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Card: Crazy Gregor

[Card image]
NameCrazy Gregor
GameRage: Tribal War
Card TextType: Garou Renown: 5
Tribe: Silver Fang Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Theurge Gender: Male
Tribe Friendly: Affiliation:
Breed Rage: 3 Crinos Rage: 7
Breed Gnosis: 4 Crinos Gnosis: 4
Breed Health: 2 Crinos Health: 5
Turns to Regenerate: 2
Breed Text: Derangement: Manic-Depressive
Crinos Text: Derangement: Manic-Depressive
Pre-Combat (In): Discard the top card of your Combat deck. If its Rage cost is even, lose 2 Rage. If it is odd, gain +2 Rage. If it is 0 or X, gain Frenzy +3.
Flavor Text"He says he's in. I hope he stays that way." - Natasha
ArtistMichael Danza
LanguageEnglish EN
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