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Doomtown is a fast paced game set in the Wild, Weird West of the Deadlands alternate history. In that history, a group of Indians called the Last Sons used an ancient ritual to make a deal with some evil spirit creatures called Manitous. Those Manitous have been unleashed on the world, and as a result, things didn't turn out quite the way the history books say they did. The Civil War is still raging; a huge earthquake sank most of California into the pacific, and a strange substance known as ghost rock has been discovered. Ghost rock burns hotter and longer than coal, that that efficient fuel has allowed the development of all sorts of steampunk technology.

DOOMTOWN is set in the tiny frontier town of Gommora. Gommora sits on top of a huge strike of ghost rock. The town is filling up with people determined to take control of the area and mine the ghost rock for their own profit and motives.

You play the leader of one of those factions, called Outfits. You recruit Dudes to do your bidding, you give them Goods to make them stronger and more effective, and you stake your claim to various Deeds in and around the town. From time to time, Events happen that can have pretty sweeping effects on the game.

Your basic objective is to have more control than your opponents have influence. Control comes from Deeds, influence comes from Dudes.

For sale: 3 single(s).

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