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Welcome gamers and collectors...

on my page dedicated to collectible card games. You can find here a lot of cardlists, scans, card details and more. You can buy cards in my store (please read faq at first) or trade cards with other users.

I'm trying to create the biggest card database which will contain every game and every picture that ever exists. I know it is impossible, but I will try to do my best :) I'm trying also to describe cards with all details like card text, flavor, parameters etc. Usually I use databases that could be found in internet, but sometimes I update it manually. If someone would like to help me, I would be very grateful. Even one cardlist from any game or few scans can help create the biggest CCG database in the world :D

Contact: or

Latest news: Database update
Latest decks: Embers of War
Latest files: Call of Cthulhu demo decks
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Dark Eden: Database update2015-01-23
[card back]
I updated card details of Dark Eden base set. Also fixed few typos in card titles.
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Sbodek on holiday2014-07-28
Sbodek's shop will be closed for 3 weeks. All outstanding orders will be processed after his return.
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Extended promotion2014-05-30
Due to bin interest I decided to extend promotion time for another week. Happy buying.
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I'm offering 25% discount until end of month. Reason is... my son was born! Use it while you can :)
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Dredd: New scans2013-09-20
[card back]
I received many missing Dredd scans.
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WarCry: A collector's cry for help!2013-07-09
Javi, great fan of WarCry is asking for help. He tries to collect complete playset (3 copies of each card) for each set in the game. Full story explained here. Please leave a message or contact me and I will pass your details to Javi.
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Legend of the Five Rings: New scans2013-01-12
[card back]
Before the Dawn scans added from Oracle.
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Legend of the Five Rings: New scans2012-12-27
Akodo Kaneka
I have scanned all "fixed" cards from An Onis Fury set.
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Legend of the Five Rings: New scans2012-12-26
I have scanned all "fixed" cards from Drums of War set.
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Lord of the Rings: New scans2012-12-19
Maledetto di Erech
I have scanned all Italian foil cards from Mount Doom set.
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Lord of the Rings: New scans2012-12-18
Anello di Barahir
I have scanned all Italian cards from Ents of Fangorn set (foil and normal).
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Lord of the Rings: New scans2012-12-18
Castamir di Umbar
I have scanned all Italian foil cards from Siege of Gondor set.
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Lord of the Rings: New scans2012-12-17
I have scanned all Italian foil cards from The Return of the King set.
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Legend of the Five Rings: Update2012-12-15
[card back]
Recent card list added from The Plague War to Second City.
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Veto 2ed.: Update2012-12-06
[card back]
Card lists from Veto 2nd edition updated.
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Vampire the Eternal Struggle: New European Champion2012-11-01
[card back]
Isak Bjärmark Esbjörnsson wins the 2nd day tournament to become the European Continental Champion on 28/10/2012. Final decks published at VEKN forum.
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Kult: Shop2012-10-29
[card back]
More Polish Kult cards added to store.
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Kult: Shop2012-08-20
[card back]
New polish singles added to Kult shop.
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ShadowRun: Card names2012-05-01
[card back]
German card names corrected for ShadowRun game.
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Universal Fighting System: ShadoWar2012-04-27
[card back]
SW01 - ShadoWar card list added.
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Legend of the Five Rings: Embers of War, 2014-06-30

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Doom Trooper: brakujące, 1 2013-03-16

Dune: Thunder at Twilight starter - Harkonnen, 2012-02-23

Latest files
2012-04-05 Call of Cthulhu demo decks: These demo decks are but a sampling of the full range of possibilities available in Call of Cthulhu CCG.

2012-01-20 Tokens 2: Game tokes (300dpi) - other side

2012-01-20 Tokens 1: Game tokes (300dpi) - one side

2012-01-20 Tokens: Game tokens (600dpi)

2012-01-20 Free decks flyer (Emperor Edition):

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