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Vampire the Eternal Struggle -> Cardlists -> Cultist's Storyline

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Edition: Cultist's Storyline

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeClanRarity
[Skan]Cultist's .44 MagnumEquipmentF
[Skan]Cultist's Aire of ElationAction ModifierF
[Skan]Cultist's Arms DealerAllyF
[Skan]Cultist's Assault RifleEquipmentF
[Skan]Cultist's AtonementActionF
[Skan]Cultist's AweAction ModifierF
[Skan]Cultist's Blood FeastActionF
[Skan]Cultist's BombEquipmentF
[Skan]Cultist's Combat ShotgunEquipmentF
[Skan]Cultist's Creation RitesActionF
[Skan]Cultist's Enchant KindredActionF
[Skan]Cultist's Enhanced SensesReactionF
[Skan]Cultist's EntrancementActionF
[Skan]Cultist's EsgrimaMasterF
[Skan]Cultist's Guardian AngelMasterF
[Skan]Cultist's Mind RapeActionF
[Skan]Cultist's PrecognitionReactionF
[Skan]Cultist's Protracted InvestmentMasterF
[Skan]Cultist's RevelationsActionF
[Skan]Cultist's SurvivalistAllyF
[Skan]Cultist's Tribute to the MasterMasterF
[Skan]Cultists' FlamethrowerEquipmentF
[Skan]Reverend Adams, Millennium CultistVampireCaitiffF

Cards: 23

Type distribution
Action Modifier2
Clan distribution