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Available cardlists:
Rebel Leader CardsSecond Anthology
Premiere LimitedSpecial Edition
Premiere 2 PlayerEnhanced Premiere
The Empire Strikes Back 2 PlayerEndor
Premiere UnlimitedEnhanced Cloud City
A New HopeEnhanced Jabba's Palace
A New Hope UnlimitedReflections
HothThird Anthology
Hoth UnlimitedDeath Star II
Jedi PackJabba's Palace Sealed Deck
DagobahReflections II: Expanding the Galaxy
Dagobah UnlimitedTatooine
First AnthologyCoruscant
Cloud CityReflections III
Jabba's PalaceTheed Palace
Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Edition: Enhanced Premiere

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeSiteRarity
[Skan]Boba Fett With Blaster RifleCharacterdarkNA
[Skan]Darth Vader With LightsaberCharacterdarkNA
[Skan]Han With Heavy Blaster PistolCharacterlightNA
[Skan]Leia With Blaster RifleCharacterlightNA
[Skan]Luke With LightsaberCharacterlightNA
[Skan]Obi-Wan With LightsaberCharacterlightNA

Cards: 6

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