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Card: Deflection

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GameVampire the Eternal Struggle
SetSabbat Preconstructed
Card TextOnly usable if a minion is bleeding you, after blocks are declined.
[dom] Lock this reacting vampire. Change the target of the bleed to another Methuselah other than the acting minion's controller (that Methuselah can attempt to block).
[DOM] As above, but do not lock this vampire.
ArtistLarry MacDougall; Gary Chatterton; Ginés Quiñonero
LanguageEnglish EN
Blood Cost1
SetsJyhad:C, VTES:C, SW:PV2, FN:PG2, CE:C/PTr3, BH:PTr4, HttB:PGar4, SP:PoS4/PwN3, 25th:6, FB:PV4
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