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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Soul of The Empire

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Edition: Soul of The Empire

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[brak obrazka]Air Dragon (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Amoro's HonorKihoU2
[brak obrazka]Another TimeActionFixed
[Skan]Armor of the Ebony SamuraiItemU2
[Skan]Armor of the Monkey ClanItemU1
[brak obrazka]Armor of the Twilight MountainsItemC1
[brak obrazka]Armored SteedsFollowerC1
[Skan]Asahina ArchersFollowerR2
[brak obrazka]AshidaPersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiC1
[brak obrazka]AshigaruTokenC1
[brak obrazka]BasecampHoldingF
[Skan]Bayushi Aramoro (Experienced 3)PersonalityScorpionR2
[Skan]Bayushi Goshiu (Experienced 3)PersonalityScorpionR2
[brak obrazka]Bayushi Hisa (Experienced 3)PersonalityScorpionU1
[brak obrazka]Bayushi IkitaPersonalityScorpionC2
[brak obrazka]Bayushi MeharuPersonalitySpiritC1
[brak obrazka]BhakarashPersonalityNagaC1
[brak obrazka]Bide Your TimeActionC2
[brak obrazka]Blessing of the Celestial HeavensActionC2
[brak obrazka]Block Supply LinesActionF
[brak obrazka]Blood RiteSpellR2
[brak obrazka]Bloodstained ForestSpellU1
[brak obrazka]BloodswordItemFixed
[brak obrazka]BokatuPersonalityToturi's ArmyC1
[brak obrazka]Brilliant VictoryActionFixed
[Skan]Brothers in BloodKihoR2
[brak obrazka]Burning the AshesSpellC1
[brak obrazka]Bushi DojoHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]CavalryTokenC2
[brak obrazka]Cavalry ScreenActionC2
[Skan]Chains of JigokuSpellU1
[brak obrazka]ChargeActionFixed
[brak obrazka]City of Empty DreamsActionC2
[brak obrazka]City of Living FlamesActionC2
[brak obrazka]City of LoyaltyActionC2
[brak obrazka]City of TearsActionC2
[brak obrazka]City of White CloudsActionC2
[brak obrazka]Cornering ManeuverActionC2
[brak obrazka]CounterattackActionFixed
[Skan]Daidoji Rekai (Experienced 2)PersonalityCraneR2
[brak obrazka]Daidoji SembiPersonalitiesCraneFixed
[Skan]Daidoji TechniqueActionU2
[brak obrazka]Daidoji UjiPersonalityCraneFixed
[Skan]Dairya (Experienced 3)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR1
[Skan]Dark PlainsRegionU2
[brak obrazka]Deadly FrightActionC2
[brak obrazka]Deadly GroundActionFixed
[Skan]Death-Seeker TechniqueActionU2
[Skan]Defenders of the WallFollowerR2
[brak obrazka]DevastationActionC2
[brak obrazka]Dispersive TerrainActionFixed
[brak obrazka]Doji BenkuPersonalityCraneC1
[brak obrazka]Doji Kuwanan (Experienced 2)PersonalityCraneF
[brak obrazka]Doji Kuwanan (Experienced 3)PersonalityCraneF
[brak obrazka]Doji RejuPersonalityCraneFixed
[brak obrazka]Draft NoticeItemC1
[Skan]Dragon of Fire (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Dragon's ToothItemR2
[brak obrazka]Earth Dragon (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[brak obrazka]Elder GojuPersonalityNinjaC1
[brak obrazka]Emperor's PeaceEventFixed
[brak obrazka]Empty CrevasseHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]Entrapping TerrainActionFixed
[brak obrazka]Eternal Halls of the Shiba (story back)StrongholdPhoenixU1
[brak obrazka]Eyes Shall Not SeeSpellC1
[brak obrazka]Fantastic GardensHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]FarmerTokenC2
[brak obrazka]Fearful SoulActionC2
[Skan]Fields of CourageRegionU2
[Skan]Fields of the MoonRegionU2
[Skan]Firefly TattooActionU2
[brak obrazka]For My ClanActionU2
[Skan]Fortified GroundActionU2
[brak obrazka]From Broken GroundKihoC2
[brak obrazka]Fulfilling My DutyActionC2
[brak obrazka]Fully ArmedActionC2
[brak obrazka]GinawaPersonalityToturi's ArmyFixed
[Skan]Ginawa (Experienced 3)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR2
[brak obrazka]Glimpse of the UnicornEventFixed
[brak obrazka]Glory GroundsRegionC1
[Skan]Goju Adorai (Experienced)PersonalityNinjaR2
[Skan]Half-Beat StrikeActionR2
[brak obrazka]Heavy BardeItemR2
[brak obrazka]Heavy InfantryFollowerFixed
[Skan]Hida Tsuru (Experienced)PersonalityCrabR2
[brak obrazka]Hiruma AbunPersonalitySpiritC1
[Skan]Hitomi Iyojin (Experienced)PersonalityDragonR2
[Skan]Hoshi Eisai (Experienced) [Dragon]PersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU1
[brak obrazka]Hoshi Eisai (Experienced) [Monk]PersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiU1
[Skan]Hoshi SenseiSenseiR1
[Skan]Hoshi Wayan (Experienced 2)PersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiR2
[Skan]Hoturi SenseiSenseiR2
[Skan]Hurlspit GoblinsFollowerU2
[brak obrazka]Iaijutsu ChallengeActionF
[brak obrazka]Iaijutsu DuelActionF
[Skan]Ide Tadaji (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornU1
[brak obrazka]Imperial WeddingEventU2
[brak obrazka]Increased ProductionActionC2
[Skan]Into the HeavensEventU1
[brak obrazka]Iron Mountain (story back)StrongholdDragonU1
[brak obrazka]Isawa Tomo (Experienced 2)PersonalityPhoenix / SpiritU1
[brak obrazka]Island WharfHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]Iuchi KattaPersonalityUnicornFixed
[brak obrazka]Jade WorksHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]Jal-Pur RaidersFollowerU1
[brak obrazka]Jama Suru (Experienced)PersonalityShadowlandsU1
[Skan]Kaede's TearsKihoR2
[brak obrazka]Kage (Experienced 5)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[brak obrazka]Kakita KyrukoPersonalityCraneC2
[brak obrazka]Kakita Yoshi (Experienced 3)PersonalityCrane / SpiritU1
[Skan]Karmic LinkKihoU2
[brak obrazka]Karmic StrikeActionF
[brak obrazka]Katana of the Twilight MountainsItemC1
[brak obrazka]KedaPersonalityMantisC2
[brak obrazka]Kingdom of GhostsActionC2
[brak obrazka]Kitsu Motso (Experienced 2)PersonalityLionR2
[Skan]Kolat ChambersHoldingU2
[Skan]Kolat CourtiersEventU1
[Skan]Kosaten ShiroStrongholdCraneF
[Skan]Kosaten Shiro (story back)StrongholdCraneU1
[brak obrazka]Kyoso No Oni (Experienced 2)PersonalityShadowlandsR2
[Skan]Kyuden Kitsune (story back)StrongholdYoritomo's AllianceU1
[Skan]Lessons of HonorActionU2
[brak obrazka]Light InfantryFollowerFixed
[brak obrazka]Lost SoulsFollowerR1
[Skan]Magistrate's BladeItemU2
[brak obrazka]MarketplaceHoldingFixed
[Skan]Master CourtierHoldingU2
[brak obrazka]Mat'tckPersonalityRatlingC1
[Skan]Matsu Agetoki (Experienced 2)PersonalityLion / SpiritR2
[brak obrazka]Matsu DomotaiPersonalityLionC2
[brak obrazka]Matsu GoemonPersonalityLion / Toturi's ArmyFixed
[brak obrazka]Medium CavalryFollowerFixed
[brak obrazka]Medium InfantryFollowerFixed
[Skan]Mirumoto Taki (Experienced)PersonalityDragonU1
[brak obrazka]Moon and SunEventU1
[brak obrazka]Moto ChargersFollowerC1
[brak obrazka]Moto Gaheris (Experienced)PersonalityUnicornF
[brak obrazka]Moto TsugiPersonalityUnicornC2
[brak obrazka]Mountain PassRegionFixed
[brak obrazka]MujinaTokenC1
[brak obrazka]Mukami (Experienced 2)PersonalityMantisR2
[brak obrazka]Naga VipersFollowerU1
[Skan]Naka Kuro (Experienced 2)PersonalityPhoenixR2
[brak obrazka]Nature ProvidesKihoC1
[brak obrazka]Ninja Mystic (Experienced 3)PersonalityNinjaR2
[Skan]Ninja Shadow-Walker (Experienced)PersonalityNinjaU1
[brak obrazka]No-DachiItemFixed
[brak obrazka]Nori FarmHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]NorikeshPersonalityNagaC2
[Skan]Northern Provinces of the MotoStrongholdUnicornF
[Skan]Northern Provinces of the Moto (story back)StrongholdUnicornU1
[brak obrazka]O-Ushi SenseiSenseiR1
[brak obrazka]O-Ushi's HammerItemR1
[brak obrazka]Oni no ByokiFollowerU1
[brak obrazka]Oni no GoruseiPersonalityShadowlandsC2
[Skan]Oni no Okura (Experienced 2)PersonalityLion / ShadowlandsU2
[Skan]Oni PodlingFollowerR2
[Skan]Orochi TattooActionU2
[brak obrazka]Otaku BaikenPersonalitiesUnicornFixed
[brak obrazka]Otaku KamokoPersonalityUnicornFixed
[brak obrazka]Otaku Kamoko (Experienced 4)PersonalityUnicornR1
[brak obrazka]Otaku SahijirPersonalityUnicornC1
[Skan]Otomo SenseiSenseiR2
[Skan]Otomo TowersRegionU1
[brak obrazka]OverwhelmActionC2
[Skan]Passage of TimeActionU2
[Skan]Past GloriesSpellU1
[Skan]Pearl DiversHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]Political FavorsHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]PortHoldingFixed
[brak obrazka]Public RidiculeEventU1
[Skan]Question Without an AnswerKihoR2
[Skan]Rallying CryActionFixed
[Skan]Rank Hath PrivilegeActionR2
[brak obrazka]Ratling PackTokenC1
[Skan]Rebirth of the Dark DaughterActionU2
[brak obrazka]RefugeesActionFixed
[brak obrazka]Regional Travel PapersItemC1
[brak obrazka]Restoring the Age of MythSpellU1
[brak obrazka]Return of ThunderEventU2
[Skan]Riding YariItemU1
[brak obrazka]Ring of EarthRingFixed
[brak obrazka]Ring of FireRingFixed
[brak obrazka]Ring of the VoidRingFixed
[brak obrazka]Ruined EarthSpellR1
[brak obrazka]RyoseiPersonalityMantisFixed
[brak obrazka]Ryoshun's Last WordsKihoC2
[brak obrazka]Sanctified TempleHoldingFixed
[Skan]Seppun Toshiken (Experienced 2)PersonalityToturi's ArmyR2
[brak obrazka]Shadow AssassinsFollowerC1
[Skan]Shadowed WastesActionU2
[brak obrazka]Shiba KikuPersonalityPhoenixC2
[Skan]Shiba Tsukune (Experienced 3)PersonalityPhoenixR2
[Skan]Shinjo Hanari (Experienced 2)PersonalityUnicornR2
[brak obrazka]Shirasu SenseiSenseiR1
[brak obrazka]Shiryo no ChirokuAncestorCraneR1
[brak obrazka]Shiryo no GoheiAncestorLionR1
[Skan]Shiryo no HanteiAncestorUnalignedR1
[Skan]Shiryo no KunliuAncestorUnicornR1
[brak obrazka]Shrine of the DeadHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]Shrines of the EmperorHoldingU1
[Skan]Something Worth Dying ForActionU2
[brak obrazka]Son of the ClanActionC2
[Skan]Soul of the EmpireEventU2
[brak obrazka]Spy NetworkHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]StablesHoldingFixed
[Skan]Steel and IronActionR2
[Skan]Strike from BehindActionR2
[brak obrazka]Suana (Experienced 2)PersonalityBrotherhood of ShinseiR2
[brak obrazka]Superior TacticsActionFixed
[Skan]Swamp MarshActionU2
[brak obrazka]Temples of the Crow (story back)StrongholdBrotherhood of ShinseiU1
[brak obrazka]Temples of the New TaoRegionC1
[brak obrazka]Tetsuya SenseiSenseiR2
[brak obrazka]The Citadel of the HirumaStrongholdCrabF
[brak obrazka]The Citadel of the Hiruma (story back)StrongholdCrabU1
[brak obrazka]The Dark Path of Shadow (story back)StrongholdNinjaU1
[Skan]The Emperor ReturnsActionU2
[brak obrazka]The Grey Crane (Experienced 3)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[brak obrazka]The Kitsu Tombs (story back)StrongholdLionU1
[Skan]The New Akasha (story back)StrongholdNagaU1
[brak obrazka]The Spawning Ground (story back)StrongholdShadowlandsU1
[brak obrazka]The Sun ReturnsActionR2
[brak obrazka]The Towers of the Yogo (story back)StrongholdScorpionU1
[brak obrazka]Thunder Dragon (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Time of DestinyActionU2
[brak obrazka]Togashi MitsuPersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's ArmyF
[Skan]Togashi Mitsu (Experienced 2)PersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's ArmyR1
[Skan]Togashi SenaiPersonalityDragonC2
[Skan]Toku (Experienced 3)PersonalityToturi's ArmyU1
[brak obrazka]Toritaka MarikoPersonalityCrabC2
[brak obrazka]Toturi the First (Experienced 4)PersonalityToturi's Army / SpiritF
[brak obrazka]Travelling CaravanHoldingC1
[brak obrazka]Traversable TerrainActionFixed
[Skan]Tsunami LegionFollowerR2
[brak obrazka]UndeadTokenC1
[Skan]Vigilant Keep of the MonkeyStrongholdToturi's ArmyF
[brak obrazka]Vigilant Keep of the Monkey (story back)StrongholdToturi's ArmyU1
[Skan]Void Dragon (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]Void GuardFollowerU1
[brak obrazka]Water Dragon (Experienced)PersonalityUnalignedR1
[Skan]When Spirits WalkedEventU1
[Skan]Where the Sun WalkedActionR2
[brak obrazka]YaroPersonalityToturi's ArmyC1
[Skan]Yasuki Nokatsu (Experienced 2)PersonalityCrabU1
[Skan]Yodin SenseiSenseiR2
[Skan]Yoritomo (Experienced 3)PersonalityMantisR2
[brak obrazka]Yoritomo Furikae (Experienced)PersonalityMantis / SpiritU1
[brak obrazka]Yotsu ShokuPersonalityUnalignedC1
[brak obrazka]Z'orr'tekPersonalityRatlingC1

Cards: 253

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei6
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon / Toturi's Army2
Crane / Spirit1
Lion / Shadowlands1
Lion / Spirit1
Lion / Toturi's Army1
Mantis / Spirit1
Phoenix / Spirit1
Toturi's Army9
Toturi's Army / Spirit1
Yoritomo's Alliance1