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Universal Fighting System -> Cardlists -> SCIV02 - Quest of Souls

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Edition: SCIV02 - Quest of Souls

Available languages (1):

Nr ScanNameTypeType2Rarity
1[brak obrazka]Mitsurugi*CharacterRare
2[brak obrazka]Mist StanceActionUncommon
3[brak obrazka]Quick StrikeActionRare
4[brak obrazka]Shish-Oh*AssetSuper Rare
5[brak obrazka]JyurakudaiAssetRare
6[brak obrazka]Fire BrandAttackSuper Rare
7[brak obrazka]Forced Prayer DivideAttackUncommon
8[brak obrazka]Full Moon DisembowelAttackSuper Rare
9[brak obrazka]Shin Slicer FeintAttackCommon
10[brak obrazka]Steel SlicerAttackRare
11[brak obrazka]Step Stone DivideAttackUncommon
12[brak obrazka]UnrefinedFoundationCommon
13[brak obrazka]Seeking PerfectionFoundationRare
14[brak obrazka]Battle TestedFoundationUncommon
15[brak obrazka]Needs a ChallengeFoundationCommon
16[brak obrazka]Deafeated the RifleFoundationCommon
17[brak obrazka]Looking for a ThrillFoundationUncommon
18[brak obrazka]The Strength WithinFoundationCommon
19[brak obrazka]Taki*CharacterRare
20[brak obrazka]Possession StanceActionUncommon
21[brak obrazka]Ninja TacticsActionSuper Rare
22[brak obrazka]Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru*AssetSuper Rare
23[brak obrazka]Tower of Rememberance - Ancient GateAssetRare
24[brak obrazka]Assassin's SecretAttackUncommon
25[brak obrazka]Assassin's StrikeAttackRare
26[brak obrazka]Crossing the CliffAttackUncommon
27[brak obrazka]Dream ScrollAttackCommon
28[brak obrazka]Ninja Cannon** FuryAttackSuper Rare
29[brak obrazka]SealAttackCommon
30[brak obrazka]Evil DestroyerFoundationRare
31[brak obrazka]No ChanceFoundationUncommon
32[brak obrazka]Musoh-Battoh-RyuFoundationCommon
33[brak obrazka]Assassin's TechniqueFoundationCommon
34[brak obrazka]Quick ExitFoundationSuper Rare
35[brak obrazka]Loves her BladeFoundationUncommon
36[brak obrazka]Knows her ObjectiveFoundationRare
37[brak obrazka]Xianghua*CharacterRare
38[brak obrazka]Silent Xia Sheng StanceActionUncommon
39[brak obrazka]AcrobaticActionSuper Rare
40[brak obrazka]Sword of No NameAssetSuper Rare
41[brak obrazka]Hall of the Warrior GodAssetRare
42[brak obrazka]Playful SliceAttackSuper Rare
43[brak obrazka]Pointing ThrustAttackUncommon
44[brak obrazka]Rhythm HallAttackRare
45[brak obrazka]Tiao Wu KickAttackCommon
46[brak obrazka]Twisting Lotus FlowAttackSuper Rare
47[brak obrazka]WaterfallAttackRare
48[brak obrazka]Finding HappinessFoundationUncommon
49[brak obrazka]CarefreeFoundationCommon
50[brak obrazka]Lost PartnerFoundationRare
51[brak obrazka]PlayfulFoundationUncommon
52[brak obrazka]Deceptively QuickFoundationCommon
53[brak obrazka]Just KiddingFoundationCommon
54[brak obrazka]Pure HeartedFoundationUncommon
55[brak obrazka]Amy*CharacterRare
56[brak obrazka]Amaryllis SpinActionUncommon
57[brak obrazka]Amy's SidestepActionCommon
58[brak obrazka]AlbionAssetSuper Rare
59[brak obrazka]Ostreinsburg Castle Throne RoomAssetSuper Rare
60[brak obrazka]Bloody FuneralAttackSuper Rare
61[brak obrazka]Flash NeedleAttackRare
62[brak obrazka]Frigid MoonAttackUncommon
63[brak obrazka]Hilt StrikeAttackUncommon
64[brak obrazka]Soaring DanceAttackCommon
65[brak obrazka]Triple Botta in TempoAttackRare
66[brak obrazka]Inhuman SpeedFoundationCommon
67[brak obrazka]Strange FashionFoundationRare
68[brak obrazka]Loyal at all CostsFoundationUncommon
69[brak obrazka]To the Ends of the EarthFoundationCommon
70[brak obrazka]Cute PranksterFoundationCommon
71[brak obrazka]Not HumanFoundationUncommon
72[brak obrazka]Together AgainFoundationRare
73[brak obrazka]Yoshimitsu*CharacterRare
74[brak obrazka]Unorthodox MovementsActionSuper Rare
75[brak obrazka]FleaActionUncommon
76[brak obrazka]Yoshimitsu*AssetSuper Rare
77[brak obrazka]PavilionAssetRare
78[brak obrazka]Bad StomachAttackCommon
79[brak obrazka]Deathcopter AttackAttackSuper Rare
80[brak obrazka]Golden ShrineAttackCommon
81[brak obrazka]Mt. Devil DividerAttackSuper Rare
82[brak obrazka]NimbusAttackUncommon
83[brak obrazka]Spiral BladeAttackRare
84[brak obrazka]Leader of the ManjitouFoundationUncommon
85[brak obrazka]Excellent ThiefFoundationUncommon
86[brak obrazka]Meditating in BattleFoundationCommon
87[brak obrazka]Sacrifices for the CauseFoundationRare
88[brak obrazka]Master of NinjitsuFoundationCommon
89[brak obrazka]Risky Fighting StyleFoundationUncommon
90[brak obrazka]ContemplatingFoundationCommon
91[brak obrazka]Crawling StanceActionRare
92[brak obrazka]Bone CrusherAttackCommon
93[brak obrazka]Lower CeltisAttackRare
94[brak obrazka]Mezentius Style Santana StormAttackCommon
95[brak obrazka]Rolling RevengeAttackSuper Rare
96[brak obrazka]Scale RamAttackCommon
97[brak obrazka]Ravenous Fighting StyleFoundationCommon
98[brak obrazka]Sisters of BattleFoundationUncommon
99[brak obrazka]For JusticeFoundationUncommon

Cards: 99

Rarity distribution
Super Rare19
Type distribution