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7th Sea

For sale: 611 single(s).

Latest news about 7th Sea

Demo Deck card list2018-09-25
Added Demo Deck card list with few scans. I had 2 cards I didn't know how to classified, then found out there was a Demo Deck preceding game release.
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[card back]
Singles from No Quarter and Scarlet Seas added to store.
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Hungarian cards2015-07-01
Az Admirális
Recently I found interesting story about 7th Sea sets printed in Hungarian. The same company also printed Guardians and A Game of Thrones - Winter Edition. The idea was to widen its selection of games and it seemed a good choice to offer more games in Hungarian. Company launched all products nearly at the same time to see which would survive.
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Starter decks2008-03-06
All starter decks lists from 7th Sea have been added.
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Card list updated2007-10-31
Fixed cards (starters' reprints) have been added to Horizon's Edge card list.
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Singles from Fate's Debt have been added.
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New scans2007-02-12
Scans from Broadsides and Shifting Tides have been added.
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New scans2007-01-03
Black Heart of the Sea
Black Sails scans have been added by Kulgan. You should expect more from him in the future :)
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