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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Forbidden Knowledge

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Edition: Forbidden Knowledge

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]A Black Scroll is OpenedEventU
[Skan]A Terrible OathSpellR
[Skan]Akodo GodaigoPersonalityShadowlands / Toturi's ArmyR
[Skan]An Untold CostEventR
[Skan]Armor of EarthItemR
[Skan]Asako OyoPersonalityPhoenixU
[Skan]Bandit HideoutHoldingC
[Skan]Bayushi BakuPersonalityScorpion / Shadowlands / SpiritU
[Skan]Bayushi ShojuPersonalityScorpion / ShadowlandsR
[Skan]Beiden PassRegionU
[Skan]Black MarketHoldingC
[Skan]Black Wind From The SoulSpellR
[Skan]Bog HagPersonalityShadowlandsC
[Skan]Brash HeroActionC
[Skan]Bushi DojoHoldingC
[Skan]Calling the ElementsSpellC
[Skan]Chasing the WindActionR
[Skan]Courage of the Seven ThundersSpellU
[Skan]Crushing AttackActionU
[Skan]Dairya (Experienced)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR
[Skan]Dark Daughter of Fu LengPersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Dealing With ShadowsEventU
[Skan]Delicate CalculationsActionC
[Skan]Diversionary TacticsActionC
[Skan]Doji KuwananPersonalityCraneC
[Skan]Dragon Sword is BrokenEventU
[Skan]Dripping PoisonItemU
[Skan]Family LoyaltyActionR
[Skan]Fearful PopulaceActionU
[Skan]Fu Leng's SteedsActionU
[Skan]Goblin BerserkersFollowerC
[Skan]Gunsen of WaterItemR
[Skan]Hazardous GroundActionC
[Skan]Higher GroundActionC
[Skan]Ide DaikokuPersonalityUnicornR
[Skan]Ikoma TsanuriPersonalityLionU
[Skan]Ikoma Ujiaki (Experienced)PersonalityLionR
[Skan]Imperial FuneralEventU
[Skan]Isawa NatsunePersonalityPhoenixC
[Skan]Isawa Uona (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsR
[Skan]Jade StrikeSpellC
[Skan]Kaiu KenruPersonalityCrabC
[Skan]Kaiu SumanPersonalityCrabU
[Skan]Kakita ForukuPersonalityCraneU
[Skan]Kakita Toshimoko (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR
[Skan]Katana of FireItemR
[Skan]Kolat SaboteurActionR
[Skan]Kolat WhispererPersonalityUnalignedR
[Skan]Kuni WastelandsRegionR
[Skan]Kuni Yori (Experienced)PersonalityCrab / ShadowlandsR
[Skan]Lesser OniFollowerC
[Skan]Mantis BudokaFollowerU
[Skan]Mantis SamuraiFollowerU
[Skan]Matsu ToshiroPersonalityLionC
[Skan]Mempo of the VoidItemR
[Skan]Merchant CaravanHoldingU
[Skan]Mirumoto Daini (Experienced)PersonalityDragon / Toturi's ArmyR
[Skan]Mountain PassRegionC
[Skan]Moving the ShadowActionC
[Skan]Ninja KidnapperActionU
[Skan]Not this Day!EventU
[Skan]Ogre WarriorsFollowerR
[Skan]Oni no AkeruPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no JimenPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no KazePersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no MizuPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no SeiryokuPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Oni no Taki-BiPersonalityShadowlandsU
[Skan]Passing on the SoulActionU
[Skan]Pearl of WisdomEventR
[Skan]Personal StandardItemC
[Skan]Plains of Otosan UchiRegionR
[Skan]Purity of the Seven ThundersSpellR
[Skan]Reserve MovementActionU
[Skan]Return of the Fallen LordSpellR
[Skan]Reversal of FortunesSpellU
[Skan]Ride Until DawnActionR
[Skan]Ruined Keep of Fu LengRegionR
[Skan]SeikuaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Seize the DayEventR
[Skan]Shahadet (Experienced)PersonalityNagaR
[Skan]Sharing the Strength of ManySpellC
[Skan]Shield WallFollowerU
[Skan]Shinjo MosakuPersonalityUnicornU
[Skan]Shinjo SadatoPersonalityUnicornC
[Skan]Spoils of WarActionR
[Skan]Strength of the EarthEventU
[Skan]Strike at the RootsSpellC
[Skan]Strike with No-ThoughtActionU
[Skan]The Ancestral Sword of HanteiItemR
[Skan]The Arrow Knows the WayActionR
[Skan]The Battlements of Matsu CastleHoldingR
[Skan]The Coward's WayActionU
[Skan]The Doji PlainsRegionU
[Skan]The Elements' FurySpellU
[Skan]The Emerald ArmorItemR
[Skan]The Eye of ShorihotsuItemU
[Skan]The Final BreathActionC
[Skan]The Fires That CleanseSpellU
[Skan]The First ShoutActionC
[Skan]The Gates of Hida CastleHoldingR
[Skan]The Imperial StandardItemR
[Skan]The Iron CitadelSpellR
[Skan]The Isawa WoodlandsRegionU
[Skan]The Kaiu WallsRegionU
[Skan]The Kakita PalisadesHoldingR
[Skan]The Path to Inner PeaceSpellC
[Skan]The People's ExpenseActionC
[Skan]The Price of WarEventU
[Skan]The Second ShoutActionC
[Skan]The Shinjo Parade GroundsHoldingR
[Skan]The Third ShoutActionU
[Skan]The Togashi BastionHoldingR
[Skan]The Towers of Isawa CastleHoldingR
[Skan]The Walking Horror of Fu LengSpellR
[Skan]The Wasting DiseaseSpellR
[Skan]Those Who Stand AloneActionC
[Skan]Tides of BattleActionR
[Skan]Togashi MikotoPersonalityDragonC
[Skan]Togashi RinjinPersonalityDragonU
[Skan]Unfettered AttackActionU
[Skan]Virtues of CommandActionU
[Skan]Wheel of FateSpellU
[Skan]Whispering WindsSpellC
[Skan]Wind-Borne SlumbersSpellU
[Skan]Yari of AirItemR
[Skan]Yogo AsamiPersonalityScorpionC
[Skan]Yogo Junzo (Experienced)PersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Your Life Is MineActionR

Cards: 150

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei1
Crab / Shadowlands1
Dragon / Toturi's Army1
Phoenix / Shadowlands1
Scorpion / Shadowlands1
Scorpion / Shadowlands / Spirit1
Shadowlands / Toturi's Army1
Toturi's Army1