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Call of Cthulhu -> Cardlists -> Dunwich Denizens

Available cardlists:
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Arkham EditionForgotten Cities
Unspeakable TalesSpawn of Madness
Arkham PremiumKingsport Dreams
Forbidden RelicsConspiracies of Chaos
Eldritch EditionDunwich Denizens
Masks of Nyarlathotep

Edition: Dunwich Denizens

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeFactionRarity
1[Skan]Canine GuardianCharacterF
2[Skan]Develpment CampSupportF
3[Skan]Professor RiceCharacterF
4[Skan]Professor MorganCharacterF
5[Skan]Professor ArmitageCharacterF
6[Skan]Hack JournalistCharacterF
7[Skan]Ancient GoldSupportF
8[Skan]Noises in the HillsEventF
9[Skan]Devil's Hop YardSupportF
10[Skan]Feathery WatchersCharacterF
11[Skan]Cold Spring GlenSupportF
12[Skan]The Dunwich HorrorCharacterF
13[Skan]Wilbur WhateleyCharacterF
14[Skan]Sentinel HillSupportF
15[Skan]Lavinia WhateleyCharacterF
16[Skan]The Stone on the PeakCharacterF
17[Skan]Whateley's DiarySupportF
18[Skan]Pocket TelescopeSupportF
19[Skan]The Bootleg Whiskey Cover-UpConspiracyF
20[Skan]Negotium Perabulans in Tenebris...ConspiracyF

Cards: 20

Type distribution