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Middle Earth -> Cardlists -> The Balrog

Available cardlists:
PromoLidless Eye
ReprintsAgainst the Shadow
The Wizards (limited)The White Hand
The Wizards (unlimited)Challenge Decks
The DragonsThe Balrog
Dark Minions

Edition: The Balrog

Available languages (1):

[Skan]Ancient SecretsResource EventC
[Skan]Angband RevisitedResource EventC
[Skan]Foe DismayedResource EventC
[Skan]Great FissureResource EventC
[Skan]Out He SprangResource EventC
[Skan]The BalrogCharacterC
[Skan]The Wind ThroneSiteF1
[Skan]A Few RecruitsResource FactionR
[Skan]A More Evil HourResource EventR
[Skan]Ancient Deep-holdSiteR
[Skan]Beorning Skin-changersHazard CreatureR
[Skan]Black VapourHazard EventR
[Skan]Carn DumSiteR
[Skan]Carrion FeedersHazard CreatureR
[Skan]Cave TrollResource AllyR
[Skan]Challenge the PowerResource EventR
[Skan]Cirith GorgorSiteR
[Skan]Cirith UngolSiteR
[Skan]Cloaked by DarknessResource EventR
[Skan]Crept Along CarefullyResource EventR
[Skan]Crowned with StormResource EventR
[Skan]Darkness Made by MaliceHazard EventR
[Skan]Darkness WieldedResource EventR
[Skan]Descent through FireResource EventR
[Skan]Desire All for Thy BellyHazard EventR
[Skan]Diminish and DepartHazard EventR
[Skan]Dol GuldurSiteR
[Skan]Eddy in Fate's TideResource EventR
[Skan]Elven RopeResource ItemR
[Skan]Evil Things LingeringResource AllyR
[Skan]Fled into DarknessHazard EventR
[Skan]Glance of ArienHazard EventR
[Skan]Going Ever Under DarkResource EventR
[Skan]Great Army of the NorthResource EventR
[Skan]Great TrollResource AllyR
[Skan]GrondResource EventR
[Skan]Heart of Dark FireResource EventR
[Skan]Imprisoned and MockedHazard EventR
[Skan]Invade Their DomainResource EventR
[Skan]Long Grievous SiegeResource EventR
[Skan]Longbottom LeafResource EventR
[Skan]Lord and UsurperResource EventR
[Skan]Maker's MapResource EventR
[Skan]Memories of Old TortureResource EventR
[Skan]Minas MorgulSiteR
[Skan]Mine or No One'sResource EventR
[Skan]Monstrosity of Diverse ShapeHazard EventR
[Skan]Nasty Slimy ThingResource AllyR
[Skan]No Better UseResource EventR
[Skan]Obey Him or DieResource EventR
[Skan]Olog WarlordsHazard CreatureR
[Skan]People DiminishedResource EventR
[Skan]Press-gangHazard EventR
[Skan]Prone to ViolenceResource EventR
[Skan]Remains of ThangorodrimSiteR
[Skan]Roam the WasteResource EventR
[Skan]Rumours of RingsResource EventR
[Skan]SauronResource EventR
[Skan]Scourge of FireResource EventR
[Skan]Show Things UnbiddenResource EventR
[Skan]Spawn of UngoliantHazard EventR
[Skan]Stabbing Tongue of FireResource ItemR
[Skan]Tempest of FireResource EventR
[Skan]Terror Heralds DoomResource EventR
[Skan]The Drowning-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The Gem-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The Iron-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The Pukel-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The ReekHazard EventR
[Skan]The Rusted-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The Sulfur-deepsSiteR
[Skan]The Sun Shone FiercelyHazard EventR
[Skan]The Under-courtsSiteR
[Skan]The Under-galleriesSiteR
[Skan]The Wind-deepsSiteR
[Skan]To Fealty SwornResource EventR
[Skan]Unabated in MaliceHazard EventR
[Skan]Ungoliant's Foul IssueHazard EventR
[Skan]Ungoliant's ProgenyHazard EventR
[Skan]Vanguard of MightResource EventR
[Skan]Whip of Many ThongsResource ItemR
[Skan]Whispers of RingsResource EventR
[Skan]Breach the HoldResource EventU
[Skan]Caverns UnchokedResource EventU
[Skan]Crook-legged OrcCharacterU
[Skan]Flame of UdunResource EventU
[Skan]Gangways over the FireResource EventU
[Skan]Great ShadowResource EventU
[Skan]Mount GramSiteU
[Skan]Orders from the Great DemonResource EventU
[Skan]Roots of the EarthResource EventU
[Skan]Shelob's BroodHazard CreatureU
[Skan]Stench of MordorHazard EventU
[Skan]Strangling CoilsResource EventU
[Skan]The Under-gatesSiteU
[Skan]The Under-grottosSiteU
[Skan]The Under-leasSiteU
[Skan]The Under-vaultsSiteU
[Skan]From the Pits of AngbandHazard EventU2
[Skan]Mordor in ArmsHazard EventU2

Cards: 110

Rarity distribution
Type distribution
Hazard Creature4
Hazard Event18
Resource Ally4
Resource Event46
Resource Faction1
Resource Item3