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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> 1000 Years of Darkness

Available cardlists:
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Promo GoldDrums of War
Promo Gold & DiamondThe Training Grounds II
Promo DiamondTest of Enlightenment
Promo Diamond & LotusRise of the Shogun
Promo LotusKhan's Defiance
Promo Lotus & SamuraiTomorrow
Promo SamuraiThe Truest Test
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Promo CelestialStronger Than Steel
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Imperial EditionSamurai Edition: Banzai
ShadowlandsUltimate Clan Packs
Emerald EditionWords and Deeds
Forbidden KnowledgeThe Heaven's Will
The Battle of Beiden PassThe Imperial Gift, Part 1
Anvil of DespairGlory of the Empire
Crimson and JadeDeath at Koten
Obsidian EditionCelestial Edition
Time of the VoidCelestial Edition 15th Anniversary
Scorpion Clan CoupThe Imperial Gift, Part 2
Jade EditionPath of the Destroyer
Hidden EmperorThe Harbinger
Pearl EditionThe Plague War
Siege of Sleeping MountainThe Imperial Gift, Part 3
Honor BoundBattle of Kyuden Tonbo
Ambitions DebtEmpire at War
Fire and ShadowThe Dead of Winter
Heroes of RokuganBefore the Dawn
Storms Over Matsu PalaceWar of Honor
Soul of The EmpireForgotten Legacy
Spirit WarsSecond City
Learn to PlayEmperor Edition
Gold EditionEmbers of War
A Perfect CutThe Shadow's Embrace
An Onis FurySeeds of Decay
Dark AlliesHonor and Treachery
The L5R ExperienceEmperor Edition: Gempukku
Broken BladesTorn Asunder
1000 Years of DarknessCoils of Madness
The Fall of Otosa UchiGates of Chaos
Heaven and EarthAftermath
Winds of ChangeA Matter of Honor
Diamond EditionIvory Edition
The Training GroundsThe Coming Storm
Reign of BloodA Line in the Sand
Hidden CitySiege: Heart of Darkness
Wrath of the EmperorThe New Order
Dawn of the EmpireThe Currency of War
Web of LiesTwenty Festivals
Enemy of My EnemyThunderous Acclaim
Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: 1000 Years of Darkness

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Another Hero FallsEventF
2[Skan]Birth of the New HanteiEventF
3[Skan]Everyone DiesEventF
4[Skan]Hitomi's ChoiceEventF
5[Skan]The Thunders FallEventF
6[Skan]Bloodspeaker's AltarHoldingF
7[Skan]Burial MoundHoldingF
8[Skan]Chamber of the Dark CouncilHoldingF
9[Skan]Chuda RetainerHoldingF
10[Skan]Obsidian MineHoldingF
11[Skan]Gifts and FavorsHoldingF
12[Skan]Island SanctuaryHoldingF
13[Skan]Oracle of Thunder (Experienced)HoldingF
14[Skan]Togashi's PrisonHoldingF
15[Skan]Hida Yakamo (Experienced 3 KYD)PersonalityCrab / Toturi's ArmyF
16[Skan]Kuni OsakuPersonalityCrab / Toturi's ArmyF
17[Skan]Kuni Yori (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityCrab / ShadowlandsF
18[Skan]Daidoji Uji (Experienced 2)PersonalityCrane / Toturi's ArmyF
19[Skan]Hoturi the Heartless (Experienced 3)PersonalityCrane / ShadowlandsF
20[Skan]HakumeiPersonalityCrane / Ninja / Toturi's ArmyF
21[Skan]Togashi ShunsenPersonalityDragon / NinjaF
22[Skan]Goju Hitomi (Experienced 3)PersonalityDragon / NinjaF
23[Skan]Togashi Mitsu (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's ArmyF
24[Skan]Ikoma Ujiaki (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityLion / ShadowlandsF
25[Skan]Matsu MasutaroPersonalityLion / ShadowlandsF
26[Skan]Toturi (Experienced 3 KYD)PersonalityLion / Toturi's ArmyF
27[Skan]IshadaPersonalityMantis / ShadowlandsF
28[Skan]Seppun MatsuoPersonalityMantisF
29[Skan]Yoritomo (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityMantisF
30[Skan]Radakast (Experienced 2)PersonalityNagaF
31[Skan]Shashakar (Experienced 2)PersonalityNagaF
33[Skan]Asako KinyuePersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / Phoenix / ShadowlandsF
34[Skan]Isawa Tsuke (Experienced 2)PersonalityPhoenix / ShadowlandsF
35[Skan]Shiba Tsukune (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityPhoenix / Toturi's ArmyF
36[Skan]Tadaka's Last WishPersonalityPhoenixF
39[Skan]Bayushi Aramoro (Experienced KYD)PersonalityNinja / Scorpion / ShadowlandsF
40[Skan]Hantei Kachiko (Experienced 3)PersonalityScorpionF
41[Skan]Shosuro NobukazoPersonalityScorpion / ShadowlandsF
43[Skan]Hantei the 39thPersonalityShadowlandsF
44[Skan]The MawPersonalityShadowlandsF
45[Skan]Yogo Junzo (Experienced 2)PersonalityShadowlandsF
46[Skan]Toku (Experienced 2 KYD)PersonalityToturi's ArmyF
47[Skan]Kage (Experienced 3 KYD)PersonalityUnalignedF
48[Skan]Usagi MasashiPersonalityUnalignedF
49[Skan]Horiuchi Shoan (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornF
50[Skan]Moto KumariPersonalityUnicornF
51[Skan]Otaku Kamoko (Experienced 3 KYD)PersonalityUnicorn / ShadowlandsF
53[Skan]Mountain of ShadowsRegionF
54[Skan]Ruins of Otosan UchiRegionF
55[Skan]Toturi's GraveRegionF
56[Skan]A Fallen FriendActionF
57[Skan]A Wish GrantedActionF
58[Skan]Aramoro's PromiseActionF
59[Skan]Lesser of Two EvilsActionF
60[Skan]Heroic SacrificeActionF
61[Skan]Obsidian and JadeActionF
62[Skan]Pick Your BattlesActionF
63[Skan]Pointless SacrificeActionF
64[Skan]Ray of HopeActionF
65[Skan]The Darkest ShadowActionF
66[Skan]Toturi's DefeatActionF
67[Skan]Shahai no YokaiAncestorShadowlandsF
68[Skan]Kuruma DateFollowerF
69[Skan]Kuruma SeiroFollowerF
70[Skan]Obsidian MagistrateFollowerF
71[Skan]Parasitic OniFollowerF
74[Skan]Vengeful KamiFollowerF
75[Skan]Ashalan BladeItemF
76[Skan]Dark Emperor's BlessingItemF
77[Skan]Child of Fu LengItemF
78[Skan]False ScrollItemF
81[Skan]Sharp-Sharp StickItemF
82[Skan]Soul of the Grand MasterItemF
83[Skan]The Jade Hand (Experienced)ItemF
84[Skan]Dim MakKihoF
85[Skan]Dark Ring of AirRingF
86[Skan]Dark Ring of EarthRingF
87[Skan]Dark Ring of FireRingF
88[Skan]Dark Ring of the VoidRingF
89[Skan]Dark Ring of WaterRingF
90[Skan]I Give You My NameSpellF
91[Skan]Importune KamiSpellF
92[Skan]Swallowed by the SeaSpellF
93[Skan]Tadaka's SacrificeSpellF
94[Skan]The Imperial Palace of Fu LengStrongholdShadowlandsF

Cards: 94

Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's Army1
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Phoenix / Shadowlands1
Crab / Shadowlands1
Crab / Toturi's Army2
Crane / Ninja / Toturi's Army1
Crane / Shadowlands1
Crane / Toturi's Army1
Dragon / Ninja2
Lion / Shadowlands2
Lion / Toturi's Army1
Mantis / Shadowlands1
Ninja / Scorpion / Shadowlands1
Phoenix / Shadowlands1
Phoenix / Toturi's Army1
Scorpion / Shadowlands1
Toturi's Army1
Unicorn / Shadowlands1