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User: nico29
email: lombrix{AT}
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HAVE list:

[Skan] CannonBall Power Up! EN BattleChip C NF 3
[Skan] Clever Trick Power Up! EN Resource Green C NF 3
[Skan] CyberSword Power Up! EN BattleChip C NF 3
[Skan] Great Surprise Power Up! EN Resource Blue C NF 3
[Skan] Guard1 Power Up! EN BattleChip C NF 3
[Skan] MegaEnergyBomb Power Up! EN BattleChip C NF 2
[Skan] Dogged Determination Grand Prix EN Resource Blue C NF 3
[Skan] Guard2 Grand Prix EN BattleChip C NF 2
[Skan] HiCannon Grand Prix EN BattleChip C NF 3
[Skan] Loud and Clear Grand Prix EN Event Blue C NF 3
[Skan] Connection Interrupted Grave EN Resource Blue U NF 3
[Skan] Eliminate Grave EN Resource Blue C NF 3
[Skan] Food Education Grave EN Resource Green U NF 3
[Skan] Frozen Out Grave EN Event Green U NF 3
[Skan] Giving It Away Grave EN Resource Green C NF 3
[Skan] Guardian of the Forest Grave EN Resource Green U NF 3
[Skan] No Alternatives Grave EN Event Green St NF 2
[Skan] Out of Water Grave EN Event Blue R NF 1
[Skan] Recovery10 Grave EN BattleChip C NF 3
[Skan] Requital Grave EN Resource Blue C NF 3
[Skan] SharkMan, Aquatic Enforcer Grave EN NetNavi St NF 1
[Skan] Surprise Transfer Grave EN Resource Blue C NF 3
[Skan] Surprisingly Sharp Grave EN Resource Green R NF 1

WANT list is empty

nico29 has lists from following games:
.hack//ENEMY (219/0)7th Sea (8839/0)A Game of Thrones (232/0)Age of Empires II (662/0)
Alien/Predator (1065/173)Ani-Mayhem (354/0)Arcadia (565/0)Babylon 5 (326/0)
Battlestar Galactica (360/0)Battletech (149/360)Bloodwars (957/116)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (620/0)
C-23 (140/0)Call of Cthulhu (353/0)City of Heroes (116/0)Cyberpunk (484/93)
Dark Age: Feudal Lords (181/0)Dark Eden (175/0)Dinosaur King (22/0)Doom Trooper (4982/192)
Doomtown (232/0)Dr Who (1639/5)Dragon Storm (201/0)Dune (463/56)
Eagles (275/0)Epic (346/0)Epic Battles (145/0)EVE: The Second Genesis (139/0)
Fullmetal Alchemist (232/0)Galactic Empires (494/0)Gridiron (374/0)Guardians (1128/0)
Harry Potter (328/0)Hecatomb (87/0)Hercules (72/0)Heresy (298/0)
High Stakes Drifter (259/0)Highlander (407/0)Horus Heresy (761/0)Huntik (776/0)
Hyborian Gates (182/0)Illuminati NWO (390/138)Imajica (299/0)Initial D (64/0)
Jedi Knights (84/0)Kult (2611/20)Legend of the Burning Sands (176/0)Legend of the Five Rings (8220/0)
Looney Tunes (122/0)Lord of the Rings (7311/29)Lost Colony Showdown (465/0)Magic the Gathering (1405/0)
MegaMan (60/0)Middle Earth (10208/179)Monthy Python and the Holy Grail (300/0)My Little Pony (38/0)
Mythos (678/847)NetRunner (747/0)On The Edge (353/0)Ophidian 2350 (11/0)
OverPower (442/0)Pirates of the Caribbean (55/0)Quest for the Grail (453/90)Rage: Apocalypse (2978/140)
Rage: Tribal War (108/602)Rifts (124/0)Shadowfist (264/0)ShadowRun (632/0)
Sim City (1139/93)Simpsons (646/0)Spellfire (927/0)Spycraft (78/0)
Star of the Guardians (87/0)Star Quest (87/0)Star Trek CCG (1116/0)Star Trek TCG (406/0)
Star Wars CCG (852/0)Stargate (110/0)Super Deck! (54/0)Super Nova (625/0)
Tank Commander (193/0)Tempest of the Gods (203/0)Terminator (967/78)The Crow (24/0)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (50/0)The Spoils (78/0)Tomb Raider (895/0)Towers in Time (72/0)
Universal Fighting System (665/0)Vampire the Eternal Struggle (14398/71)VS System (430/0)WarCry (1071/0)
Warhammer 40,000 (147/0)Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions (622/0)Warlord: Saga of the Storm (934/0)Warlords (120/0)
Wars (414/0)Wheel of Time (598/0)WildStorms (187/0)Wizard in Training (213/0)
World of Warcraft (704/0)Wyvern (857/134)X-Files (374/0)Xena (41/0)
XXXenophile (7/0)Young Jedi (769/0)

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Aktualizacje spisów
2021-03-07 nekhomanta: Magic the Gathering
2021-03-03 nico29: Lord of the Rings
2021-03-03 nico29: Tomb Raider
2021-03-03 nico29: Dune
2021-03-03 nico29: Middle Earth
2021-03-02 nico29: Sim City
2021-03-02 nico29: NetRunner
2021-03-02 nico29: Rage: Apocalypse
2021-03-01 nico29: Harry Potter
2021-03-01 nico29: Battlestar Galactica

Ostatnie komentarze
2020-12-29 Od nig31el dla cytryn
Great to swap with.
2020-12-09 Od Arcantil dla tom256
Kolejna udana wymiana, polecam!
2020-12-08 Od tom256 dla Arcantil
Wymiana dokonana prawidłowo. Trochę się ...
2020-10-13 Od cytryn dla nig31el
Perfect trade! I recommend this guy!
2020-10-07 Od nig31el dla cytryn
Thank you. Great cards. Smooth transacti...
2020-08-23 Od cytryn dla Arcantil
Zdecydowanie polecam! Więcej takich pozy...
2020-08-20 Od Arcantil dla cytryn
Udana i owocna wymiana SWCCG, polecam!
2020-08-15 Od ironhead dla sandro96
Wszystko w jak najlepszym porządku, pole...
2020-08-15 Od sandro96 dla ironhead
Rewelacja, szybko, konkretnie i bez abso...
2020-03-12 Od modzel85 dla nico29
Witam, interesuje mnie kilka kart. m. in...

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