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New PromoDeath and Honour
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Edition: Death and Honour

Available languages (4):

Nr ScanNameTypeRaceRarity
1[Skan]Black Hand of DeathActionC
2[Skan]Curse of the ImmortalActionC
3[Skan]Curse of YearsActionC
4[Skan]From Hell's HeartActionC
5[Skan]Gaze of NagashActionC
6[Skan]Hand of DustActionC
7[Skan]Hellish VigorActionU
8[Skan]Invocation of NehekActionC
9[Skan]That Which Does not DieActionC
10[Skan]Vanhel's Danse MacabreActionU
11[Skan]Fandelhoch's FollyActionU
12[Skan]Ire of the MagusActionU
13[Skan]Strength of ForethoughtActionR
14[Skan]The Carstein RingAttachmentU
15[Skan]Vial of Unicorn BloodAttachmentU
16[Skan]Banner of TerrorAttachmentU
17[Skan]Adolphus KriegerUnitVampire CountsU
18[Skan]Banshees of NightfallUnitVampire CountsU
19[Skan]Carstein's Black HandUnitVampire CountsC
20[Skan]Carstein's Black KnightsUnitVampire CountsC
21[Skan]Carstein's Flesh EatersUnitVampire CountsC
22[Skan]Carstein's Grave GuardUnitVampire CountsC
23[Skan]Carstein's WightsUnitVampire CountsC
24[Skan]Gothard, The Undying KnightUnitVampire CountsC
25[Skan]Manfred Von CarstienUnitVampire CountsC
26[Skan]A good Death to Save AnotherActionC
27[Skan]Blood Precedes GloryActionU
28[Skan]Death Comes to AllActionU
29[Skan]Devotion to a CauseActionC
30[Skan]Freedom is not FreeActionC
31[Skan]That Which Does not Kill us....ActionC
32[Skan]The Battle Goes to the VigilantActionC
33[Skan]The Enemy is OursActionU
34[Skan]Valor and VigilanceActionC
35[Skan]War is CrueltyActionC
36[Skan]Nobody Lives Forever!ActionR
37[Skan]Grand Theogonist Kurt IIIAttachmentU
38[Skan]Standard of FaithAttachmentC
39[Skan]Sword of StrikingAttachmentC
40[Skan]Axelbrand, Archelector of TaalUnitEmpireC
41[Skan]knights of the Divine SwordUnitEmpireC
42[Skan]Martin, Elector of StirlandUnitEmpireC
43[Skan]Martin's War HoundsUnitEmpireU
44[Skan]Ostermark Vampire HuntersUnitEmpireC
45[Skan]Priests of TaalUnitEmpireC
46[Skan]Stirland Crossbowmen of the StakeUnitEmpireC
47[Skan]Woeful FlagellentsUnitEmpireU
48[Skan]Zealots of TaalUnitEmpireC

Cards: 48

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Race distribution
Vampire Counts9