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This page is for You. You can enter cards from your collection and look through another users for cards that you need. If you want to contact with someone, just use his email to make a proposal. You can also use Automated Search engine to compare your lists with another users and send automated email. After trade write a note about it. Let others know if this person is reliable or not!
NOTICE: This service is not responsible for trades! You made them at your own risk!

Following games have available trade lists:
.hack//ENEMY (6)24 TCG (1)7th Sea (7)A Game of Thrones (7)
Age of Empires II (1)Alien/Predator (11)Ani-Mayhem (5)Arcadia (8)
Austin Powers (3)Avatar (1)Babylon 5 (9)BaneMaster: The Adventure (1)
Battle Cards (6)Battlelords (2)Battlestar Galactica (4)Battletech (7)
Ben 10 (1)Beyblade (1)Bleach (1)Bloodwars (9)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (4)C-23 (5)Call of Cthulhu (6)Cardcaptors (1)
Chaotic (1)City of Heroes (2)Conan (2)Crystalicum (4)
Cyberpunk (3)Dark Age: Feudal Lords (5)Dark Eden (15)Dark Millennium (14)
Dinosaur King (2)Dixie (2)Doom Trooper (50)Doomtown (7)
Dr Who (1)Dragon Ball GT CCG (1)Dragon Ball Z CCG (12)Dragon Ball Z TCG (1)
Dragon Booster (1)Dragon Storm (5)Dredd (1)Duel Masters (6)
Dune (7)Eagles (3)Echelons of Fire (2)Echelons of Fury (1)
El Mundo de Águila-Roja (3)Epic (1)Epic Battles (3)EVE: The Second Genesis (11)
Fantasy Adventures (1)Fastbreak (2)Firestorm (2)Flights of Fantasy (2)
Football Champions (2)Fullmetal Alchemist (7)Galactic Empires (8)Gormiti (1)
Gridiron (1)Guardians (7)Gundam M.S. War (1)Gwiezdna Kohorta (3)
Harry Potter (13)Hecatomb (3)Hercules (5)Heresy (2)
High Stakes Drifter (5)Highlander (5)Horus Heresy (17)HumAliens (2)
Huntik (4)Hyborian Gates (10)Illuminati NWO (9)Imajica (4)
Initial D (2)James Bond 007 (1)Jedi Knights (8)Killer Instinct (1)
Kingdom Hearts (1)Knights of the Zodiac (1)Kult (44)Legend of the Burning Sands (5)
Legend of the Five Rings (18)Looney Tunes (2)Lord of the Rings (43)Lost Colony Showdown (2)
Magi-Nation Duel (4)Magic the Gathering (25)MapleStory iTCG (1)Marvel ReCharge (1)
MegaMan (4)Middle Earth (34)Mitos y Leyendas (2)Monster Rancher (3)
Monthy Python and the Holy Grail (2)Mortal Kombat (2)Munchkin CCG (1)My Little Pony (3)
Mystical Empire (1)Mythos (10)NASCAR Racing Challenge (1)Neopets (1)
NetRunner (9)On The Edge (4)Ophidian 2350 (2)OverPower (8)
Pirates (3)Pirates of the Caribbean (4)Pokémon (7)Power Cardz (4)
Quest for the Grail (2)Rage: Apocalypse (24)Rage: Tribal War (4)Redakai: Conquer the Kairu (1)
Redemption (1)Rifts (3)Sailor Moon (3)Shadowfist (5)
ShadowRun (17)Sim City (3)Simpsons (2)Sorcery: Contested Realm (1)
Spellfire (4)Spycraft (9)Star of the Guardians (3)Star Quest (6)
Star Trek CCG (12)Star Trek CCG Second Edition (4)Star Trek TCG (4)Star Wars CCG (27)
Star Wars TCG (11)Star Wars: Destiny (5)Stargate (1)Super Deck! (2)
Super Nova (3)Survivor (1)Tank Commander (1)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2)
Tempest of the Gods (4)Terminator (7)Terror (1)The Crow (3)
The Last Crusade (2)The Nightmare Before Christmas (2)The Spoils (2)Thorgal (16)
Tomb Raider (5)Top of the Order (1)Towers in Time (2)Ultimate Combat (3)
Universal Fighting System (2)Vampire the Eternal Struggle (54)Veto! (2)VS System (6)
WarCry (16)Warhammer 40,000 (13)Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions (10)Warlord: Saga of the Storm (9)
Warlords (3)Wars (5)WCW Nitro (2)Wheel of Time (5)
WildStorms (2)Wing Commander (4)Wizard in Training (3)World of Warcraft (8)
Wyvern (8)X-Files (21)X-Men (7)Xena (6)
XXXenophile (1)Young Jedi (10)Yu Yu Hakusho (1)Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG (1)

To add/edit own list use My trade lists option. Always write a comment after trade. It will help other people make decision about deals.

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Aktualizacje spisów
2024-06-14 Kolat_Informant: Warlord: Saga of the Storm
2024-06-10 nekhomanta: Kult
2024-06-04 Kolat_Informant: Battletech
2024-05-20 baal-moloch: WarCry
2024-05-02 Para99: WarCry
2024-04-19 nekhomanta: Magic the Gathering
2024-04-11 nico29: Legend of the Five Rings
2024-04-10 mikedmike: Dark Millennium
2024-04-05 mikedmike: Horus Heresy
2024-04-01 nico29: World of Warcraft

Ostatnie komentarze
2023-12-22 Od komret dla Qbix18
Nice to trade with you.
2022-09-16 Od embrion dla rwodzu
Dzięki za wymiankę (WH AoSC). Thanks fo...
2022-07-30 Od erwin44 dla Ferrugem

2022-05-17 Od embrion dla Ferrugem
Thanks for trading (WH AoSC).
2022-02-16 Od tom256 dla jcar
Thank you for trading.
2021-08-21 Od Arcantil dla cytryn
Piękna współpraca, świetnie uzupełnia si...
2021-08-17 Od cytryn dla Arcantil
bardzo udana wymiana, super kontakt pole...
2020-12-29 Od nig31el dla cytryn
Great to swap with.
2020-12-09 Od Arcantil dla tom256
Kolejna udana wymiana, polecam!
2020-12-08 Od tom256 dla Arcantil
Wymiana dokonana prawidłowo. Trochę się ...

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