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Edition: Harbingers of War

Available languages (5):

Nr ScanNameTypeRaceRarity
1[Skan]Bull Lords of PainUnitChaosC
2[Skan]Korvin, Champion of KhorneUnitChaosF
3[Skan]Korvin's Raging CentigorsUnitChaosC
4[Skan]Pahadiel, the Mammoth Drawn FortressUnitChaosR
5[Skan]Servants of ItmonUnitChaosR
6[Skan]Urmas, Champion of the KhorngorUnitChaosR
7[Skan]Ha'asek, the Archon of TwilightUnitDark ElfF
8[Skan]Ha'asek's Black ArrowsUnitDark ElfR
9[Skan]Ha'asek's Black RidersUnitDark ElfU
10[Skan]Ha'asek's Bolt SlingerUnitDark ElfU
11[Skan]Ha'asek's Devil BridesUnitDark ElfC
12[Skan]Ha'asek's Hands of RetributionUnitDark ElfC
13[Skan]Ha'asek's Knights of TerrorUnitDark ElfU
14[Skan]Ha'asek's Standing GuardUnitDark ElfC
15[Skan]Ha'aseks Personal GuardUnitDark ElfR
16[Skan]Ha'aseks Wild OnesUnitDark ElfC
17[Skan]Ha'asek's Witch ElvesUnitDark ElfR
18[Skan]Grubbi's Fast Fast KartUnitOrcC
19[Skan]Manmangler's Armoured OrcsUnitOrcU
20[Skan]Manmangler's Big ChukkaUnitOrcU
21[Skan]Manmangler's BoarboyzUnitOrcR
22[Skan]Manmangler's Brute BoyzUnitOrcR
23[Skan]Manmangler's Flailing GobbosUnitOrcU
24[Skan]Manmangler's Hench BoyzUnitOrcR
25[Skan]Manmangler's River TrollsUnitOrcU
26[Skan]Manmangler's Savage KillazUnitOrcU
27[Skan]Nazall the NastyUnitOrcC
28[Skan]Urguck Manmangler, Orc OverlordUnitOrcF
29[Skan]Anelia, Mistress of SlaaneshAttachmentU
30[Skan]A Dangerous GameActionU
31[Skan]A Deadly GameActionU
32[Skan]A Fortunate WindActionR
33[Skan]A Shift in MoraleActionR
34[Skan]Act Foolish, Be SmartActionU
35[Skan]Aerial SuppportActionC
36[Skan]Attack the Neighbor With ImpunityActionR
37[Skan]Beat the Grass to Startle the SnakesActionC
38[Skan]Calculated ReservesActionR
39[Skan]Catch the Leader to Nab the BanditsActionU
40[Skan]Charge under a Blackened SkyActionC
41[Skan]Costly TacticsActionC
42[Skan]Counter SpellActionC
44[Skan]Dawn of a New DayActionR
45[Skan]Dawn RaidActionR
46[Skan]Drive them to the SkiesActionC
47[Skan]Dwarven VictoryActionR
48[Skan]Elven VictoryActionR
49[Skan]End Game ManeuversActionC
51[Skan]Face the Weary in a Condition of EaseActionC
52[Skan]Feint One Way, Strike AnotherActionC
53[Skan]Final WaveActionR
54[Skan]Force a Change in FateActionC
55[Skan]Fortune Favours the BraveActionU
56[Skan]Hide a Sword in a SmileActionC
57[Skan]High and Low ChargeActionC
58[Skan]High Pressure TacticsActionU
59[Skan]Hold Nothing backActionR
60[Skan]Homeland VictoriesActionU
61[Skan]Imperial VictoryActionR
62[Skan]Kill With A Borrowed SwordActionU
63[Skan]Lock the Gates to Catch the BanditsActionR
64[Skan]Magical OverloadActionR
65[Skan]Make Allies at a Distance, Attack NearbyActionC
66[Skan]Dogged DeterminationActionU
67[Skan]Offer a Brick in Exchange for GoldActionU
68[Skan]One Defeat Follows AnotherActionC
69[Skan]One Tree Falls for AnotherActionU
70[Skan]Path of the ArrowActionC
71[Skan]Pick a Fight in the Enemy's HomeActionU
72[Skan]Point at One to Scold AnotherActionU
73[Skan]Rally UpActionR
74[Skan]Replace Beams with PillarsActionU
75[Skan]Rob a Burning HouseActionR
76[Skan]Run Far AwayActionC
77[Skan]Save Something for LaterActionR
78[Skan]Scheme With BeautiesActionF
79[Skan]Scheme with Double AgentsActionR
80[Skan]Scheme with Self Inflicted WoundsActionC
81[Skan]Take and HoldActionU
82[Skan]Take the Firewood from Under the PotActionU
83[Skan]The Fall of the MightyActionU
84[Skan]The Silver Serpent Sheds its SkinActionF
85[Skan]The Weak fall, the Strong StandActionR
86[Skan]To the BoneActionU
87[Skan]Victory At Any CostActionR
88[Skan]Amulet of the Southern HandAttachmentC
89[Skan]Banner of WardingAttachmentU
90[Skan]Flying MountsAttachmentC
91[Skan]Standard of the HarbingerAttachmentR
92[Skan]Barak Grimjaw, Hammer of the DwarfsUnitDwarfF
93[Skan]Grimjaw's Dwarfs of VigilanceUnitDwarfC
94[Skan]Grimjaw's Enchanted Bolt ThrowerUnitDwarfC
95[Skan]Grimjaw's Honour GuardUnitDwarfU
96[Skan]Grimjaw's Iron LordsUnitDwarfR
97[Skan]Grimjaw's LonersUnitDwarfR
98[Skan]Grimjaw's StoutheartsUnitDwarfC
99[Skan]Grimjaw's Undying SlayersUnitDwarfU
100[Skan]Grimjaw's Valorous VeteransUnitDwarfU
101[Skan]Grimjaw's Woodland RangersUnitDwarfR
102[Skan]Gausser's VeteransUnitEmpireR
103[Skan]Gausser's HellblasterUnitEmpireR
104[Skan]Gausser's Young GunsUnitEmpireR
105[Skan]Lifeguard of FroteUnitEmpireC
106[Skan]Theodoric Gausser, Guardian of the EmpireUnitEmpireF
107[Skan]Xavier, Transcriber of WindUnitEmpireU
108[Skan]Bilgarim Whitestar, Elven LordUnitHigh elfF
109[Skan]Whitestar's Archers of the White PillarUnitHigh elfC
110[Skan]Whitestar's Coastal GuardiansUnitHigh elfR
111[Skan]Whitestar's GuardiansUnitHigh elfC
112[Skan]Whitestar's Guardians of the SkyUnitHigh elfC
113[Skan]Whitestar's Old SpearsUnitHigh elfC
114[Skan]Whitestar's Order of the Black RoseUnitHigh elfU
115[Skan]Whitestar's SilverhelmsUnitHigh elfR
116[Skan]Whitestar's White LionsUnitHigh elfU
117[Skan]Whitestar's White ReaversUnitHigh elfU
118[Skan]Whitestar's Youngheart SpearmenUnitHigh elfR
119[Skan]Doramin GimragsonAttachmentR
120[Skan]Otwin SalenholtAttachmentU

Cards: 120

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Race distribution
Dark Elf11
High elf11