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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Fire and Shadow

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Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Fire and Shadow

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Clan War Saga

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[Skan]Agasha FujitaPersonalityPhoenixU
[Skan]Akui CliffsRegionC
[Skan]Ambush StrategistFollowerC
[Skan]Ancestors Possess the LivingActionR
[Skan]Arrows From the WoodsActionF
[Skan]Asako KaushenPersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsU
[Skan]Asako SagotenPersonalitySpiritC
[Skan]Ashalan SandsmithHoldingC
[Skan]Assuming the ChampionshipActionR
[Skan]Balyezn RafiqPersonalityUnalignedU
[Skan]Bayushi Aramasu (Experienced 2)PersonalityMantisR
[Skan]Bayushi Aramoro (Experienced 2)PersonalityScorpionR
[Skan]Bayushi MuraisanPersonalityScorpionC
[Skan]Biting SteelSpellF
[Skan]Blade of KaiuItemU
[Skan]Block Supply LinesActionF
[Skan]Blood and DarknessSpellR
[Skan]Bloodstained RageActionC
[Skan]Bridge to JigokuRegionR
[Skan]Burden of the WordItemR
[Skan]Bushi DojoHoldingF
[Skan]Capturing the SoulSpellR
[Skan]Chasing the ShadowActionR
[Skan]Come One At A TimeActionC
[Skan]Command of the KamiActionU
[Skan]Contentious TerrainActionF
[Skan]Corrupted DojoHoldingC
[Skan]Crab CavalryFollowerR
[Skan]Crisis in CommandActionC
[Skan]Cross-Clan WeddingEventR
[Skan]Crow TattooActionU
[Skan]Dangerous ChoicesActionR
[Skan]Dark Energies Run RedEventU
[Skan]Defeat the ReservesActionC
[Skan]Den of MujinaHoldingU
[Skan]Divided LoyaltiesActionR
[Skan]Doji Chomei (Experienced)PersonalityCrane / MantisR
[Skan]Doji Chomei (Experienced)PersonalityCrane / MantisR
[Skan]Doji JiroPersonalityCraneC
[Skan]Double ChiKihoF
[Skan]Elemental AttunementActionR
[Skan]Emerald MagistratesFollowerR
[Skan]Emissary of the Ivory KingdomsEventU
[Skan]Entrapping TerrainActionF
[Skan]Eternal DarknessSpellU
[Skan]Far From the EmpireEventR
[Skan]Fate's Merciful HandKihoU
[Skan]Fearful PresenceActionU
[Skan]Fearsome StrengthActionU
[Skan]Feeding on FleshKihoR
[Skan]Fields of the DeadRegionC
[Skan]Final WordsEventR
[Skan]Fist of the EarthKihoF
[Skan]Gambling HouseHoldingF
[Skan]Gift of the EmperorActionR
[Skan]Glimpse of the UnicornEventF
[Skan]Go MasterHoldingF
[Skan]Gold MineHoldingF
[Skan]Grandfather's JawItemC
[Skan]HanoshiPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Hantei SenseiSenseiU
[Skan]Harsh LessonsActionC
[Skan]Hawks and FalconsHoldingF
[Skan]Heart of the DamnedKihoC
[Skan]Heavy InfantryFollowerF
[Skan]Heimin VillageRegionU
[Skan]Hida NezuPersonalityCrabU
[Skan]Hida Rohiteki (Experienced)PersonalityCrabR
[Skan]Hidden From the EmpireActionC
[Skan]Higher GroundActionF
[Skan]Hitomi Bujun (Experienced)PersonalityDragonR
[Skan]Hitomi NakusoPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]HizukaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]Honorable SacrificeEventU
[Skan]House of ContractsHoldingC
[Skan]Hsi TsuPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC
[Skan]Hummingbird TattooActionU
[Skan]Hurricane InitiatesFollowerC
[Skan]Iaijutsu ChallengeActionF
[Skan]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Ide BuodinPersonalityUnicornC
[Skan]Ikoma Gunjin (Experienced)PersonalityLionR
[Skan]Imperial SurveyorHoldingC
[Skan]Iron MountainStrongholdDragonF
[Skan]Isawa ToikoPersonalityPhoenixC
[Skan]Island WharfHoldingF
[Skan]Jade BowItemFixed
[Skan]Jade WorksHoldingF
[Skan]JianPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU
[Skan]Journey to Otosan UchiActionC
[Skan]Kachiko Calls to ThunderEventU
[Skan]Kachiko's PromisesEventR
[Skan]Kaiu EndoPersonalityCrabC
[Skan]Kaiu Siege EngineFollowerC
[Skan]Kakita Ichiro (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR
[Skan]Kitsu GongsunPersonalityLionU
[Skan]Kitsu HuiyuanPersonalityLionR
[Skan]Kitsu SenseiSenseiR
[Skan]Kitsuki MizuochiPersonalityDragonU
[Skan]Kitsune ShudoPersonalityMantisC
[Skan]Kitsune TsukePersonalityMantisC
[Skan]Know the EvilKihoU
[Skan]Kolat AssistanceActionR
[Skan]KomaroPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]Kumo (Experienced)PersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Kyuden KitsuneStrongholdYoritomo's AllianceF
[Skan]Last RefugeActionU
[Skan]Last WordsActionC
[Skan]Maintain BalanceKihoC
[Skan]Mantis IslesRegionU
[Skan]Mara (Experienced)PersonalityNagaR
[Skan]Masamune KatanaItemC
[Skan]Matsu SuhadaPersonalityLionC
[Skan]Medium CavalryFollowerFixed
[Skan]Medium InfantryFollowerFixed
[Skan]Mine Cave-inEventU
[Skan]Mirumoto SonguiPersonalityDragonC
[Skan]Mirumoto SukunePersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto Sukune (Experienced)PersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto TakiPersonalityDragonF
[Skan]Mirumoto WatanuboPersonalitySpiritU
[Skan]Mirumoto YuyakePersonalityDragonC
[Skan]Mismanaged TroopsActionU
[Skan]Miya YuritogenPersonalityToturi's ArmyU
[Skan]Miya's SasumataSpellR
[Skan]Moto NotuPersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Moto Ride to the ShadowlandsEventR
[Skan]Moto ToyotomiPersonalityUnicornU
[Skan]My Life For YoursActionU
[Skan]Never YieldActionU
[Skan]New BeginningsActionU
[Skan]Ninja Shadow-Walker (Experienced)PersonalityNinjaR
[Skan]Of One MindActionU
[Skan]One Last BattleActionR
[Skan]One With the ElementsKihoF
[Skan]Oni no MegadaFollowerC
[Skan]Oni no Okura (Experienced)PersonalityShadowlandsR
[Skan]Oracle of ThunderHoldingR
[Skan]OskudaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU
[Skan]Otaku Xieng Chi (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornR
[Skan]Pearl MagicKihoC
[Skan]Prayer ShrinesHoldingF
[Skan]Primal RageActionU
[Skan]Proposal of PeaceEventF
[Skan]Proud HeritageKihoC
[Skan]Provision StorehouseHoldingC
[Skan]Ratling YouthFollowerU
[Skan]Remember What You Have SeenActionC
[Skan]Remember Your OathActionR
[Skan]Return of MythEventU
[Skan]Return of the True ChampionEventU
[Skan]Rights of the ChallengedActionC
[Skan]Ring of AirRingF
[Skan]Ring of EarthRingF
[Skan]Ring of FireRingF
[Skan]Ring of the VoidRingF
[Skan]Ring of WaterRingF
[Skan]Road of DustRegionU
[Skan]Run For Your LifeActionC
[Skan]Ryosei (Experienced 2)PersonalityMantisF
[Skan]Ryoshun's First GiftSpellC
[Skan]Sanctified BladeItemC
[Skan]Sanctified TempleHoldingF
[Skan]Satsume SenseiSenseiU
[Skan]Scrolls of NorikazuItemR
[Skan]Seppun SenseiSenseiU
[Skan]Seppun Toshiken (Experienced)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR
[Skan]Sharpest BladeActionR
[Skan]Shi-Khan WastesRegionU
[Skan]Shiba Gensui (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenixR
[Skan]Shifting GroundActionU
[Skan]Shinobi CorruptionSpellU
[Skan]Shipping LanesHoldingC
[Skan]Shosuro TechniqueActionR
[Skan]Shrine of the Dragon ChampionHoldingC
[Skan]Single CombatActionC
[Skan]Skeletal EliteFollowerR
[Skan]Skirmisher's PikeItemC
[Skan]Slaughter of the LandActionU
[Skan]Sleeping LakeRegionR
[Skan]Small FarmHoldingF
[Skan]Soul's SacrificeActionU
[Skan]Spectral GuideFollowerU
[Skan]Spirit of the Bright EyeActionU
[Skan]Spreading the ShadowActionU
[Skan]Stepping Between the CracksKihoR
[Skan]Stifling WindSpellF
[Skan]SuanaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]Superior TacticsActionF
[Skan]Sword of the SunItemR
[Skan]Taka SenseiSenseiR
[Skan]Takao (Experienced 2)PersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]Tattoo of the Night SkyActionU
[Skan]Tax CollectorHoldingC
[Skan]Temple of Divine InfluenceHoldingR
[Skan]Temples of the CrowStrongholdBrotherhood of ShinseiF
[Skan]The Dark Moto SenseiSenseiR
[Skan]The Wrath of Osano-WoKihoF
[Skan]Third Mask of IuchibanItemR
[Skan]Togashi Jodome (Experienced)PersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / DragonR
[brak obrazka]Togashi Jodome (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR
[Skan]Togashi MitsuPersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Toritaka KitaoPersonalityCrabC
[Skan]Triumphant VictoryEventR
[Skan]Tsuruchi (Experienced 2)PersonalityMantisR
[Skan]Ujina TomoPersonalityUnalignedC
[Skan]Venerable StatureActionC
[Skan]Void StrikeKihoF
[Skan]White Shore PlainActionU
[Skan]Wounded in BattleActionF
[Skan]Yabanjin SorcererFollowerC
[Skan]Yoritomo MasasuePersonalityMantisF
[Skan]Yoritomo OkanPersonalityMantisU
[Skan]Yoritomo Refuses the ThroneEventU
[Skan]Yoritomo TakuniPersonalityMantisF
[Skan]Yotsu SabieruPersonalityUnalignedU

Cards: 247

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei9
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon1
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's Army1
Crane / Mantis2
Phoenix / Shadowlands1
Toturi's Army2
Yoritomo's Alliance1