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Available cardlists:
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Wildling Assault!A Reign of Kings
PromoWinter Edition
Westeros EditionA Song Of Twilight
A Sea of StormsWinter Edition Premium Starter Decks
Premium Starter DecksA Song Of Night
A Flight of DragonIron Throne Edition
Ice and Fire EditionA House of Thorns
A Throne of BladesIron Throne Edition Legacy Pack
Ice and Fire Premium Starter DecksA House of Talons
A Crown of SunsFive Kings
Valyrian EditionThe War of Five Kings
A Tourney of SwordsCircle of Spies

Edition: Winter Edition

Available languages (4):

Nr ScanNameName (org)TypeHouseRarity
1[brak obrazka]Allied with the Twins (HU)Allied with the TwinsAttachmentStarkR
2[brak obrazka]Frozen Solid (HU)Frozen SolidAttachmentStarkU
3[brak obrazka]Northman's Grit (HU)Northman's GritAttachmentStarkC
4[brak obrazka]Arya Stark (HU)Arya StarkCharacterStarkU
5[brak obrazka]Catelyn Stark (HU)Catelyn StarkCharacterStarkU
6[brak obrazka]Eddard Stark (HU)Eddard StarkCharacterStarkU
7[brak obrazka]Jojen Reed (HU)Jojen ReedCharacterStarkR
8[brak obrazka]Meera Reed (HU)Meera ReedCharacterStarkR
9[brak obrazka]Shaggydog (HU)ShaggydogCharacterStarkR
10[brak obrazka]Northern Heir + (HU)Northern Heir +CharacterStarkR
11[brak obrazka]Greatjon's Elite (HU)Greatjon's EliteCharacterStarkC
12[brak obrazka]House Stark Herald (HU)House Stark HeraldCharacterStarkU
13[brak obrazka]Huntress in the Swamp (HU)Huntress in the SwampCharacterStarkC
14[brak obrazka]Keeper of the New Gods (HU)Keeper of the New GodsCharacterStarkC
15[brak obrazka]Lookout (HU)LookoutCharacterStarkC
16[brak obrazka]Last Hearth's Finest (HU)Last Hearth's FinestCharacterStarkU
17[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationStarkU
18[brak obrazka]Winterfell Castle (HU)Winterfell CastleLocationStarkR
19[brak obrazka]Broken Tower (HU)Broken TowerLocationStarkC
20[brak obrazka]Northern Fiefdoms (HU)Northern FiefdomsLocationStarkC
21[brak obrazka]Winterfell Barracks (HU)Winterfell BarracksLocationStarkR
22[brak obrazka]Gutter Rat's Cunning (HU)Gutter Rat's CunningAttachmentLannisterC
23[brak obrazka]Tywin's Protege (HU)Tywin's ProtegeAttachmentLannisterR
24[brak obrazka]Cersei Lannister (HU)Cersei LannisterCharacterLannisterU
25[brak obrazka]Ser Jaime Lannister (HU)Ser Jaime LannisterCharacterLannisterU
26[brak obrazka]Tommen Baratheon (HU)Tommen BaratheonCharacterLannisterR
27[brak obrazka]Tyrion Lannister (HU)Tyrion LannisterCharacterLannisterU
28[brak obrazka]Tywin Lannister (HU)Tywin LannisterCharacterLannisterR
29[brak obrazka]Western Heir + (HU)Western Heir +CharacterLannisterR
30[brak obrazka]Enemy Informer (HU)Enemy InformerCharacterLannisterC
31[brak obrazka]Expendable Ally (HU)Expendable AllyCharacterLannisterC
32[brak obrazka]Highgarden Reinforcements (HU)Highgarden ReinforcementsCharacterLannisterC
33[brak obrazka]Joffrey's Herald (HU)Joffrey's HeraldCharacterLannisterU
34[brak obrazka]Littlefinger's Collectors (HU)Littlefinger's CollectorsCharacterLannisterR
35[brak obrazka]Ser Amory's Poachers (HU)Ser Amory's PoachersCharacterLannisterU
36[brak obrazka]Courtesan of Highgarden (HU)Courtesan of HighgardenCharacterLannisterC
37[brak obrazka]Casterly Rock (HU)Casterly RockLocationLannisterR
38[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationLannisterU
39[brak obrazka]Corrupt Treasury (HU)Corrupt TreasuryLocationLannisterC
40[brak obrazka]Halls of the Red Keep (HU)Halls of the Red KeepLocationLannisterR
41[brak obrazka]Tywin's Manse (HU)Tywin's ManseLocationLannisterU
42[brak obrazka]Western Fiefdoms (HU)Western FiefdomsLocationLannisterC
43[brak obrazka]Chosen by R'hllor (HU)Chosen by R'hllorAttachmentBaratheonR
44[brak obrazka]Stormlander's Pride (HU)Stormlander's PrideAttachmentBaratheonC
45[brak obrazka]Melisandre (HU)MelisandreCharacterBaratheonR
46[brak obrazka]Renly Baratheon (HU)Renly BaratheonCharacterBaratheonU
47[brak obrazka]Robert Baratheon (HU)Robert BaratheonCharacterBaratheonU
48[brak obrazka]Selyse Baratheon (HU)Selyse BaratheonCharacterBaratheonU
49[brak obrazka]Ser Cortnay Penrose (HU)Ser Cortnay PenroseCharacterBaratheonR
50[brak obrazka]Stormland Heir + (HU)Stormland Heir +CharacterBaratheonR
51[brak obrazka]Braavosi Spy (HU)Braavosi SpyCharacterBaratheonC
52[brak obrazka]Converted Maester (HU)Converted MaesterCharacterBaratheonU
53[brak obrazka]Mother of Shadows (HU)Mother of ShadowsCharacterBaratheonU
54[brak obrazka]Pentoshi Captain (HU)Pentoshi CaptainCharacterBaratheonR
55[brak obrazka]Ser Axell's Elite (HU)Ser Axell's EliteCharacterBaratheonC
56[brak obrazka]Knight Commander (HU)Knight CommanderCharacterBaratheonC
57[brak obrazka]Student of the Stars (HU)Student of the StarsCharacterBaratheonC
58[brak obrazka]Storm's End (HU)Storm's EndLocationBaratheonR
59[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationBaratheonU
60[brak obrazka]Aegon's Sept (HU)Aegon's SeptLocationBaratheonR
61[brak obrazka]Crumbling Stone Dragon (HU)Crumbling Stone DragonLocationBaratheonC
62[brak obrazka]Obsidian Ramparts (HU)Obsidian RampartsLocationBaratheonU
63[brak obrazka]Stormlands Fiefdoms (HU)Stormlands FiefdomsLocationBaratheonC
64[brak obrazka]Ironborn's Strength (HU)Ironborn's StrengthAttachmentGreyjoyC
65[brak obrazka]Aeron Damphair (HU)Aeron DamphairCharacterGreyjoyR
66[brak obrazka]Euron Crow's Eye (HU)Euron Crow's EyeCharacterGreyjoyR
67[brak obrazka]Gormond Goodbrother (HU)Gormond GoodbrotherCharacterGreyjoyU
68[brak obrazka]Theon Greyjoy (HU)Theon GreyjoyCharacterGreyjoyU
69[brak obrazka]Victarion Greyjoy (HU)Victarion GreyjoyCharacterGreyjoyU
70[brak obrazka]Island Heir + (HU)Island Heir +CharacterGreyjoyR
71[brak obrazka]Bannermen to the Kraken (HU)Bannermen to the KrakenCharacterGreyjoyC
72[brak obrazka]Deadly Axeman (HU)Deadly AxemanCharacterGreyjoyU
73[brak obrazka]Sea Raiders (HU)Sea RaidersCharacterGreyjoyC
74[brak obrazka]Prophet of the Waves (HU)Prophet of the WavesCharacterGreyjoyU
75[brak obrazka]Rider through the Storm (HU)Rider through the StormCharacterGreyjoyC
76[brak obrazka]Vanguard Axeman (HU)Vanguard AxemanCharacterGreyjoyC
77[brak obrazka]Longship "Black Wind" (HU)Longship "Black Wind"LocationGreyjoyR
78[brak obrazka]Longship "Great Kraken" (HU)Longship "Great Kraken"LocationGreyjoyR
79[brak obrazka]Longship "Silence" (HU)Longship "Silence"LocationGreyjoyR
80[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationGreyjoyU
81[brak obrazka]Blazewater Coast (HU)Blazewater CoastLocationGreyjoyR
82[brak obrazka]Coastal Tower (HU)Coastal TowerLocationGreyjoyC
83[brak obrazka]Iron Island Fiefdoms (HU)Iron Island FiefdomsLocationGreyjoyC
84[brak obrazka]Ten Towers Battlements (HU)Ten Towers BattlementsLocationGreyjoyU
85[brak obrazka]Ruler of Meereen (HU)Ruler of MeereenAttachmentTargaryenR
86[brak obrazka]Daenerys Targaryen (HU)Daenerys TargaryenCharacterTargaryenU
87[brak obrazka]Drogon (HU)DrogonCharacterTargaryenR
88[brak obrazka]Khal Drogo (HU)Khal DrogoCharacterTargaryenU
89[brak obrazka]Rhaegal (HU)RhaegalCharacterTargaryenR
90[brak obrazka]Ser Jorah Mormont (HU)Ser Jorah MormontCharacterTargaryenU
91[brak obrazka]Viserion (HU)ViserionCharacterTargaryenR
92[brak obrazka]Viserys Targaryen (HU)Viserys TargaryenCharacterTargaryenU
93[brak obrazka]Lesser Ko + (HU)Lesser Ko +CharacterTargaryenR
94[brak obrazka]Free Cities Trader (HU)Free Cities TraderCharacterTargaryenC
95[brak obrazka]Half-Trained Youth (HU)Half-Trained YouthCharacterTargaryenC
96[brak obrazka]Eastern Mercenary (HU)Eastern MercenaryCharacterTargaryenC
97[brak obrazka]Upstart Slave (HU)Upstart SlaveCharacterTargaryenU
98[brak obrazka]Warlock's Servitors (HU)Warlock's ServitorsCharacterTargaryenC
99[brak obrazka]Great Pyramid of Meereen (HU)Great Pyramid of MeereenLocationTargaryenR
100[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationTargaryenU
101[brak obrazka]Dothraki Sea (HU)Dothraki SeaLocationTargaryenC
102[brak obrazka]Eastern Fiefdoms (HU)Eastern FiefdomsLocationTargaryenC
103[brak obrazka]Ghiscari Outpost (HU)Ghiscari OutpostLocationTargaryenC
104[brak obrazka]Plaza of Punishment (HU)Plaza of PunishmentLocationTargaryenR
105[brak obrazka]Xaro's Home (HU)Xaro's HomeLocationTargaryenU
106[brak obrazka]Dornishman's Flourish (HU)Dornishman's FlourishAttachmentMartellC
107[brak obrazka]Deadly Seduction (HU)Deadly SeductionAttachmentMartellR
108[brak obrazka]Areo Hotah (HU)Areo HotahCharacterMartellU
109[brak obrazka]Arianne Martell (HU)Arianne MartellCharacterMartellU
110[brak obrazka]Elaria Sand (HU)Elaria SandCharacterMartellU
111[brak obrazka]The Red Viper (HU)The Red ViperCharacterMartellR
112[brak obrazka]Southron Heiress + (HU)Southron Heiress +CharacterMartellR
113[brak obrazka]Arianne's Admirer (HU)Arianne's AdmirerCharacterMartellR
114[brak obrazka]Dornish Charger (HU)Dornish ChargerCharacterMartellC
115[brak obrazka]Initiate of Poisons (HU)Initiate of PoisonsCharacterMartellR
116[brak obrazka]Lord Edric's Knight (HU)Lord Edric's KnightCharacterMartellU
117[brak obrazka]Prince's Spy (HU)Prince's SpyCharacterMartellC
118[brak obrazka]House Messenger (HU)House MessengerCharacterMartellC
119[brak obrazka]Student of Subtlety (HU)Student of SubtletyCharacterMartellC
120[brak obrazka]Warmonger (HU)WarmongerCharacterMartellU
121[brak obrazka]Sunspear (HU)SunspearLocationMartellR
122[brak obrazka]The Iron Throne (HU)The Iron ThroneLocationMartellU
123[brak obrazka]Desert Cache (HU)Desert CacheLocationMartellC
124[brak obrazka]Doran's Palanquin (HU)Doran's PalanquinLocationMartellU
125[brak obrazka]Dornish Fiefdoms (HU)Dornish FiefdomsLocationMartellC
126[brak obrazka]Ruins in the Sand (HU)Ruins in the SandLocationMartellR
127[brak obrazka]King-Beyond-the-Wall (HU)King-Beyond-the-WallAttachmentNeutralR
128[brak obrazka]Born to Kill (HU)Born to KillAttachmentNeutralC
129[brak obrazka]Paper Money (HU)Paper MoneyAttachmentNeutralU
130[brak obrazka]Raised to Lie (HU)Raised to LieAttachmentNeutralC
131[brak obrazka]Risen to Power (HU)Risen to PowerAttachmentNeutralC
132[brak obrazka]Valyrian Steel Spear (HU)Valyrian Steel SpearAttachmentNeutralC
133[brak obrazka]Benjen Stark (HU)Benjen StarkCharacterNeutralR
134[brak obrazka]Jon Snow (HU)Jon SnowCharacterNeutralR
135[brak obrazka]Jaqen H'ghar (HU)Jaqen H'gharCharacterNeutralR
136[brak obrazka]Lord of Bones (HU)Lord of BonesCharacterNeutralU
137[brak obrazka]Mag the Mighty (HU)Mag the MightyCharacterNeutralU
138[brak obrazka]Mance Rayder (HU)Mance RayderCharacterNeutralR
139[brak obrazka]Pypar (HU)PyparCharacterNeutralR
140[brak obrazka]Ygritte (HU)YgritteCharacterNeutralR
141[brak obrazka]Janos Slynt (HU)Janos SlyntCharacterNeutralC
142[brak obrazka]Fallen Brother (HU)Fallen BrotherCharacterNeutralU
143[brak obrazka]Mammoth Rampager (HU)Mammoth RampagerCharacterNeutralC
144[brak obrazka]Roving Pillagers (HU)Roving PillagersCharacterNeutralC
145[brak obrazka]Ruthless Defender (HU)Ruthless DefenderCharacterNeutralC
146[brak obrazka]Student of Coin (HU)Student of CoinCharacterNeutralC
147[brak obrazka]Veteran Builder (HU)Veteran BuilderCharacterNeutralC
148[brak obrazka]War Giant (HU)War GiantCharacterNeutralU
149[brak obrazka]War Mammoth (HU)War MammothCharacterNeutralU
150[brak obrazka]Wildling Emissary (HU)Wildling EmissaryCharacterNeutralC
151[brak obrazka]Wildling Messenger (HU)Wildling MessengerCharacterNeutralC
152[brak obrazka]Wildling Scout (HU)Wildling ScoutCharacterNeutralC
153[brak obrazka]Harrenhal (HU)HarrenhalLocationNeutralU
154[brak obrazka]The Wall (HU)The WallLocationNeutralR
155[brak obrazka]Blackwater Rush (HU)Blackwater RushLocationNeutralC
156[brak obrazka]Bloody Trident (HU)Bloody TridentLocationNeutralC
157[brak obrazka]Crossroads (HU)CrossroadsLocationNeutralC
158[brak obrazka]Fallow Fields (HU)Fallow FieldsLocationNeutralC
159[brak obrazka]King's Landing (HU)King's LandingLocationNeutralR
160[brak obrazka]Minor Fiefdom (HU)Minor FiefdomLocationNeutralC
161[brak obrazka]Ravaged Coast (HU)Ravaged CoastLocationNeutralU
162[brak obrazka]Robert's Deathbed (HU)Robert's DeathbedLocationNeutralR
163[brak obrazka]The New Gift (HU)The New GiftLocationNeutralU
164[brak obrazka]The Old Gift (HU)The Old GiftLocationNeutralU
165[brak obrazka]Dorne Goes to War (HU)Dorne Goes to WarEventMartellR
166[brak obrazka]Field of Fire (HU)Field of FireEventTargaryenR
167[brak obrazka]From the Ashes of Winterfell (HU)From the Ashes of WinterfellEventStarkR
168[brak obrazka]Hands of Gold are Always Cold (HU)Hands of Gold are Always ColdEventLannisterR
169[brak obrazka]Plea to R'hollor (HU)Plea to R'hollorEventBaratheonR
170[brak obrazka]Sound the Horn of Dragons (HU)Sound the Horn of DragonsEventGreyjoyR
171[brak obrazka]Forever Burning + (HU)Forever Burning +EventTargaryenU
172[brak obrazka]Forever Faithful + (HU)Forever Faithful +EventBaratheonU
173[brak obrazka]Forever Listening + (HU)Forever Listening +EventNeutralU
174[brak obrazka]Forever Plundering + (HU)Forever Plundering +EventGreyjoyU
175[brak obrazka]Forever Scheming + (HU)Forever Scheming +EventMartellU
176[brak obrazka]Forever Stalwart + (HU)Forever Stalwart +EventStarkU
177[brak obrazka]Forever Whispering + (HU)Forever Whispering +EventLannisterU
178[brak obrazka]A Lord's Ransom (HU)A Lord's RansomEventLannisterR
179[brak obrazka]Along the Saltspear (HU)Along the SaltspearEventGreyjoyR
180[brak obrazka]Arianne's Rejection (HU)Arianne's RejectionEventMartellR
181[brak obrazka]Arrest and Imprison (HU)Arrest and ImprisonEventLannisterC
182[brak obrazka]Arya's Revenge (HU)Arya's RevengeEventStarkC
183[brak obrazka]Shadow in the North + (HU)Shadow in the North +EventNeutralC
184[brak obrazka]Blood Magic (HU)Blood MagicEventTargaryenC
185[brak obrazka]Bound by R'hllor (HU)Bound by R'hllorEventBaratheonR
186[brak obrazka]I am King Here! (HU)I am King Here!EventBaratheonC
187[brak obrazka]Injurious Poison (HU)Injurious PoisonEventMartellC
188[brak obrazka]Insidious Ways (HU)Insidious WaysEventLannisterC
189[brak obrazka]Jojen's Counsel (HU)Jojen's CounselEventStarkC
190[brak obrazka]Like the Seas (HU)Like the SeasEventGreyjoyC
191[brak obrazka]Love is Poison (HU)Love is PoisonEventLannisterU
192[brak obrazka]Make an Example (HU)Make an ExampleEventNeutralR
193[brak obrazka]New Khalasar (HU)New KhalasarEventTargaryenR
194[brak obrazka]Night Favors the Silent (HU)Night Favors the SilentEventMartellC
195[brak obrazka]Nightmares (HU)NightmaresEventNeutralC
196[brak obrazka]Only Your Life (HU)Only Your LifeEventTargaryenU
197[brak obrazka]Please Let It Burn (HU)Please Let It BurnEventNeutralC
198[brak obrazka]Purge the Traitors (HU)Purge the TraitorsEventNeutralU
199[brak obrazka]Retreat to Dragonstone (HU)Retreat to DragonstoneEventBaratheonU
200[brak obrazka]Salt in your Eyes (HU)Salt in your EyesEventGreyjoyU
201[brak obrazka]Seek out the Traitors (HU)Seek out the TraitorsEventNeutralU
202[brak obrazka]Shadow Play (HU)Shadow PlayEventBaratheonC
203[brak obrazka]Spinning Slash (HU)Spinning SlashEventTargaryenC
204[brak obrazka]Tempting Fate (HU)Tempting FateEventNeutralC
205[brak obrazka]The Hand's Judgement (HU)The Hand's JudgementEventStarkU
206[brak obrazka]The Scorpion's Sting (HU)The Scorpion's StingEventMartellU
207[brak obrazka]Tidal Wave (HU)Tidal WaveEventGreyjoyC
208[brak obrazka]Too Baseborn to Matter (HU)Too Baseborn to MatterEventNeutralC
209[brak obrazka]Too Blind to See (HU)Too Blind to SeeEventNeutralC
210[brak obrazka]Too Weak to Fight (HU)Too Weak to FightEventNeutralC
211[brak obrazka]Vengeance for Eddard (HU)Vengeance for EddardEventStarkR
212[brak obrazka]Westeros Bleeds (HU)Westeros BleedsEventNeutralR
213[brak obrazka]A Beggared Realm (HU)A Beggared RealmPlotNeutralR
214[brak obrazka]Benjen's Cache (HU)Benjen's CachePlotNeutralR
215[brak obrazka]Blue Eyes, Black Skin (HU)Blue Eyes, Black SkinPlotNeutralU
216[brak obrazka]Break Their Defense (HU)Break Their DefensePlotNeutralU
217[brak obrazka]Called by the Gods (HU)Called by the GodsPlotNeutralU
218[brak obrazka]Catch Them Unprepared (HU)Catch Them UnpreparedPlotNeutralR
219[brak obrazka]Clash of Kings (HU)Clash of KingsPlotNeutralR
220[brak obrazka]Dark and Full of Terrors (HU)Dark and Full of TerrorsPlotNeutralU
221[brak obrazka]Fortified Position (HU)Fortified PositionPlotNeutralU
222[brak obrazka]Fire and Blood (HU)Fire and BloodPlotTargaryenU
223[brak obrazka]Foe I was Born to Fight (HU)Foe I was Born to FightPlotNeutralR
224[brak obrazka]For Love of Duty (HU)For Love of DutyPlotNeutralU
225[brak obrazka]Found by Providence (HU)Found by ProvidencePlotNeutralU
226[brak obrazka]Game of Thrones (HU)Game of ThronesPlotNeutralR
227[brak obrazka]Hear Me Roar (HU)Hear Me RoarPlotLannisterU
228[brak obrazka]Ours is the Fury (HU)Ours is the FuryPlotBaratheonU
229[brak obrazka]Outmanuver (HU)OutmanuverPlotNeutralR
230[brak obrazka]Safe Within the Walls (HU)Safe Within the WallsPlotNeutralR
231[brak obrazka]Storm of Swords (HU)Storm of SwordsPlotNeutralR
232[brak obrazka]Superior Numbers (HU)Superior NumbersPlotNeutralR
233[brak obrazka]The Gathering Storm (HU)The Gathering StormPlotNeutralR
234[brak obrazka]The Wraiths Appear (HU)The Wraiths AppearPlotNeutralR
235[brak obrazka]Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (HU)Unbowed, Unbent, UnbrokenPlotMartellU
236[brak obrazka]We Do Not Sow (HU)We Do Not SowPlotGreyjoyU
237[brak obrazka]Whose Name May Not Be Spoken (HU)Whose Name May Not Be SpokenPlotNeutralU
238[brak obrazka]Wildling Siege (HU)Wildling SiegePlotNeutralR
239[brak obrazka]Winter has Come (HU)Winter has ComePlotNeutralR
240[brak obrazka]Winter is Coming (HU)Winter is ComingPlotStarkU
241[brak obrazka]Maesters of the Citadel (HU)Maesters of the CitadelAgendaNeutralF
242[brak obrazka]The Night's Watch (HU)The Night's WatchAgendaNeutralF
243[brak obrazka]Treaty (HU)TreatyAgendaNeutralF
244[brak obrazka]House Stark (HU)House StarkHouseStarkF
245[brak obrazka]House Lannister (HU)House LannisterHouseLannisterF
246[brak obrazka]House Baratheon (HU)House BaratheonHouseBaratheonF
247[brak obrazka]House Greyjoy (HU)HOUSE GREYJOYHouseGreyjoyF
248[brak obrazka]House Targaryen (HU)HOUSE TARGARYENHouseTargaryenF
249[brak obrazka]House Martell (HU)House MartellHouseMartellF

Cards: 249

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