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CardScanner v1.3

CardScanner is a Windows application created to simplify card scanning process. I was scanning thousands of cards, processing them manually, naming files. It took ages...

How does it work? Simple: download card list from chosen game/set, select card from list with mouse click or press ENTER to scan highlighted card. Card is cropped to selected size and file name matches card name! There will be 2 images in different folders. One with high quality, and one for web publishing with lower size.


Download installer file and run it. There is also zip version, which you can move on usb stick between different systems.

Version Description
Temporarily unavailable Download and run installer on your PC/laptop. Follow on screen instructions.
Portable (7z compressed file) Download and unzip to selected folder. Then just run exe file to start application.


During first start up you will see configuration screen:

Start with scan area options:

[0, 0 ] for top left corner means you should place card next to corner marked with arrow on your scanner.Most of the scanners will be able to scan from the edge, but some could cut off part of image. In this case you may use something like liner as 'buffer' and adjust top-left dimensions.

[1012, 708] this is example image size for 300dpi. Depending on physical card size you may need to adjust it slightly.

Resolution: 300dpi gives quite good image quality, with the image size about 1000 pixels. 150dpi will give image size similar to the one presented on the website (about 500 pixels).

Acquiring image

Download card list

Use "Download" button to open card list window:

Choose card list by selecting following options:

  • Game
  • Expansion
  • Filter options

Press Accept button when ready:

On left side you will see card list. Choose card you want to scan and press ENTER (or use mouse):

Selection will move automatically to next card after scanning process is completed. You can place new card and press ENTER again. This way you can quickly scan whole set!

Cards are saved in 'pics' folder. Depending on selected quality they will appear in 'HQ' folder (300dpi), 'MQ' (150dpi) or 'VHQ' (600dpi). In 'WEB' folder you will find all images optimised for web publishing (long size resized to 500 pixels).

If you like this application...

This is free software. If you wish to thank me in any way, you can send any card(s) from my wish list. Please contact me. Also please feel welcome to send any scans missing on my website (zipped)!

Legal stuff

I'm posting this program as Freeware. You can use it any way you want, but I will not take any responsibility for any damage it will casue (addiction? money spend on more cards?) Before publishing installer is checked with Avast antivirus.