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Card Trade -> Ophidian 2350 -> User: nico29

User: nico29
email: lombrix{AT}
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HAVE list:

[Skan] Berserker Ophidian 2350 EN Gladiator Common NF 1
[Skan] Calm Aura Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Gladiator Mystic Common NF 1
[Skan] Defensive Anchor Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Gladiator War Common NF 1
[Skan] Festering Stink Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Character Bio-tek Common NF 1
[Skan] Flesh Ophidian 2350 EN Minion Portal Uncommon NF 1
[Skan] For the Mighty Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Gladiator Psi Rare NF 1
[Skan] One for the Team Ophidian 2350 EN Quick-Hit War Uncommon NF 1
[Skan] Rocket Launch Ophidian 2350 EN Quick-Hit War x2 Common NF 1
[Skan] Shriveled Bones Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Gladiator Bio-tek x2 Uncommon NF 1
[Skan] Simon Bantus Ophidian 2350 EN Gladiator Common NF 1
[Skan] Tainted Yang Ophidian 2350 EN Pump: Gladiator Mystic Common NF 1

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Ani-Mayhem (367/0)Arcadia (565/0)Babylon 5 (527/116)Battlestar Galactica (323/0)
Battletech (239/202)Bloodwars (1032/116)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (562/0)C-23 (135/0)
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Dark Age: Feudal Lords (318/0)Dark Eden (72/0)Dinosaur King (22/0)Doom Trooper (4680/175)
Doomtown (232/0)Dr Who (1596/5)Dragon Storm (184/0)Duel Masters (58/0)
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Epic Battles (114/0)EVE: The Second Genesis (100/0)Firestorm (86/0)Fullmetal Alchemist (210/0)
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Magic the Gathering (1830/0)MapleStory iTCG (19/0)Marvel ReCharge (187/0)MegaMan (58/0)
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Warlord: Saga of the Storm (1324/0)Warlords (216/0)Wars (411/0)Wheel of Time (554/0)
WildStorms (387/0)Wing Commander (347/0)Wizard in Training (192/0)World of Warcraft (2515/0)
Wyvern (777/134)X-Files (597/0)X-Men (101/0)Xena (142/0)
XXXenophile (63/0)Young Jedi (833/0)

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Aktualizacje spisów
2022-05-20 nico29: Middle Earth
2022-05-20 nico29: Redemption
2022-05-20 nico29: Looney Tunes
2022-05-20 nico29: Doom Trooper
2022-05-20 nico29: Lord of the Rings
2022-05-20 nico29: WarCry
2022-05-20 nico29: Rage: Apocalypse
2022-05-20 nico29: Spellfire
2022-05-20 nico29: Star Trek CCG
2022-05-19 SenyorPL: The Crow

Ostatnie komentarze
2022-05-17 Od embrion dla Ferrugem
Thanks for trading (WH AoSC).
2022-02-16 Od tom256 dla jcar
Thank you for trading.
2021-08-21 Od Arcantil dla cytryn
Piękna współpraca, świetnie uzupełnia si...
2021-08-17 Od cytryn dla Arcantil
bardzo udana wymiana, super kontakt pole...
2020-12-29 Od nig31el dla cytryn
Great to swap with.
2020-12-09 Od Arcantil dla tom256
Kolejna udana wymiana, polecam!
2020-12-08 Od tom256 dla Arcantil
Wymiana dokonana prawidłowo. Trochę się ...
2020-10-13 Od cytryn dla nig31el
Perfect trade! I recommend this guy!
2020-10-07 Od nig31el dla cytryn
Thank you. Great cards. Smooth transacti...
2020-08-23 Od cytryn dla Arcantil
Zdecydowanie polecam! Więcej takich pozy...

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