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Middle Earth -> Cardlists -> The White Hand

Available cardlists:
PromoLidless Eye
ReprintsAgainst the Shadow
The Wizards (limited)The White Hand
The Wizards (unlimited)Challenge Decks
The DragonsThe Balrog
Dark Minions

Edition: The White Hand

Available languages (3):

Nr ScanNameTypeRaceRarity
1[Skan]AlatarCharacter WizardC4
2[Skan]GandalfCharacter WizardC4
3[Skan]PallandoCharacter WizardC4
4[Skan]RadagastCharacter WizardC4
5[Skan]SarumanCharacter WizardC4
6[Skan]Doeth (Durthak)CharacterR2
7[Skan]Euog (Ulzog)CharacterR2
8[Skan]Ill-favoured FellowCharacterC3
10[Skan]Sly SouthernerCharacterC3
11[Skan]Squint-eyed BruteCharacterC3
13[Skan]Noble SteedResource AllyC4
14[Skan]Radagast's Black BirdResource AllyU3
15[Skan]A Panoply of WingsResource FactionC3
16[Skan]Beasts of the WoodResource FactionC3
17[Skan]Wild HorsesResource FactionR3
18[Skan]Wild HoundsResource FactionU3
19[Skan]Greater Half-orcsResource FactionR3
20[Skan]Half-orcsResource FactionU3
21[Skan]Keys of OrthancResource ItemR2
22[Skan]Keys to the White TowersResource ItemR2
23[Skan]Blasting FireResource ItemC4
24[Skan]Liquid FireResource ItemR3
25[Skan]Mechanical BowResource ItemC4
26[Skan]Vile FumesResource ItemU4
27[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource EventU3
28[Skan]The White CouncilResource EventR3
29[Skan]The White WizardResource EventR2
30[Skan]A Merrier WorldResource EventC3
31[Skan]A New RinglordResource EventR3
32[Skan]A Strident SpawnResource EventU3
33[Skan]An Untimely BroodResource EventC3
34[Skan]Arcane SchoolResource EventR3
35[Skan]Await the OnsetResource EventR2
36[Skan]Bad CompanyResource EventC3
37[Skan]Blind to All ElseResource EventC3
38[Skan]Bow of AlatarResource EventR2
39[Skan]Chambers in the Royal CourtResource EventU3
40[Skan]Delver's HarvestResource EventU3
41[Skan]Double-dealingResource EventC4
42[Skan]Earth-eaterResource EventR3
43[Skan]Fortress of the TowersResource EventU3
44[Skan]Friend of Secret ThingsResource EventU3
45[Skan]Gandalf's FriendResource EventU3
46[Skan]Gatherer of LoyaltiesResource EventC3
47[Skan]Girdle of RadagastResource EventR2
48[Skan]Give Welcome to the UnexpectedResource EventR2
49[Skan]Glove of RadagastResource EventR2
50[Skan]Gnawed WaysResource EventR3
51[Skan]Great PatronResource EventC3
52[Skan]Great RuseResource EventU3
53[Skan]Grey EmbassyResource EventU3
54[Skan]Guarded HavenResource EventU3
55[Skan]Hidden HavenResource EventC4
56[Skan]Huntsman's GarbResource EventU3
57[Skan]Join the HuntResource EventU3
58[Skan]Legacy of SmithsResource EventC3
59[Skan]Man of SkillResource EventU3
60[Skan]Many-coloured RobesResource EventU3
61[Skan]Master of ShapesResource EventU3
62[Skan]Mischief in a Mean WayResource EventR3
63[Skan]Never RefuseResource EventU3
64[Skan]Oromë's WardersResource EventR2
65[Skan]Pallando's ApprenticeResource EventU3
66[Skan]Pallando's HoodResource EventU3
67[Skan]Plotting RuinResource EventC3
68[Skan]Pocketed RobesResource EventU3
69[Skan]Prophet of DoomResource EventR2
70[Skan]Ring of FireResource EventR2
71[Skan]Saruman's MachineryResource EventR3
72[Skan]Saruman's RingResource EventR2
73[Skan]Shameful DeedsResource EventU3
74[Skan]Shifter of HuesResource EventR3
75[Skan]Spells Born of DiscordResource EventU3
76[Skan]Squire of the HuntResource EventU3
77[Skan]Stave of PallandoResource EventR2
78[Skan]The Forge-masterResource EventU3
79[Skan]The Fortress of IsenResource EventU3
80[Skan]The Great HuntResource EventR2
81[Skan]The Grey HatResource EventU3
82[Skan]The White HandResource EventR2
83[Skan]Thrall of the VoiceResource EventC4
84[Skan]Truths of DoomResource EventU3
85[Skan]War-forgesResource EventU3
86[Skan]Winged Change-masterResource EventR3
87[Skan]Wizard's MyrmidonResource EventC3
88[Skan]Wizard's TroveResource EventR3
89[Skan]CounterfeitResource EventR3
90[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource EventC4
91[Skan]Govern the StormsResource EventR3
92[Skan]Open to the SummonsResource EventU3
93[Skan]Piercing All ShadowsResource EventU3
94[Skan]Poison of his VoiceResource EventU3
95[Skan]Sojourn in ShadowsResource EventR3
96[Skan]The Black CouncilResource EventR3
97[Skan]The Fiery BladeResource EventR3
98[Skan]White Light BrokenResource EventU3
99[Skan]Goblin-facesHazard CreatureR3
100[Skan]Blind to the WestHazard EventC4
101[Skan]Cast from the OrderHazard EventR2
102[Skan]Cruel Claw PerceivedHazard EventR3
103[Skan]Echoes of the SongHazard EventC4
104[Skan]Flotsam and JetsamHazard EventR3
105[Skan]Fool's BaneHazard EventU3
106[Skan]Foul Tooth UnsheathedHazard EventC3
107[Skan]Heart Grown ColdHazard EventU3
108[Skan]In the Grip of AmbitionHazard EventC3
109[Skan]Inner RotHazard EventR3
110[Skan]Ire of the EastHazard EventC4
111[Skan]Longing for the WestHazard EventU3
112[Skan]Mask TornHazard EventR3
113[Skan]Nature's RevengeHazard EventR3
114[Skan]Power Relinquished to ArtificeHazard EventR3
115[Skan]Rolled down to the SeaHazard EventR2
116[Skan]Something Else at WorkHazard EventR3
117[Skan]Whole Villages RousedHazard EventR3
118[Skan]Will You Not Come Down?Hazard EventU3
119[Skan]Deep MinesSiteC3
122[Skan]The White TowersSiteC4

Cards: 122

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Character Wizard5
Hazard Creature1
Hazard Event19
Resource Ally2
Resource Event72
Resource Faction6
Resource Item6