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Horus Heresy -> Cardlists -> Base Set

Available cardlists:
PromoBase Set
Hands of the EmperorSedition's Gate
The Battle for ProsperoTraitor's Gambit
Blades of the TraitorSiege of Terra
Battle for the Golden ThroneDaemons' Fire
Other Rare / Promotional CardsDropsite Massacre

Edition: Base Set

Available languages (4):

Subsets: Normal / Info / Sector

Nr ScanNameTypeSideRarity
1[Skan]The Age of Strife I
2[Skan]The Age of Strife II
3[Skan]The Age of Strife III
4[Skan]The Great Crusade I
5[Skan]The Great Crusade II
6[Skan]The Great Crusade III
7[Skan]Origin of the Space Marines I
8[Skan]Origin of the Space Marines II
9[Skan]The Primarchs I
10[Skan]The Primarchs II
11[Skan]The Primarchs III
12[Skan]The Primarchs IV
13[Skan]The Astronomican
14[Skan]The Navigators
15[Skan]Light of the Emperor
16[Skan]Imperial Commanders I
17[Skan]Imperial Commanders II
18[Skan]The Astropaths I
19[Skan]The Astropaths II
20[Skan]The Emperor Honours Horus I
21[Skan]The Emperor Honours Horus II
22[Skan]Horus the Doubter
23[Skan]Horus falls at Davin
24[Skan]Warrior Lodges of Davin
25[Skan]Horus the Betrayer
26[Skan]Horus the Conspirator I
27[Skan]Horus the Conspirator II
28[Skan]Chaos the Deceiver
29[Skan]Horus Plans Ahead I
30[Skan]Horus Plans Ahead II
31[Skan]The Heresy Spreads
32[Skan]Isstvan Rendezvous I
33[Skan]Isstvan Rendezvous II
34[Skan]Isstvan III Part 1
35[Skan]Isstvan III Part B
36[Skan]Isstvan III Part C
37[Skan]Isstvan III Part D
38[Skan]Isstvan III Part E
39[Skan]The Emperor retreats to Earth
40[Skan]The Council of Terra I
41[Skan]The Council of Terra Ii
42[Skan]Sanctioned Psykers
43[Skan]The Red Sorcerors of Prospero
44[Skan]Sorcery of the Thousand Sons
45[Skan]Space Marine Librarians
46[Skan]The Librarian Crisis
47[Skan]Council of Nikaea I
48[Skan]Council of Nikaea Ii
49[Skan]Magnus Retreats to Prospero
50[Skan]Magnus' Precognition
51[Skan]Magnus' Warning
52[Skan]The Emperor Reacts to the Warning of Magnus
53[Skan]The Space Wolves attack Prospero
54[Skan]The Black Ships
55[Skan]Malcador the Sigilite

Cards: 55