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Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires is a science fiction trading card game. While in command of Sector Headquarters you conquer terrain, deploy bases, ships, crew and special equipment; and cautiously avoid space monsters, hazards and other occurrences. The objective: Eliminate your opponents Sector HQs, conquering the sector and eventually the galaxy.
Players choose which of over 50 empires they will represent: Aesthetic Empire, Andromeda Bound, Aqaaran, Argonian First Republic, Clydon Empire, Bolaar Pirates, Collector Empire, Comedy Club Network, Corporate Aggressors, Corporate Pirates, Council of Six, Drone, Erodi, Filarian Infesters, Garshain, Gekonauak, Grand Chieftain's Touring Fleet, Gray Death, Indirigan Nomad Tribes, Infected, Intrepid Wanderer, Invincible Loner, J'xar, Krebiz Capitalist Alliance, Leopan Conquistadors, Lone Wolf, Mechad Holdfast, Meerkats, Nobles, Nagiridni Pirates, Orgons, Pakta'don, Paraloid, Plasma Occupied Territory (P.O.T.), Propagationists, Psycanti, Scorpead Dominion, Shon-ti, Space Dragons, Tarra'ki, Time Knights, Tranoan Empire, Treglean, Trochilidae, Tufor Protectorate, Vacaters of Bolaar V, Vektrean Mercenaries, Vicious Six, Vinciennes, Violator, Visonic, or the Zedan Defensive Initiative (ZDI).

For sale: 1666 single(s).

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