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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Crimson and Jade

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Edition: Crimson and Jade

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]A Glimpse of the Soul's ShadowKihoC
[Skan]A Samurai's FuryActionR
[Skan]Agasha HeizoPersonalityDragonC
[Skan]Along the Coast at MidnightActionR
[Skan]An Oni's FuryActionU
[Skan]Ancestral GuidanceKihoR
[Skan]Ancestral Shrines of Otosan UchiHoldingF
[Skan]Ancestral Weapons of the MantisItemF
[Skan]Architects of the WallEventR
[Skan]Are You With Me?EventU
[Skan]Armor of the Shadow WarriorItemR
[Skan]Asahina Tomo (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR
[Skan]Bad KharmaActionR
[Skan]Bandit GangFollowerC
[Skan]Barbarian HordeActionR
[Skan]Battle at Isawa PalaceEventU
[Skan]Bayushi TasuPersonalityScorpionU
[Skan]Biting SteelSpellF
[Skan]Block Supply LinesActionF
[Skan]Break MoraleActionF
[Skan]Breaking BlowActionU
[Skan]Bridged PassHoldingC1
[Skan]Brilliant VictoryActionF
[Skan]Brothers of ThunderFollowerU
[Skan]Bushi DojoHoldingF
[Skan]Call Upon The WindSpellF
[Skan]Careful PlanningActionF
[Skan]Carrier PigeonActionC
[brak obrazka]Castle of WaterSpellF
[Skan]Catching the Wind's FavorKihoC
[Skan]Chime of HarmonyItemC
[Skan]Clan BannerItemR
[Skan]Clan HeartlandRegionR
[Skan]Contentious TerrainActionF
[Skan]Copper MineHoldingF
[Skan]Corrupted Copper MineHoldingC
[brak obrazka]Crystal KatanaItemF
[Skan]Daidoji UjiPersonalityCraneF
[Skan]Dance of the ElementsKihoU
[Skan]Deadly GroundActionF
[Skan]Deploy ReservesActionU
[Skan]Dispersive TerrainActionF
[Skan]Disrupt the AuraSpellC
[Skan]Divine the FutureSpellU
[Skan]Doji RejuPersonalityCraneC
[Skan]Double ChiKihoC
[Skan]Dragon's TeethHoldingC
[brak obrazka]Encircled TerrainActionF
[Skan]Energy TransferenceSpellF
[Skan]Engineering CrewHoldingC1
[Skan]Entrapping TerrainActionF
[Skan]Fiery WrathSpellR
[Skan]Fight for My FavorActionU
[Skan]Fist of the EarthKihoC
[Skan]Forced AllianceActionR
[Skan]Forest of ThornsHoldingU
[Skan]Fresh HorsesActionU
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingF
[Skan]Gift of the WindKihoC
[Skan]Ginawa (Experienced)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR
[brak obrazka]Goblin ChuckersFollowerF
[Skan]Goblin MobFollowerF
[Skan]Gold MineHoldingF
[Skan]Heichi ChokeiPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Hida Yakamo (Experienced)PersonalityCrabR
[Skan]Hiruma YoshiPersonalityCrabC
[Skan]HitoshiPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC1
[brak obrazka]Honorable SeppukuActionF
[Skan]Iaijutsu ChallengeActionF
[Skan]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Ikoma RyozoPersonalityLion / ShadowlandsU
[Skan]Incense of ConcentrationItemU
[Skan]Inner FireActionU
[brak obrazka]Intersecting HighwaysActionF
[Skan]Isawa NorikazuPersonalityPhoenixR
[Skan]Isawa Tomo (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsU
[Skan]Island WharfHoldingC
[Skan]Iuchi Daiyu (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornR
[Skan]Jade BowItemF
[Skan]Jade WorksHoldingF
[Skan]Kakita IchiroPersonalityCraneU
[Skan]Kenku TeacherFollowerC
[Skan]Kenshin's HelmItemU
[Skan]Kitsu Motso (Experienced)PersonalityLionR
[Skan]Know Your EnemyActionR
[Skan]KoichiPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Kolat BodyguardFollowerU
[Skan]Kolat's FavorItemU
[Skan]Lesser MujinaFollowerF
[brak obrazka]Light CavalryFollowerF
[Skan]Light InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Light of the Sun GoddessEventU
[Skan]Look into the VoidSpellF
[Skan]Lost ValleyRegionC1
[Skan]Mantis ShugenjaFollowerU
[Skan]Market PlaceHoldingF
[Skan]Master of the Rolling RiverKihoU
[Skan]Matsu GoemonPersonalityLion / Toturi's ArmyC
[Skan]Medium CavalryFollowerF
[Skan]Medium InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Merchant CaravanHoldingU
[Skan]Mine RiotsEventU
[Skan]Morito TokeiPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Moshi WakizaPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]Moto SadaPersonalityShadowlandsC1
[Skan]Moto Tsume (Experienced)PersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Naga BushiFollowerF
[Skan]Naming the True EvilEventR
[Skan]Narrow GroundActionC
[Skan]New TaxesEventU
[Skan]Night of a Thousand FiresActionU
[Skan]NorioPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Oath of FealtyActionF
[Skan]Occupied TerrainActionF
[Skan]Ogre OutlawPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]One KokuActionC
[Skan]Oni no ChiPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no GensoPersonalityShadowlandsC1
[Skan]Oni WardingSpellR
[Skan]Osano-Wo's BreathSpellU
[Skan]Pearl BedHoldingF
[Skan]Pearl DiversHoldingF
[Skan]Pearl-Encrusted StaffItemR
[Skan]Peasant LeviesFollowerC
[Skan]Prayer ShrinesHoldingC
[Skan]Rally TroopsActionF
[brak obrazka]Rallying CryActionF
[Skan]Ratling PackFollowerF
[Skan]Remorseful SeppukuActionF
[Skan]Ring of AirRingF
[Skan]Ring of EarthRingF
[Skan]Ring of FireRingF
[Skan]Ring of the VoidRingF
[Skan]Ring of WaterRingF
[Skan]Robes of ShinseiItemU
[Skan]Sanctified TempleHoldingF
[Skan]Secluded RavineRegionC1
[Skan]SeikuaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]Severed from the EmperorEventR
[Skan]Shabura (Experienced)PersonalityNagaR
[Skan]Shadow of the Dark GodEventU
[Skan]Shiba ShingoPersonalityPhoenixC
[Skan]Shinjo RojinPersonalityUnicornC
[Skan]Shinjo TashimaPersonalityUnicornU
[Skan]Shinsei's ShrineRegionR
[Skan]Shiryo no AgashaAncestorDragonR
[Skan]Shiryo no DojiAncestorCraneR
[Skan]Shiryo no HidaAncestorCrabR
[Skan]Shiryo no MatsuAncestorLionR
[Skan]Shiryo no OtakuAncestorUnicornR
[Skan]Shiryo no ShibaAncestorPhoenixR
[Skan]Shiryo no ShosuroAncestorScorpionR
[Skan]Shosuro SadatoPersonalityScorpionC
[Skan]Shuriken of SerpentsItemF
[Skan]Skeletal TroopsFollowerF
[Skan]Small FarmHoldingF
[Skan]Soshi Bantaro (Experienced)PersonalityScorpionR
[Skan]Stand Against the WavesActionC
[Skan]Stand FirmActionC
[Skan]Strength of My AncestorsKihoC
[Skan]Strike of Flowing WaterActionC
[Skan]SuanaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU
[brak obrazka]Summon FaeriesSpellF
[Skan]Summons from BeyondEventU
[Skan]Sunken CityRegionR
[Skan]Superior StrategistActionR
[Skan]Superior TacticsActionF
[Skan]TakaoPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU
[Skan]TaroPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Temple of BishamonHoldingF
[Skan]Temple of Osano-WoRegionF
[Skan]TetsuyaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiR
[Skan]The Brotherhood of ShinseiStrongholdBrotherhood of ShinseiBox
[Skan]The Death of TsukoEventR
[Skan]The Fault is MineActionC
[brak obrazka]The Fury of Osano-WoSpellF
[Skan]The Great BearHoldingR
[Skan]The Hooded Ronin (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR
[Skan]The Purity of ShinseiKihoR
[Skan]The Spirit of WaterKihoC
[Skan]The Touch of ShinseiActionR
[Skan]The Wrath of Osano-WoKihoC
[Skan]The Yasuki EstatesRegionC1
[Skan]The Yoritomo AllianceStrongholdYoritomo's AllianceBox
[Skan]Togashi JodomePersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / DragonU
[Skan]Togashi Mitsu (Experienced)PersonalityDragonR
[Skan]Toturi's FanItemR
[Skan]Tradeposts of the MantisRegionC1
[Skan]Traversable TerrainActionF
[Skan]TsuoPersonalityToturi's ArmyC
[Skan]Tunnel SystemHoldingC1
[Skan]Visage of the VoidItemU
[Skan]Void StrikeKihoU
[Skan]Wind Born SpeedSpellF
[Skan]Wings of FireSpellF
[Skan]Winter WarfareEventR
[Skan]Wisdom the Wind BringsKihoU
[Skan]Yasuki KojiroPersonalityCrabU
[Skan]Yotsu SeikiPersonalityUnalignedF
[Skan]You Walk With EvilActionR

Cards: 240

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei9
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon1
Lion / Shadowlands1
Lion / Toturi's Army1
Phoenix / Shadowlands1
Toturi's Army2
Yoritomo's Alliance1