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Available cardlists:
PreviewSouthern Kingdoms
SpecialCampaign Edition
Winter WarfareSneak Attack
Abyssial AttackCounterattack
Santa SlayerDeath's Bargain
PromoHero's Gambit
Saga of the StormDragon's Fury
Assassin's StrikeEye of the Storm
Good and EvilTemple of Lore
Tooth and ClawChampions
Nest of VipersEpic Edition
Black KnivesPlane of Secrets
SiegeStolen Destiny
Call to ArmsLight and Shadow
BetrayalBattle Box 2

Edition: Promo

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeType2Rarity
[Skan]13th Edition SpellbookPromo
[Skan]A Common PurposePromo
[Skan]A Prophecy FulfilledPromo
[Skan]Abd al-JalaarPromo
[brak obrazka]AdvicePromo
[Skan]Ahdi AkkharPromo
[Skan]Altus DarkhartPromo
[Skan]Amoudasi's Fire
[Skan]Amulet of BymynnPromo
[Skan]Ancient Oath CohortPromo
[Skan]Annals of TriumphPromo
[Skan]Arcane Qor-TethPromo
[Skan]Archos LothPromo
[Skan]Athanaen HammerPromo
[Skan]Athanaes FallsPromo
[Skan]Atu, the Poisoned FieldPromo
[Skan]Aura of PowerPromo
[Skan]Avatar of the StormPromo
[Skan]Avinaar EsmirikPromo
[Skan]Avinoam BlightlifterPromo
[Skan]Barrow WightPromo
[Skan]Baruuk al-SemmeyaPromo
[Skan]Baruuk's BandPromo
[Skan]Bascarite RingPromo
[Skan]Bascarite VerminPromo
[Skan]Battle RingPromo
[Skan]Belt of ChampionsPromo
[Skan]Beradah DythanusPromo
[Skan]Black Banner CohortPromo
[brak obrazka]Black BladePromo
[Skan]Black Wyrm HelmPromo
[Skan]Black Wyrm's EggItemPromo
[Skan]Blade of TormentPromo
[Skan]Bleeding Eye CohortPromo
[Skan]Blessed EdgePromo
[Skan]Blood OathPromo
[Skan]Blood WormPromo
[Skan]Blue Wyrm HelmPromo
[Skan]Blue Wyrm's EggItemPromo
[Skan]Boots of SpeedItemPromo
[Skan]Brine Fiend
[Skan]Broken Axe CohortPromo
[Skan]Builder CohortPromo
[Skan]Burst of InspirationPromo
[Skan]By Your WordPromo
[Skan]Cal BlackbornePromo
[Skan]Calif's Heir CohortPromo
[Skan]Calling the StormPromo
[Skan]Cassica MoonseedPromo
[Skan]Cassica's CagesPromo
[Skan]Castle LorathPromo
[Skan]Cathel RowanPromo
[Skan]Chain the PsycheActionPromo
[Skan]Chakram of TatiyanaPromo
[Skan]Change of LeadershipItemPromo
[Skan]Check for TrapsPromo
[Skan]Ciera Eyes-of-FireItemPromo
[Skan]Cloak of ProtectionItemPromo
[Skan]Cloak of SkinPromo
[Skan]Contract KillerItemPromo
[Skan]Corrupt IdolPromo
[Skan]Crown of CommandItemPromo
[Skan]Crown of DominationPromo
[Skan]Crushbone MaceItemPromo
[Skan]Crypt GhoulPromo
[Skan]Dallen StormlostPromo
[Skan]Dark Reserve CohortPromo
[Skan]Death By PoisonPromo
[Skan]Death or GloryPromo
[Skan]Death's AxePromo
[Skan]Death's BargainPromo
[Skan]Death's CallPromo
[Skan]Death's SnarePromo
[Skan]Deck of FacesPromo
[Skan]Deck of Many ThingsItemPromo
[Skan]Decrepit GhoulPromo
[Skan]Desert MartyrMercenary CharacterPromo
[Skan]Destiny of Ancient OathsPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of History's TearsPromo
[Skan]Destiny of Noble BloodPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of Robert's SaviorPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the AbyssPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Black BannerPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Bleeding EyePromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Broken AxePromo
[Skan]Destiny of the Calif's HeirPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Dark ReservePromo
[Skan]Destiny of the Final PurgePromo
[Skan]Destiny of the Gilded TonguePromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Ogre LordPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Raging MindPromo
[Skan]Destiny of the ReturnedPromo
[Skan]Destiny of the Scarlet RosePromo
[Skan]Destiny of the Silver SkinPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of the Silvered FountPromo
[Skan]Destiny of Unfinished MercyPromo
[brak obrazka]Destiny of Worldfall's AllyPromo
[Skan]Devastating ChargePromo
[brak obrazka]Dexton FeldarkPromo
[Skan]Diadem of InsightPromo
[Skan]Dirge of the DeadPromo
[Skan]Donnar of Clan HelPromo
[Skan]Dragon's CallPromo
[Skan]Dragon's MajestyPromo
[Skan]Draxon RhullPromo
[Skan]Duct TapePromo
[Skan]Edric D'IlchantPromo
[Skan]Eiael DarkfeatherPromo
[Skan]Elder Qor-TethPromo
[Skan]Emaline FaydraPromo
[Skan]Emaline's VowPromo
[Skan]Epic MantlePromo
[brak obrazka]EpochPromo
[Skan]Etain DracPromo
[Skan]Etal FrestePromo
[Skan]Eversmoking BottleItemPromo
[Skan]Eye EaterPromo
[Skan]Eye of the StormPromo
[brak obrazka]Eyestalk of ControlPromo
[brak obrazka]Eyestalk of InsightPromo
[Skan]Famine GhoulPromo
[Skan]Far um FarPromo
[Skan]Feigning DeathPromo
[Skan]Figurine of PowerPromo
[Skan]Figurine of ProtectionPromo
[Skan]Figurine of TrickeryPromo
[Skan]Figurine of WonderPromo
[Skan]Final Purge CohortPromo
[Skan]Fist of AlbrechtPromo
[Skan]Flesh and WillPromo
[Skan]Flory's Monster GuidePromo
[Skan]Forged in BattlePromo
[Skan]Forsaken KeeperPromo
[Skan]Gauntlet of ControlPromo
[Skan]Gelatinous WallMercenary CharacterPromo
[Skan]Getting's World AtlasPromo
[Skan]Gilded Tongue CohortPromo
[Skan]Glyph of HealingItemPromo
[Skan]Green Dragon InnPromo
[Skan]Green Wyrm HelmPromo
[Skan]Green Wyrm's EggItemPromo
[Skan]Hammer of StonePromo
[Skan]Hand of ControlPromo
[Skan]Hand of CunningPromo
[Skan]Hand of MightPromo
[Skan]Hand of PowerPromo
[Skan]Hands of FaithPromo
[Skan]Harp of AncientsPromo
[Skan]Heerman's EpicPromo
[Skan]Hel's HandmaidenPromo
[Skan]Hel's RunePromo
[Skan]Helena DascumPromo
[Skan]Helm of VisionItemPromo
[Skan]Hero's GambitPromo
[brak obrazka]History's Tears CohortPromo
[Skan]Ice ScalePromo
[Skan]Ilar Rowan
[Skan]Imperial AmuletItemPromo
[Skan]Invader's BannerPromo
[Skan]Irad SyneriPromo
[Skan]Ironhall's FuryPromo
[Skan]Ironhall's ReachPromo
[Skan]Ironhall's RisePromo
[Skan]Isadran WarriorPromo
[Skan]Jernar ThanatocPromo
[Skan]Jorn of the SummitPromo
[Skan]Journal EntryPromo
[Skan]Judge AeacusPromo
[Skan]Kar'rak UrartuPromo
[Skan]Kargaz DythanusPromo
[Skan]Kerebrus' SignetPromo
[Skan]Knives of BetrayalItemPromo
[Skan]Lady al-SemmeyaPromo
[Skan]Lawrence PheenPromo
[Skan]Light of AlbrechtPromo
[Skan]Limited WishPromo
[Skan]Living StonesPromo
[Skan]Logan's RingPromo
[Skan]Lost WarriorPromo
[brak obrazka]LukkotPromo
[Skan]Lukkot PiledriverPromo
[Skan]Malrog's First TestPromo
[Skan]Mantle of SoulsPromo
[Skan]Map of the Back AlleysPromo
[Skan]Marcus ShawPromo
[Skan]Mariah BlackthornPromo
[Skan]Mark of SiretPromo
[Skan]Master K'HallaekPromo
[Skan]Master's PlansPromo
[Skan]Masterwork ArmorItemPromo
[Skan]Masticus AedroudPromo
[Skan]McEachern BladePromo
[Skan]Medusa's HeritagePromo
[Skan]Medusan Lord's MightPromo
[Skan]Medusan Lords GuilePromo
[Skan]Medusan WargearPromo
[Skan]Medwin's CodexPromo
[Skan]Miasmic HorrorPromo
[Skan]Mithglyn's BowPromo
[Skan]Morrigan De DanaanPromo
[Skan]Mortvoritan the BanefulPromo
[Skan]Mortvoritan's WrathPromo
[Skan]Noble Blood CohortPromo
[Skan]Oblivion's VoicePromo
[Skan]Ogre Lord CohortPromo
[Skan]Olivark the QuietPromo
[Skan]One Hundred PoisonsPromo
[Skan]Orm al'GhastPromo
[Skan]Ossay M'AndaeusPromo
[Skan]Ossay's VowPromo
[Skan]Paymaster CorrPromo
[Skan]Pendant of GrandeurPromo
[Skan]Perfect StancePromo
[Skan]Piffany's First KissPromo
[Skan]Planar Tides and CurrentsPromo
[Skan]Potion of YouthPromo
[Skan]Punch DaggersItemPromo
[Skan]Pustulant HorrorPromo
[Skan]Putrid RoguePromo
[Skan]Qor-Teth FirefistPromo
[Skan]Raging CyclopsPromo
[brak obrazka]Raging Mind CohortPromo
[Skan]Raimund AedroudPromo
[Skan]Red Wyrm HelmPromo
[Skan]Red Wyrm's EggItemPromo
[Skan]Reflection of FortunePromo
[Skan]Reflection of GloryPromo
[Skan]Returned CohortPromo
[Skan]Ricart DarporPromo
[Skan]Ring of ResiliencePromo
[brak obrazka]Robe of SkinItemPromo
[brak obrazka]Robert's Savior CohortPromo
[Skan]Robes of KorItemPromo
[Skan]Rod of AbsorptionItemPromo
[Skan]Rod of DestructionPromo
[Skan]Rod of StonePromo
[Skan]Rod of StrikingItemPromo
[Skan]Rotting PriestPromo
[Skan]Rowan's DutyPromo
[Skan]Sack of BaraxtonPromo
[Skan]Sarakian EttinPromo
[Skan]Scarlet Rose CohortPromo
[Skan]Scythe of SoulsPromo
[Skan]Sedara TansiqPromo
[brak obrazka]Seeing HaloPromo
[Skan]Selene du'MargueritePromo
[Skan]Shadow BracersPromo
[Skan]Shadow WalkerPromo
[Skan]Shadow WraithPromo
[Skan]Shield of the SummitPromo
[Skan]Siegemaster Kcal'denPromo
[Skan]Sigil of IsharaPromo
[Skan]Silas TzinPromo
[Skan]Silver Skin CohortPromo
[Skan]Silvered Fount CohortPromo
[Skan]Sir TythonPromo
[Skan]Sjonegaard's MacePromo
[Skan]Skull of Great OmgahItemPromo
[brak obrazka]SlaughterPromo
[Skan]Slayer's TomeItemPromo
[brak obrazka]Soul StealerItemPromo
[Skan]Spirit WingPromo
[Skan]Squire AndreasPromo
[Skan]Squire's BannerPromo
[Skan]Squire's SashItemPromo
[brak obrazka]St. Leda's HammerItemPromo
[Skan]Staff of DamnationPromo
[Skan]Stenis ElshemeerPromo
[Skan]Storm GemPromo
[Skan]Storm's JudgementPromo
[Skan]Strike with ImpunityPromo
[Skan]Swamp GauntPromo
[brak obrazka]Sword of ChaosPromo
[Skan]Symbol of KerebrusItemPromo
[Skan]Ta'anar Tol'sonPromo
[Skan]Tempt HoldItemPromo
[Skan]Terror of Ithan SpirePromo
[Skan]The AssemblyPromo
[Skan]The False EmperorPromo
[Skan]The HauntedPromo
[Skan]The Queen of SyneriPromo
[Skan]The Shadow SingerPromo
[Skan]Thieves' FingersPromo
[Skan]Thunic HydraItemPromo
[Skan]Tide's AscensionPromo
[Skan]Troll's WarrenPromo
[Skan]Tyren Ruskin
[Skan]Tyrgen the BravePromo
[Skan]Undying CrownPromo
[Skan]Unfinished Mercy CohortPromo
[Skan]Unleash HellActionPromo
[Skan]Unseen ArrowItemPromo
[Skan]Urisk the UglyPromo
[Skan]Ursula Candlebane
[Skan]Varson YscarPromo
[Skan]Veil of SecrecyPromo
[Skan]Wages of WarPromo
[Skan]War ChestPromo
[Skan]War JournalPromo
[Skan]War SpikesPromo
[Skan]War WagonPromo
[Skan]White Wyrm HelmPromo
[Skan]White Wyrm's EggItemPromo
[Skan]Winter's RingItemPromo
[Skan]Wisdom Lost CohortPromo
[Skan]With My Last BreathPromo
[Skan]Withering SoulsPromo
[Skan]Worldfall's Ally CohortPromo
[Skan]Wretched ServantPromo
[Skan]Xaxxon's FirePromo
[brak obrazka]Zaina's BandDPromo

Cards: 373

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Mercenary Character2