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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Drums of War

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Edition: Drums of War

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Foil / Starter

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Second Doom of the LionEventR
2[Skan]Second Doom of the PhoenixEventR
3[Skan]Visions of DoomEventU
4[Skan]Kyofu (Experienced 2)PersonalityCrab / ShadowlandsR
5[Skan]Hida Daizu (Experienced)PersonalityCrabR
6[Skan]Hida HaruoPersonalityCrabU
7[Skan]Hida NichiePersonalityCrabC
8[Skan]Hida KaiheiPersonalityCrabU
9[Skan]Hida KengoPersonalityCrab / ShadowlandsC
10[Skan]Kakita Korihime (Experienced)PersonalityCraneU
11[Skan]Asahina Sekawa (Experienced 3)PersonalityCraneR
12[Skan]Asahina Hira (Experienced)PersonalityCraneR
13[Skan]Doji ChieriPersonalityCraneC
14[Skan]Kakita DaikiPersonalityCraneC
15[Skan]Yasuki GakutoPersonalityCraneU
16[Skan]Togashi Mitsu (Experienced 3)PersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiR
17[Skan]Hitomi Suguhara (Experienced)PersonalityDragonF (Dragon)
18[Skan]Hitomi MineyoPersonalityDragonC
19[Skan]Hitomi TatsumiPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiU
20[Skan]Hitomi TsuboPersonalityDragon / Brotherhood of ShinseiC
21[Skan]Kitsuki OrikaPersonalityDragonC
22[Skan]Heigai (Experienced 5)PersonalityLion / Brotherhood of ShinseiF (Lion)
23[Skan]Ikoma Fujimaro (Experienced)PersonalityLionR
24[Skan]Kitsu KatsukoPersonalityLionU
25[Skan]Kitsu FukashiPersonalityLionU
26[Skan]Matsu YokuyaPersonalityLionC
27[Skan]Matsu BenikaPersonalityLionC
28[Skan]Yoritomo Kitao (Experienced 3)PersonalityMantis / ShadowlandsR
29[Skan]Yoritomo YashinkoPersonalityMantisR
30[Skan]Yoritomo BunmeiPersonalityMantisC
31[Skan]Tsuruchi JougoPersonalityMantisC
32[Skan]Tsuruchi ChikumaPersonalityMantisU
33[Skan]Yoritomo HanayoPersonalityMantisU
34[Skan]Asako MeisuruPersonalityPhoenixC
35[Skan]Shiba Danjuro (Experienced)PersonalityPhoenixR
36[Skan]Shiba ArihiroPersonalityPhoenixU
37[Skan]Agasha ChisuzuPersonalityPhoenixU
38[Skan]Isawa AiyaPersonalityPhoenixR
39[Skan]Shiba GyouseiPersonalityPhoenixC
40[Skan]Yoee'trr (Experienced)PersonalityRatlingR
41[Skan]Nintai (Experienced)PersonalityRatlingR
43[Skan]Shinbone WarriorPersonalityRatlingC
44[Skan]Shinbone PackPersonalityRatlingU
46[Skan]Shosuro Maru (Experienced)PersonalityScorpionR
47[Skan]Bayushi Muhito (Experienced)PersonalityScorpion / NinjaR
48[Skan]Shosuro Yudoka (Experienced 2)PersonalityScorpion / NinjaU
49[Skan]Shosuro RishouPersonalityScorpion / NinjaU
50[Skan]Shosuro NakakoPersonalityScorpion / NinjaC
51[Skan]Soshi ShuukoPersonalityScorpion / NinjaC
52[Skan]Omoni (Experienced 2)PersonalityShadowlandsR
53[Skan]Daigotsu Rekai (Experienced 3)PersonalityShadowlandsR
54[Skan]Goblin SapperPersonalityShadowlandsU
55[Skan]Daigotsu KaikouPersonalityShadowlandsU
56[Skan]Daigotsu MasamiPersonalityShadowlandsC
57[Skan]Goblin HealerPersonalityShadowlandsC
58[Skan]Shinjo Shono (Experienced 3)PersonalityUnicornF (Unicorn)
59[Skan]Horiuchi WakizaPersonalityUnicornC
60[Skan]Shinjo DunPersonalityUnicornC
61[Skan]Moto WasakaPersonalityUnicornU
62[Skan]Utaku UzukiPersonalityUnicornR
63[Skan]Utaku YasuhaPersonalityUnicornU
64[Skan]Void Dragon (Experienced 2)PersonalityUnalignedR
65[Skan]Ichiro Kihongo (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedU
66[Skan]Toturi Miyako (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR
67[Skan]Tawagoto (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR
69[Skan]City of the Rich FrogRegionR
70[Skan]Municipal RoadsRegionC
71[Skan]Crossroads of DestinyRegionC
72[Skan]Arms SmugglersHoldingU
73[Skan]Supply SmugglersHoldingC
74[Skan]Smuggler AgentHoldingR
75[Skan]Corrupt Jade VeinHoldingU
76[Skan]Yotsu DojoHoldingC
77[Skan]Hida StudentsHoldingR
78[Skan]Broken Shinbone WarrenHoldingC
79[Skan]Crippling CutActionU
81[Skan]Porcelain Mask of Fu Leng (Experienced 2)ItemR
82[Skan]Shoulder to ShoulderActionC
83[Skan]Run or DieActionC
84[Skan]Back to BackActionU
85[Skan]Reckless PursuitActionC
86[Skan]Face to FaceActionC
87[Skan]Buying TimeActionU
88[Skan]Heroic FeatActionC
89[Skan]Forest ThicketsActionC
90[Skan]Serene PatrolActionC
91[Skan]Embrace the DarknessActionC
92[Skan]Shadowed Path to VictoryActionU
93[Skan]Deadly MeleeActionR
94[Skan]Vengeance Cannot WaitActionR
95[Skan]Bayushi LineageActionU
96[Skan]Silent KillActionU
97[Skan]Grasp DestinyActionC
98[Skan]Water Is My SteedActionR
99[Skan]Gozoku DistractionActionR
100[Skan]Gozoku MeddlingActionU
101[Skan]Sezaru's ConflictActionU
102[Skan]Naseru's ConflictActionC
103[Skan]Kaneka's ConflictActionC
104[Skan]Gozoku StrategiesActionU
105[Skan]Eager to FightActionR
106[Skan]Unstoppable ForceActionR
107[Skan]Unexpected ResourcesActionR
109[Skan]Precise StrikeActionC
110[Skan]Turn the TideActionR
112[Skan]Shattered DefensesActionC
113[Skan]Relief TroopsActionC
114[Skan]Shadow on the CourtActionU
115[Skan]Memories of the LostActionU
116[Skan]Song of SteelActionC
117[Skan]All Things Have A PriceActionU
118[Skan]Shamed by ValorActionR
119[Skan]Border ConflictActionU
120[Skan]Reinforcements ArriveActionR
121[Skan]Broad FrontActionR
122[Skan]Fields of MercyActionR
123[Skan]Immobile StanceActionR
124[Skan]Lateral ManeuverActionU
125[Skan]Matsu LineageActionC
126[Skan]Kitsu LineageActionU
127[Skan]Doji LineageActionU
128[Skan]Path of JigokuActionU
129[Skan]Gates of JigokuActionU
130[Skan]Joy of PlunderActionU
131[Skan]Toturi's Battle Standard (Experienced)ItemR
132[Skan]Kokujin's Daisho (Experienced)ItemR
133[Skan]Shinsei's CrowFollowerR
134[Skan]Blade of HubrisItemR
135[Skan]Blessed YumiItemC
136[Skan]Spiked TetsuboItemC
137[Skan]Weighted YariItemC
138[Skan]Tanuki SpiritFollowerU
139[Skan]Legion of the Sapphire ChrysanthemumFollowerR
140[Skan]The Shogun's GuardFollowerR
141[Skan]Crane DetachmentFollowerC
142[Skan]Lion DetachmentFollowerC
143[Skan]Phoenix DetachmentFollowerU
144[Skan]Mantis DetachmentFollowerU
145[Skan]Mark of the TaintKihoC
146[Skan]Lady Moon's ProphecyKihoU
147[Skan]Exchange DestinyKihoC
148[Skan]Flying LeapKihoC
149[Skan]Sezaru's BurdenSpellR
150[Skan]Guarded by ChiSpellR
151[Skan]Awaken the SinsSpellU
152[Skan]Shiba's PromiseSpellR
153[Skan]Dark Moto SteedItemU
154[Skan]Dragon's Heart DojoStrongholdDragonF (Dragon)
155[Skan]The Hall of AncestorsStrongholdLionF (Lion)
156[Skan]Junghar EncampmentStrongholdUnicornF (Unicorn)

Cards: 156

Rarity distribution
F (Dragon)2
F (Lion)2
F (Unicorn)2
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Crab / Shadowlands2
Dragon / Brotherhood of Shinsei3
Lion / Brotherhood of Shinsei1
Mantis / Shadowlands1
Scorpion / Ninja5