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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Forgotten Legacy

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Dawn of the EmpireThe Currency of War
Web of LiesTwenty Festivals
Enemy of My EnemyThunderous Acclaim
Code of BushidoSiege: Clan War
Lotus EditionEvil Portents

Edition: Forgotten Legacy

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Token

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Ryoshun's GuidanceCelestialFixed
2[Skan]Assault in the JungleEventFixed
3[Skan]Burning DreamsEventFixed
4[Skan]Willing SpiritsEventFixed
5[Skan]Ageless ShrineHoldingFixed
6[Skan]Bamboo Harvesters (Experienced)HoldingFixed
7[Skan]Border Keep (Experienced)HoldingFixed
8[Skan]Colonial HarborHoldingFixed
9[Skan]Hida Fubatsu (Experienced)PersonalityFixed
10[Skan]Hiruma NikaruPersonalityFixed
11[Skan]Toritaka ChokichiPersonalityFixed
12[Skan]Yasuki DaikiPersonalityFixed
13[Skan]Asahina ShigemitsuPersonalityFixed
14[Skan]Daidoji TakichiPersonalityFixed
15[Skan]Doji Hakuseki (Experienced 2)PersonalityFixed
16[Skan]Doji RengetsuPersonalityFixed
17[Skan]Kitsuki NubanePersonalityFixed
18[Skan]Mirumoto KojinruePersonalityFixed
19[Skan]Tamori KazushigePersonalityFixed
20[Skan]Togashi Osawa (Experienced)PersonalityFixed
21[Skan]Akodo Tsudoken (Experienced)PersonalityFixed
22[Skan]Ikoma TsukasaPersonalityFixed
23[Skan]Kitsu KagakoPersonalityFixed
24[Skan]Matsu KoyamaPersonalityFixed
25[Skan]Kitsune Hisano (Experienced)PersonalityFixed
26[Skan]Moshi SasakoPersonalityFixed
27[Skan]Tsuruchi NobukatsuPersonalityFixed
28[Skan]Yoritomo HaruhikoPersonalityFixed
29[Skan]Asako ChukagePersonalityFixed
30[Skan]Asako KaitokoPersonalityFixed
31[Skan]Asako KarachuPersonalityFixed
32[Skan]Shiba SawakenPersonalityFixed
33[Skan]Bayushi HigaonnaPersonalityFixed
34[Skan]Bayushi ToshimoPersonalityFixed
35[Skan]Shosuro Aroru (Experienced 2)PersonalityFixed
36[Skan]Shosuro MakikoPersonalityFixed
37[Skan]Daigotsu Gyoken (Experienced 2)PersonalityFixed
38[Skan]Daigotsu MurotaPersonalityFixed
39[Skan]Ninube ShihoPersonalityFixed
41[Skan]Iuchi AbodanPersonalityFixed
42[Skan]Moto Xiao (Experienced)PersonalityFixed
43[Skan]Shinjo JunpeiPersonalityFixed
44[Skan]Utaku Ji-YunPersonalityFixed
45[Skan]The Dark NagaPersonalityFixed
46[Skan]The ShakashPersonalityFixed
47[Skan]The Sleepless OnePersonalityFixed
48[Skan]The Second CityRegionFixed
49[Skan]Hunter of HarmonyFollowerFixed
50[Skan]Scourge of the SeaFollowerFixed
51[Skan]The VengefulFollowerFixed
52[Skan]Black Pearl (Experienced)ItemFixed
53[Skan]Cursed RelicItemFixed
54[Skan]Pearl of EmbersItemFixed
55[Skan]Pearl of RageSpellFixed
56[Skan]The Mountain's PowerSpellFixed
57[Skan]Thunder's WrathSpellFixed
58[Skan]Wind of the MoonSpellFixed
59[Skan]A Game of DiceStrategyFixed
60[Skan]A Yojimbo's DutyStrategyFixed
61[Skan]Accidental ConfessionStrategyFixed
62[Skan]Asset DenialStrategyFixed
63[Skan]Broken AllianceStrategyFixed
64[Skan]Cast Aside the WeakStrategyFixed
66[Skan]Creating OrderStrategyFixed
67[Skan]Duel of HaikuStrategyFixed
68[Skan]Economic RepercussionsStrategyFixed
69[Skan]Entrenched PositionStrategyFixed
70[Skan]Feint & StrikeStrategyFixed
71[Skan]Fruitless SearchStrategyFixed
72[Skan]Grateful RewardStrategyFixed
73[Skan]Gripped by TerrorStrategyFixed
74[Skan]Heart of DarknessStrategyFixed
75[Skan]Honor Never FallsStrategyFixed
77[Skan]Never Beyond My ReachStrategyFixed
79[Skan]Pearls & SpiritsStrategyFixed
80[Skan]Petty SquabblesStrategyFixed
81[Skan]Returning HomeStrategyFixed
82[Skan]Rise of the Dark NagaStrategyFixed
83[Skan]Seeking the TruthStrategyFixed
84[Skan]Siege VolleyStrategyFixed
85[Skan]Steadfast DefenseStrategyFixed
86[Skan]Sundering StrikeStrategyFixed
87[Skan]Sword for HireStrategyFixed
88[Skan]The Perfect MomentStrategyFixed
89[Skan]Wanted for QuestioningStrategyFixed
90[Skan]The Forgotten TempleStrongholdFixed

Cards: 90

Type distribution