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Card: Fianna

[Card image]
GameRage: Tribal War
Card TextType: Tribe
Tribe Fury: 7 Sept Draw: 4
Cohorts: Bone Gnawers (+1) / Get of Fenris (+1) / Shadow Lords (+1)
Text: Every Metis in your Victory Pile is worth +1 Renown.
Pre-Combat (Out): A target Garou not in your pack has his base Rage increased to equal his opponent's base Rage for this combat.
Flavor Text"It doesn't matter to me who is with us. What matters is who is against us. And since most are against us, I say we must move now. The Equinox is coming, and with it comes destruction. I hear talk of war from all sides. We can prepare for as long as we want, but we shall never be ready, and time is the Wyrm's friend. I say we enact the rite as soon as we can. No later than the Equinox." - Cindermane
ArtistBlake Beasley
LanguageEnglish EN
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