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Mitos y Leyendas

For sale: 30 single(s).

Latest news about Mitos y Leyendas

German card list2008-11-21
German card list added from Bruderschaft (Brotherhood). List provided by Kai Kuberka.
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Sir Mador de La port
Singles and scans from Sacred Sword have been added.
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Store updated2007-03-14
Singles from Brotherhood have been updated.
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Games database updated2006-12-20
Card lists from Mitos y Leyendas (Myths and Legends), most popular South American game created in Chile have been added. Game exists since 2000 and is still active. Expansion to other regions and printing english version of Brotherhood set wasn't successful. Only one more english set was printed: Sacred Sword. Unfortunately I have only partial card list for this expansion.
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