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Vampire the Eternal Struggle

Strona poświęcona grze VTES:

Note: Requires translation!

For sale: 75048 single(s) and 8 pack(s).

Latest news about Vampire the Eternal Struggle

Andi Liu
Added latest sets and scans including French and Spanish cards.
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"Anthology" card list2018-09-06
Added Anthology card list with scans.
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VTES returns to print2018-04-25
[card back]
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle returns to print. Black Chantry Productions brings classic Vampire: The Masquerade-themed card game back to unlife. More details here.
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[card back]
Recently I added a lot of singles from various sets. I still have few thousands more to check.
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New European Champion2012-11-01
[card back]
Isak Bjärmark Esbjörnsson wins the 2nd day tournament to become the European Continental Champion on 28/10/2012. Final decks published at VEKN forum.
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From 15 to 20 July I am going on holiday.
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[card back]
Singles added from Black Hand, Gehenna, Legacies of Blood, Lords of the Night, Kindred Most Wanted, Nights of Reckoning, Sword of Caine, Third Edition and Twilight Rebellion boxes.
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EC 2011 website2011-04-26
European VTES Championship 2011 website was revealed recently at It will be held between 11th and 13th of November in Warsaw, Poland. More information at official site.
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New polish website2011-04-25
Rafał Staszewski created new VTES website: VTES Poland. Contains tournament calendar, rankings, articles and galeries.
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Promo cards2010-11-04
Karsh (ADV)
Two promo cards added: Guide and Mentor and Karsh (ADV).
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