KatanaItemFixed
[Skan]DairyaPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Deadly GroundActionF
[Skan]Doji KuwananPersonalityCraneF
[Skan]Dragon of FirePersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Emperor's PeaceEventF
[Skan]Encircled TerrainActionF
[Skan]Encircled TerrainActionF
[Skan]Entrapping TerrainActionF
[Skan]Famous PoetHoldingF
[brak obrazka]ForestHoldingF
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingF
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingF
[Skan]GinawaPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Glimpse of the UnicornEventF
[Skan]Go MasterHoldingF
[Skan]Go MasterHoldingF
[Skan]Goblin ChuckersFollowerF
[Skan]Goblin MobFollowerF
[Skan]Goblin WarmongerPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Gold MineHoldingF
[Skan]Hawks And FalconsHoldingF
[Skan]He's Mine!ActionF
[Skan]Heavy InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Hida AmoroPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida KisadaPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida SukunePersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida TampakoPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida TsuruPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida YakamoPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Hida Yakamo (Crab Clan Oni)PersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Iaijutsu ChallengeActionF
[Skan]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Iron MineHoldingF
[Skan]Jade WorksHoldingF
[Skan]Kolat AssassinActionF
[Skan]Kuni YoriPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Kyoso no OniPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Lesser OniFollowerF
[Skan]Light InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Light InfantryFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Mantis BushiFollowerF
[Skan]Matsu ChokokuPersonalityLionF
[Skan]Medium CavalryFollowerF
[Skan]Medium InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Merchant CaravanHoldingF
[Skan]Mirumoto DainiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto HitomiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto SukunePersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto TakiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Morito TokeiPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Moshi WakizaPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Ninja SpyPersonalityNinjaF
[Skan]Oath of FealtyActionF
[Skan]Oath of FealtyActionF
[Skan]Ogre BushiPersonalityUnalignedF
[brak obrazka]Oni no TsuburuPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Otaku KamokoPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Rallying CryActionF
[Skan]Retired GeneralHoldingF
[Skan]Ring of AirRingF
[Skan]Ring of EarthRingF
[Skan]Ring of FireRingF
[Skan]Ring of the VoidRingF
[Skan]Ring Of WaterRingF
[Skan]Sanctified TempleHoldingF
[Skan]Shiba KatsudaPersonalityPhoenixF
[Skan]Shield WallFollowerF
[Skan]Shinjo HanariPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Shinjo TsuburoPersonalityUnicornF
[Skan]Shosuro TaberuPersonalityScorpionF
[Skan]Skeletal TroopsFollowerF
[Skan]Small FarmHoldingF
[Skan]Solar EclipseEventF
[Skan]Strength of PurityActionF
[Skan]Summon Undead ChampionSpellF
[Skan]Superior TacticsActionF
[brak obrazka]Temple of BishamonHoldingF
[Skan]Test Of MightActionF
[Skan]The Fire from WithinSpellF
[Skan]The Monstrous War Machine of Fu LengPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]The Mountain Keep of the DragonStrongholdDragonF
[Skan]The Turtle's ShellActionF
[Skan]The War Fortress of the CrabStrongholdCrabF
[Skan]Togashi RinjinPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Togashi YoshiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]TokuPersonalityToturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Tomb of JadeSpellF
[Skan]Torrential RainSpellF
[Skan]Unexpected AlliesEventF
[Skan]Wounded In BattleActionF
[Skan]Yasuki NokatsuPersonalityCrabF
[Skan]Yotsu SeikiPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Zombie TroopsFollowerF

Cards: 123

Rarity distribution
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Faction distribution
Toturi's Army5