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Welcome gamers and collectors...

on my page dedicated to collectible card games. You can find here a lot of cardlists, scans, card details and more. You can buy cards in my store (please read faq at first) or trade cards with other users.

I'm trying to create the biggest card database which will contain every game and every picture that ever exists. I know it is impossible, but I will try to do my best :) I'm trying also to describe cards with all details like card text, flavor, parameters etc. Usually I use databases that could be found in internet, but sometimes I update it manually. If someone would like to help me, I would be very grateful. Even one cardlist from any game or few scans can help create the biggest CCG database in the world :D

Contact: or

Latest news: Holiday
Latest decks: Chaos DoaH
Latest files: MapleStory iTCG Rules
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I will be on holidays since 13th until 30th of August. All orders for "nekhomanta" UK store will be processed when I come back.
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Vampire the Eternal Struggle: Update2021-09-30
Andi Liu
Added latest sets and scans including French and Spanish cards.
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Warhammer 40,000: Update for Czech cards2021-05-04
Stíhací skupina Legyr
I've got a lot of help from Grulf, who was scanning Czech cards and updating cards data! Thanks a lot for your help! See yourself updated Battle for Pandora Prime CZ or Battle for Delos V CZ
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I'm on Holiday from 23rd July until 17th August. Orders for Nekhomanta's store will not be processed between these dates.
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Star Wars: Destiny: New game in database2018-11-15
Han Solo
New game Star Wars: Destiny added to database.
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7th Sea: Demo Deck card list2018-09-25
Added Demo Deck card list with few scans. I had 2 cards I didn't know how to classified, then found out there was a Demo Deck preceding game release.
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Vampire the Eternal Struggle: "Anthology" card list2018-09-06
Added Anthology card list with scans.
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions: New game in database2018-09-06
[card back]
New game Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions added to database.
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Star Trek TCG: New scans2018-08-27
"Der Fall Charlie" (P)
Added German de scans from Star Trek TCG.
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Lightseekers TCG: New game in database2018-08-27
[card back]
New game Lightseekers TCG added to database.
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Horus Heresy: Database update2018-08-20
[card back]
Added Info cards from following sets: Base Set, Sedition's Gate, and Traitor's Gambit.
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The Spoils: Database update2018-08-20
[card back]
Added newer sets for The Spoils: Shade of the Devoured Emperor, Holy Heist Emperor, and Resource Pack. I don't have data source for Seed Saga: The Descent of Gideon, so list is still missing.
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Middle Earth: Scans2018-08-20
Drake de feu ailé
Added French fr scans from The Dragons.
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El Mundo de Águila-Roja: New game in database2018-08-20
[card back]
New Spanish game El Mundo de Águila-Roja added to database.
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Middle Earth: Scans2018-07-23
Fangornin Entit
Added Finnish fi scans from The Wizards.
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Middle Earth: Scans2018-07-17
Fram hijo de Fram
Added Spanish es scans from The Dragons.
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Harry Potter: Scans2018-07-17
Updated Spanish es base set with original card names and uploaded scans for cards I have.
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Middle Earth: Scans2018-06-25
Added Italian it scans from base set and German de from Dark Minions
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Middle Earth: Scans2018-06-14
Added all Japanese jp scans I have from The Dragons.
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Warhammer 40,000: Scans2018-06-14
Added all French fr scans I have from Battle for Pandora Prime and Battle for Delos V.
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