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Warlord: Saga of the Storm -> Cardlists -> Preview

Available cardlists:
PreviewSouthern Kingdoms
SpecialCampaign Edition
Winter WarfareSneak Attack
Abyssial AttackCounterattack
Santa SlayerDeath's Bargain
PromoHero's Gambit
Saga of the StormDragon's Fury
Assassin's StrikeEye of the Storm
Good and EvilTemple of Lore
Tooth and ClawChampions
Nest of VipersEpic Edition
Black KnivesPlane of Secrets
SiegeStolen Destiny
Call to ArmsLight and Shadow
BetrayalBattle Box 2

Edition: Preview

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeType2Rarity
[brak obrazka]Amoudasi's Fire (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Angus HammerfallPreview
[Skan]Artheon (black)Preview
[Skan]Artheon (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]AssassinationPreview
[Skan]Banish the WoundPreview
[brak obrazka]Baudwin Troubadure (blue)Preview
[Skan]Bracers of HemberPreview
[brak obrazka]Brine Fiend (blue)Preview
[Skan]Chain LightningPreview
[Skan]Chain MailPreview
[Skan]Critical StrikePreview
[Skan]Darian WindsonPreview
[Skan]Death BlowPreview
[Skan]Flame ArrowsPreview
[Skan]Follow ThroughPreview
[Skan]Gift From AbovePreview
[Skan]Gnorrow YarPreview
[brak obrazka]Gorzhek (black)Preview
[brak obrazka]Gorzhek (blue)Preview
[Skan]Great CleavePreview
[brak obrazka]HalberdierPreview
[Skan]I Have Your BackPreview
[Skan]Improvised WeaponPreview
[brak obrazka]Kane the Hunter (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Keridwen (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]KeziahPreview
[brak obrazka]Krun (black)Preview
[Skan]Krun (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]L'Sara (black)Preview
[brak obrazka]L'Sara (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Layamon (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Logan EbonwoulfePreview
[Skan]Long SwordPreview
[brak obrazka]Lord Gahid (blue)Preview
[Skan]Lucien Stormcrow (black)Preview
[Skan]Lucien Stormcrow (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Maddawc (black)Preview
[brak obrazka]Maddawc (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Phar'Dunn (black)Preview
[brak obrazka]Phar'Dunn (blue)Preview
[Skan]Quinthe (black)Preview
[Skan]Quinthe (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Riding HorsePreview
[brak obrazka]Rren'thePreview
[Skan]Sandstone GargoylePreview
[brak obrazka]Serah ni FhionnPreview
[brak obrazka]Sorsha (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Squire Arrigan (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Stirges (blue)Preview
[Skan]Summon AvatarPreview
[Skan]Taoth's Axemen (black)Preview
[brak obrazka]Taoth's Axemen (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Tepheroth (black)Preview
[Skan]Tepheroth (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]The Shield Wall Knight (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Timber WolfPreview
[brak obrazka]Timothy WindsonPreview
[Skan]To Fight Another DayPreview
[brak obrazka]Tyren Ruskin (blue)Preview
[Skan]Valanthe (black)Preview
[Skan]Valanthe (blue)Preview
[Skan]War HorsePreview
[brak obrazka]Whispershot (black)Preview
[Skan]Whispershot (blue)Preview
[brak obrazka]Wyvernsting BowPreview

Cards: 80