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Legend of the Five Rings -> Cardlists -> Ambitions Debt

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Edition: Ambitions Debt

Available languages (1):

Subsets: Normal / Clan War Saga

ScanName TypeFactionRarity
[brak obrazka]As the Shadow FallsEventCWS
[Skan]Beiden PassRegionCWS
[brak obrazka]Bridged PassHoldingCWS
[Skan]Chi StrikeActionCWS
[brak obrazka]Corrupt Gold MinesHoldingCWS
[Skan]Dragon Sword is BrokenEventCWS
[Skan]Fatal MistakeActionCWS
[brak obrazka]Goblin BerserkersFollowerCWS
[Skan]Goblin WizardPersonalityShadowlandsCWS
[brak obrazka]Hida SukunePersonalityCrabCWS
[Skan]Inner FireActionCWS
[Skan]Kakita IchiroPersonalityCraneCWS
[Skan]Lessons from the PastActionCWS
[brak obrazka]NingyoHoldingCWS
[brak obrazka]PikemenFollowerCWS
[Skan]Plague ZombiesFollowerCWS
[Skan]Plains of the Emerald ChampionRegionCWS
[brak obrazka]Political DistractionActionCWS
[brak obrazka]Sake WorksHoldingCWS
[Skan]Soshi TaoshiPersonalityScorpionCWS
[Skan]Stand FirmActionCWS
[brak obrazka]Suspended TerrainActionCWS
[brak obrazka]Sympathetic EnergiesSpellCWS
[Skan]The Arrow Knows the WayActionCWS
[Skan]The Festering Pit of Fu LengHoldingCWS
[brak obrazka]The Fire from WithinSpellCWS
[Skan]To Avenge Our AncestorsActionCWS
[Skan]Togashi JodomePersonalityBrotherhood of Shinsei / DragonCWS
[Skan]Trading GroundsHoldingCWS
[Skan]Troops from the WoodsActionCWS

Cards: 33

Type distribution
Faction distribution
Brotherhood of Shinsei / Dragon1