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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to buy?
Card condition Guide
I see different store locations, how it works?
How to pay?
What shipping options are avaible?
Wish List
How can I help to extend this website?

How to buy?
It's simple :) Go to Store and choose product (click on cart [Cart] icon). New window will apper with product description, price and input box. Enter amount you wish to buy and click button. Item is added to your shopping cart. To check content of shopping cart click link "Cart" at the top of page:
At this screen you can see list of products in your cart, their quantities and prices. You can change amount and accept changes by clicking button. To place an order you must click button. You should get confirmation mail with payment instructions within 24 hours.

Card Condition Guide
Mint/Near Mint - very good condition, unmarked surface. Sometimes on closer inspection could have a minor flaw either on an edge, or its surface (near mint)
Excellent - should be free of major flaws but will show small signs of having been played (its edges will begin to whiten and it probably has light scratches or scuffs on its surface)
Good - card will be heavily played but free of any major flaws such as creases, bends, tears, and holes.
Poor - card in poor condition will have a major flaw or defect, such as creases, bends or a tear.

I see different store locations, how it works
To let you choose from the widest range of cards we are selling cards belonging to few different people, that are located in various places (and coutries). During checkout cards are automatically separated between locations. You will get separate invoice from each location, you have to pay for separate shipping and of course you should expect separate parcels :) Currently available are 4 locations:
- ccggamez - located in United Kingdom, served by Artur Siupik, contains cards that migrates with me :)
- sbodek - located in Poland, only VteS cards
- Jea - located in Poland, different games

How to pay?
Payment can be send via: direct bank transfer to english or polish account, PayPal or Moneybookers. If you are despearte, you can send money in envelope but I don't recommend this method!!! I will dispatch mail usually next day after receiving payment. Sometimes at the same day :)

How we send packages?
Loose cards and single boosters/starters are sent as first class mail in bubble envelope. Foreign mail are sent as AirMail.
For secure reasons package could be sent as registered mail for additional fee (standard post office rates).
International shipping cost varies and depends on weight and localisation. Shipping few cards to Europe starts at 0.50 GBP (1USD). Shipping 100 cards to Europe costs about 2.5GBP (5USD). Fee for international registered mail is additional 4 GBP (8USD).
Shipping time is 1 day for 1st class mail in UK, 4-5 work days for most countries in Europe.
I don't take responsibility for lost NOT REGISTERED parcels. Usually they don't get lost of course, but one sent to Brazil was reported as missing unfortunately.

Wish List
Wish List is a special feature, that let you know about new cards in store. When you click yellow star , usually located near to cart icon , choosen product will be added to your Wish List. You will be noticed with mail, when this product will be added to store. You can check your list at this page: "My Account". To remove item from list click on icon.

How can I help to improve this website?
Sometimes I get emails with question: How can I help you with the site? Firstly if you don't see the game or set you are interested in, you can send me a link to existing card list. It will greatly increase chance of appearing this list on my site. Secondly if you have scanner, you can scan cards. If you want to do this, contact with me to avoid scanning the same cards as someone else. Thirdly you can send me links, files etc. which I can place on this site. It can save others time when they could find it here. Fourthly you can directly improve this site. Enter new deck for your favourite game, write an article (I'll be VERY pleased), share your cards for trade etc.