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Available cardlists:
PromoLidless Eye
ReprintsAgainst the Shadow
The Wizards (limited)The White Hand
The Wizards (unlimited)Challenge Decks
The DragonsThe Balrog
Dark Minions

Edition: Challenge Decks

Available languages (1):

ScanName TypeRaceRarity
[Skan]"Bert" (Burat)Hazard Creaturecd AU
[Skan]"Tom" (Tuma)Hazard Creaturecd AU
[Skan]"William" (Wuluag)Hazard Creaturecd AU
[Skan]A Friend or ThreeResource Eventcd CCB2
[Skan]A Nice Place to HideResource Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]A Nice Place to HideResource Eventcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]AbductorHazard Creaturecd DCA1
[Skan]Above the AbyssResource Eventcd IC3
[Skan]AdrazarCharactercd AF1
[Skan]Adunaphel the RingwraithCharactercd FF1
[Skan]AlatarCharacter Wizardcd BF2
[Skan]AlatarCharacter Wizardcd AF2
[Skan]Align PalantirResource Eventcd AU
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd AC3
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd BC3
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd DC3
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd EC3
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd JC3
[Skan]Alone and UnadvisedHazard Eventcd IC3
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd DCB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd ECB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd FCB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd GCB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd BCB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd HCB, CS1
[Skan]AmbusherHazard Creaturecd ICB, CS1
[Skan]An Unexpected OutpostHazard Eventcd AC2
[Skan]An Unexpected OutpostHazard Eventcd FC2
[Skan]An Unexpected OutpostHazard Eventcd GC2
[Skan]An Unexpected OutpostHazard Eventcd HC2
[Skan]An Unexpected OutpostHazard Eventcd IC2
[Skan]AnbornCharactercd AU
[Skan]And Forth He HastenedResource Eventcd DC2
[Skan]And Forth He HastenedResource Eventcd AC2
[Skan]AnnalenaCharactercd EF2
[Skan]Aragorn IICharactercd EF1
[Skan]ArwenCharactercd ER
[Skan]AsdriagsResource Factioncd IU2
[Skan]AssassinHazard Creaturecd DR
[Skan]AsternakCharactercd FF1
[Skan]Awaiting the CallResource Eventcd IU
[Skan]Bade to RuleResource Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Bade to RuleResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Bade to RuleResource Eventcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Bade to RuleResource Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Bag EndSitecd FU
[Skan]Bairanax AhuntHazard Eventcd EU2
[Skan]BalchothResource Factioncd JR
[Skan]BalinCharactercd AU
[Skan]BalinCharactercd BU
[Skan]BalinCharactercd CU
[Skan]Bandit LairSitecd EF3
[Skan]Bandit LairSitecd FU
[Skan]Barad-durSitecd FF5
[Skan]Barad-durSitecd HF5
[Skan]Barad-durSitecd JF5
[Skan]Barad-durSitecd IF5
[Skan]Barrow-downsSitecd BF1
[Skan]Barrow-wightHazard Creaturecd HU
[Skan]Barrow-wightHazard Creaturecd BU
[Skan]Beautiful Gold RingResource Itemcd ECA2
[Skan]BeornCharactercd DF1
[Skan]Beorn's HouseSitecd DF1
[Skan]Beorn's HouseSitecd FU
[Skan]BeorningsResource Factioncd DF1
[Skan]BeretarCharactercd BU
[Skan]BeretarCharactercd EU
[Skan]BergilCharactercd EU
[Skan]Black ArrowResource Itemcd DP
[Skan]Black MaceResource Itemcd GU
[Skan]Black MaceResource Itemcd HU
[Skan]Black TrollsResource Factioncd IU
[Skan]Blasting FireResource Itemcd HC4
[Skan]Blasting FireResource Itemcd IC4
[Skan]Blazon of the EyeResource Itemcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Blazon of the EyeResource Itemcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Blazon of the EyeResource Itemcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Blazon of the EyeResource Itemcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Blue Mountain Dwarf-holdSitecd BCB1
[Skan]Blue Mountain Dwarf-holdSitecd CCB1
[Skan]Blue Mountain DwarvesResource Factioncd BU
[Skan]Blue Mountain DwarvesResource Factioncd CU
[Skan]BofurCharactercd BCB1
[Skan]Bold ThrustResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Bold ThrustResource Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Book of MazarbulResource Itemcd BU
[Skan]Book of MazarbulResource Itemcd CU
[Skan]Boromir IICharactercd CF2
[Skan]Boromir IICharactercd EF2
[Skan]Bounty of the HoardResource Eventcd CC2
[Skan]Bow of Dragon-hornResource Itemcd CU2
[Skan]Bow of the GaladhrimResource Itemcd DU2
[Skan]BrandCharactercd DU2
[Skan]BreeSitecd BF1
[Skan]BrigandsHazard Creaturecd DCA2
[Skan]Buhr WiduSitecd CU2
[Skan]Buhr WiduSitecd EU2
[Skan]Buhr WiduSitecd DU2
[Skan]BuratCharactercd GU2
[Skan]Burning Rick, Cot, and TreeResource Eventcd GU
[Skan]By the Ringwraith's WordResource Eventcd FCB
[Skan]By the Ringwraith's WordResource Eventcd JCB
[Skan]Call of HomeHazard Eventcd ACB, CS1
[Skan]Carn DumSitecd BR
[Skan]Carn DumSitecd FF5, CB
[Skan]Carn DumSitecd GF5, CB
[Skan]Carn DumSitecd HF5, CB
[Skan]Carn DumSitecd IF5, CB
[Skan]Cave WormHazard Creaturecd CCB, CS1
[Skan]Cave WormHazard Creaturecd ECB, CS1
[Skan]Cave WormHazard Creaturecd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Cave WormHazard Creaturecd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Cave-drakeHazard Creaturecd ECB, CS1
[Skan]Cave-drakeHazard Creaturecd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Caves of ÛlundSitecd CU
[Skan]Caves of UlundSitecd GF2
[Skan]Caves of UlundSitecd HF2
[Skan]Caves of UlundSitecd JF2
[Skan]CelebornCharactercd CF1
[Skan]CelebornCharactercd DF1
[Skan]Chill DouserHazard Creaturecd BU2
[Skan]Chill DouserHazard Creaturecd HU2
[Skan]Choking ShadowsHazard Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]Choking ShadowsHazard Eventcd HCA1
[Skan]Cirith GorgorSitecd IU
[Skan]Cirith UngolSitecd IU
[Skan]CiryaherCharactercd FU
[Skan]ConcealmentResource Eventcd CCA1
[Skan]ConcealmentResource Eventcd ECA1
[Skan]ConcealmentResource Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]Corpse-candleHazard Creaturecd BCB, CS1
[Skan]Corpse-candleHazard Creaturecd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Corsairs of RhunResource Factioncd JU3
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd BU
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd E(B)U
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd D(W)U
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd D(B)U
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd E(W)U
[Skan]Corsairs of UmbarHazard Creaturecd IU
[Skan]Covetous ThoughtsHazard Eventcd BU
[Skan]Covetous ThoughtsHazard Eventcd CU
[Skan]Covetous ThoughtsHazard Eventcd J(W)U
[Skan]Covetous ThoughtsHazard Eventcd J(B)U
[Skan]CramResource Itemcd BC2
[Skan]CramResource Itemcd AC2
[Skan]CramResource Itemcd CC2
[Skan]CramResource Itemcd DC2
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd FC4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd GC4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd H(B)C4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd J(W)C4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd J(B)C4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd H(W)C4
[Skan]Crept Along CleverlyResource Eventcd IC4
[Skan]Crooked PromptingsResource Eventcd JCB
[Skan]Crown of FlowersResource Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Cruel CaradhrasHazard Eventcd IU2
[Skan]DaleSitecd DU2
[Skan]DaleSitecd GF2
[Skan]Dancing SpireSitecd GU2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd D(W)CA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd E(B)CA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd ACA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd B(W)CA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd B(B)CA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd D(B)CA2
[Skan]Dark QuarrelsResource Eventcd E(W)CA2
[Skan]Dead MarshesSitecd CU
[Skan]Dead MarshesSitecd EU
[Skan]Dead MarshesSitecd HU
[Skan]Dead MarshesSitecd DU
[Skan]Dead MarshesSitecd IU
[Skan]Deeper ShadowResource Eventcd FU
[Skan]Despair of the HeartHazard Eventcd CCB, CS1
[Skan]Dimrill DaleSitecd FU
[Skan]Dire WolvesHazard Creaturecd GC2
[Skan]DiversionResource Eventcd GCB
[Skan]DodgeResource Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]DodgeResource Eventcd BCA1
[Skan]DodgeResource Eventcd ECA1
[Skan]DogribCharactercd FU
[Skan]Dol AmrothSitecd ECB1
[Skan]Dol AmrothSitecd ACB1
[Skan]Dol GuldurSitecd FF5, CB
[Skan]Dol GuldurSitecd GF5, CB
[Skan]Dol GuldurSitecd HF5, CB
[Skan]Dol GuldurSitecd JF5, CB
[Skan]Dol GuldurSitecd IF5, CB
[Skan]Doors of NightHazard Eventcd ACB, CS1
[Skan]Doors of NightHazard Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Doors of NightHazard Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Doors of NightHazard Eventcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Doors of NightHazard Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]DoriCharactercd CU
[Skan]Dragon-sicknessHazard Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Dragon-sicknessHazard Eventcd JC2
[Skan]Durin's AxeResource Itemcd CU
[Skan]Dwar the RingwraithCharactercd GF1
[Skan]Dwarven Ring of Thelor's TribeResource Itemcd FU2
[Skan]Dwarven Ring of Thrar's TribeResource Itemcd FU2
[Skan]Eagles' EyrieSitecd FU2
[Skan]Earcaraxe AhuntHazard Eventcd AU2
[Skan]Earcaraxe AhuntHazard Eventcd GU2
[Skan]Earcaraxe AhuntHazard Eventcd IU2
[Skan]Easterling CampSitecd DR
[Skan]Easterling CampSitecd JF1
[Skan]EasterlingsResource Factioncd DR
[Skan]EasterlingsResource Factioncd JF1
[Skan]EdhellondSitecd ECB1
[Skan]EdhellondSitecd ACB1
[Skan]EdhellondSitecd DCB1
[Skan]EdorasSitecd EF1
[Skan]EdorasSitecd FU
[Skan]EdorasSitecd AU
[Skan]Elf-stoneResource Itemcd ECB2
[Skan]ElladanCharactercd BF1
[Skan]ElrohirCharactercd BF1
[Skan]ElrohirCharactercd DF1
[Skan]ElrondCharactercd BR
[Skan]Enruned ShieldResource Itemcd CU2
[Skan]Ent in Search of the EntwivesHazard Creaturecd EU
[Skan]EradanCharactercd FU
[Skan]ErkenbrandCharactercd BF1
[Skan]EscapeResource Eventcd BCA1
[Skan]Exhalation of DecayHazard Eventcd HC2
[Skan]FaramirCharactercd EF1
[Skan]Fatty BolgerCharactercd AP
[Skan]Fell RiderResource Eventcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Fell RiderResource Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]FellowshipResource Eventcd CCA2
[Skan]FíliCharactercd CU
[Skan]Flatter a FoeResource Eventcd DC1
[Skan]Focus PalantírResource Eventcd JU
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd CC2
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd E(B)C2
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd HC2
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd E(W)C2
[Skan]Foolish WordsHazard Eventcd GC2
[Skan]Forewarned is ForearmedResource Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Forewarned is ForearmedResource Eventcd D(W)C2
[Skan]Forewarned is ForearmedResource Eventcd D(B)C2
[Skan]ForlongCharactercd ECB1
[Skan]Foul FumesHazard Eventcd ICA1
[Skan]Foul-smelling PasteResource Itemcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Foul-smelling PasteResource Itemcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]From the Pits of AngbandHazard Eventcd FU2
[Skan]Full of Froth and RageHazard Eventcd CC2
[Skan]Full of Froth and RageHazard Eventcd GC2
[Skan]GandalfCharacter Wizardcd DF2
[Skan]GandalfCharacter Wizardcd EF2
[Skan]Gates of MorningResource Eventcd DF5
[Skan]Gates of MorningResource Eventcd EF5
[Skan]Gates of MorningResource Eventcd BF5
[Skan]Gates of MorningResource Eventcd CF5
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd CCB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd DCB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd BCB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd E(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd HCB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd E(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd JCB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd I(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]GhostsHazard Creaturecd I(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]GhoulsHazard Creaturecd HCA1
[Skan]Giant SpidersHazard Creaturecd CCB, CS2
[Skan]Giant SpidersHazard Creaturecd GCB, CS2
[Skan]Gifts as Given of OldResource Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Gildor InglorionCharactercd BF1
[Skan]Gildor InglorionCharactercd CF1
[Skan]GimliCharactercd DF1
[Skan]Gladden FieldsSitecd ECA1
[Skan]GlamdringResource Itemcd AU
[Skan]GlamdringResource Itemcd EU
[Skan]Glamour of Surpassing ExcellanceResource Eventcd DC3
[Skan]Gleaming Gold RingResource Itemcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Glittering CavesSitecd AU
[Skan]GlóinCharactercd CU
[Skan]Glorfindel IICharactercd AF1
[Skan]Gobel MírlondSitecd DU2
[Skan]Goblin-gateSitecd BF2
[Skan]Goblin-gateSitecd FF1
[Skan]Goblin-gateSitecd HF1
[Skan]Goblin-gateSitecd CF2
[Skan]Goblin-gateSitecd JF1
[Skan]Goblins of Goblin-gateResource Factioncd FF1
[Skan]Gold HillSitecd GU2
[Skan]GoldberryResource Allycd BU
[Skan]GollumResource Allycd BU
[Skan]GollumResource Allycd CU
[Skan]GondmaeglomSitecd GF1
[Skan]GondmaeglomSitecd JF1
[Skan]GorbagCharactercd HF1
[Skan]Great BatsResource Allycd JC3
[Skan]Great BatsResource Allycd IC3
[Skan]Great Lord of Goblin-gateResource Allycd HR2
[Skan]Great ShipResource Eventcd AR
[Skan]Great-roadResource Eventcd CCA1
[Skan]Great-shield of RohanResource Itemcd DU
[Skan]Great-shield of RohanResource Itemcd BU
[Skan]Grey HavensSitecd BCB1
[Skan]Grey HavensSitecd CCB1
[Skan]Grey Mountain GoblinsResource Factioncd GF1
[Skan]Grey Mountain GoblinsResource Factioncd JF1
[Skan]GrishnakhCharactercd HF1
[Skan]HadorCharactercd JU
[Skan]HalbaradCharactercd DU
[Skan]HaldirCharactercd BU
[Skan]HaldirCharactercd DU
[Skan]HaldirCharactercd AU
[Skan]Halfling StrengthResource Eventcd ACB2
[Skan]HamaCharactercd DCB1
[Skan]HaradrimResource Factioncd JU2
[Skan]Hauberk of Bright MailResource Itemcd ACA1
[Skan]Hauberk of Bright MailResource Itemcd ECA1
[Skan]Hauberk of Bright MailResource Itemcd CCA1
[Skan]Haudh-in-GwanurSitecd EU2
[Skan]Helm of FearResource Itemcd IU2
[Skan]Henneth AnnunSitecd EF1
[Skan]Henneth AnnunSitecd AF1
[Skan]High HelmResource Itemcd GU
[Skan]High HelmResource Itemcd HU
[Skan]High HelmResource Itemcd JU
[Skan]Hoarmurath the RingwraithCharactercd HF1
[Skan]HobgoblinsHazard Creaturecd AC2
[Skan]Hold Rebuilt and RepairedResource Eventcd JC2
[Skan]Horn of AnorResource Itemcd ACB1
[Skan]Horse-lordsHazard Creaturecd DCB, CS1
[Skan]Horseman in the NightCharactercd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Horseman in the NightCharactercd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Hundreds of ButterfliesResource Eventcd CC2
[Skan]I'll Report YouResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Ice-orcsResource Factioncd GR
[Skan]Ill-favoured FellowCharactercd HC3
[Skan]Ill-favoured FellowCharactercd JC3
[Skan]Ill-favoured FellowCharactercd IC3
[Skan]ImrahilCharactercd EU
[Skan]Incite DefendersHazard Eventcd ACB, CS1
[Skan]Incite DenizensHazard Eventcd ECB, CS1
[Skan]Indur the RingwraithCharactercd JF1
[Skan]IorethCharactercd AU2
[Skan]IrerockSitecd GU2
[Skan]Iron Hill Dwarf-holdSitecd CF1
[Skan]Iron Hill Dwarf-holdSitecd DF1
[Skan]Iron Hill DwarvesResource Factioncd CF1
[Skan]Iron Hill DwarvesResource Factioncd DF1
[Skan]IsengardSitecd EF2
[Skan]IsengardSitecd JU
[Skan]IsengardSitecd AF2
[Skan]IsengardSitecd BF2
[Skan]Isle of the UlondSitecd AU2
[Skan]Itangast AhuntHazard Eventcd DU2
[Skan]Itangast AhuntHazard Eventcd FU2
[Skan]JerrekCharactercd JF1
[Skan]Join With That PowerResource Eventcd FC3
[Skan]KiliCharactercd CF2
[Skan]Knights of Dol AmrothResource Factioncd EU
[Skan]Knights of Dol AmrothResource Factioncd AU
[Skan]LagdufCharactercd GU
[Skan]Last Child of UngoliantResource Allycd IR
[Skan]Lawless MenHazard Creaturecd DCB, CS2
[Skan]LayosCharactercd FF1
[Skan]LegolasCharactercd DU
[Skan]Lesser RingResource Itemcd EU
[Skan]Lesser SpidersHazard Creaturecd CCB, CS2
[Skan]Lieutenant of MorgulCharactercd GR
[Skan]Little SnufflerHazard Creaturecd AU2
[Skan]Lond GalenSitecd ACB1
[Skan]Long WinterHazard Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]LorienSitecd BCB1
[Skan]LorienSitecd CCB1
[Skan]LorienSitecd ECB1
[Skan]LorienSitecd ACB1
[Skan]LorienSitecd DCB1
[Skan]Lossadan CairnSitecd BCA1
[Skan]Lost in Free-domainsHazard Eventcd CCB, CS1
[Skan]Lost in Free-domainsHazard Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Lucky SearchResource Eventcd CR
[Skan]LugdushCharactercd HU3
[Skan]LuitprandCharactercd FF1
[Skan]Lure of ExpedienceHazard Eventcd BCB, CS1
[Skan]Lure of ExpedienceHazard Eventcd ECB, CS1
[Skan]Lure of ExpedienceHazard Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Lure of NatureHazard Eventcd BCA2
[Skan]Lure of NatureHazard Eventcd FCA2
[Skan]Lure of NatureHazard Eventcd JCA2
[Skan]Lure of NatureHazard Eventcd ICA2
[Skan]Lure of the SensesHazard Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Magic Ring of StealthResource Itemcd EU
[Skan]Magical HarpResource Itemcd CU2
[Skan]Many Turns and DoublingsResource Eventcd AC2
[Skan]Many Turns and DoublingsResource Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Marsh-drakeHazard Creaturecd EC2
[Skan]Marsh-drakeHazard Creaturecd FC2
[Skan]Marsh-drakeHazard Creaturecd JC2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd AC2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd E(W)C2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd D(W)C2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd C(W)C2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd C(B)C2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd D(B)C2
[Skan]Marvels ToldResource Eventcd E(B)C2
[Skan]Men of AnfalasResource Factioncd AU
[Skan]Men of AnorienResource Factioncd AF1
[Skan]Men of DaleResource Factioncd DU2
[Skan]Men of DorwinionResource Factioncd DU
[Skan]Men of DorwinionResource Factioncd CU
[Skan]Men of LebenninResource Factioncd AU
[Skan]Minas MorgulSitecd GF5, CB
[Skan]Minas MorgulSitecd HF5, CB
[Skan]Minas MorgulSitecd JF5, CB
[Skan]Minas MorgulSitecd IF5, CB
[Skan]Minas TirithSitecd AF2
[Skan]Minas TirithSitecd IF3
[Skan]Minas TirithSitecd EF2
[Skan]Minions StirHazard Eventcd AU
[Skan]Minor RingResource Itemcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]MíonidCharactercd FU2
[Skan]MoriaSitecd BF3
[Skan]MoriaSitecd FF2
[Skan]MoriaSitecd DF3
[Skan]MoriaSitecd GF2
[Skan]MoriaSitecd EF3
[Skan]MoriaSitecd HF2
[Skan]MoriaSitecd AF3
[Skan]MoriaSitecd CF3
[Skan]MoriaSitecd JF2
[Skan]MoriaSitecd IF2
[Skan]Mount DoomSitecd HU
[Skan]Mount DoomSitecd IU
[Skan]Mount GramSitecd BF2
[Skan]Mount GramSitecd HU
[Skan]Mount GundabadSitecd BU
[Skan]Mount GundabadSitecd GF1
[Skan]Mount GundabadSitecd HF1
[Skan]Mount GundabadSitecd JF1
[Skan]MusterResource Eventcd BCA1
[Skan]MusterResource Eventcd DCA1
[Skan]Muster DispersesHazard Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]Muster DispersesHazard Eventcd CCA1
[Skan]Muster DispersesHazard Eventcd ECA1
[Skan]MuzgashCharactercd GF1
[Skan]Nameless ThingHazard Creaturecd FU2
[Skan]Nameless ThingHazard Creaturecd GU2
[Skan]Nameless ThingHazard Creaturecd IU2
[Skan]NarsilResource Itemcd EU
[Skan]Neeker-breekersHazard Creaturecd CP
[Skan]Nevido SmodCharactercd FF1
[Skan]Nevido SmodCharactercd JF1
[Skan]New FriendshipResource Eventcd DCB1
[Skan]Noble HoundResource Allycd DC2
[Skan]Noble SteedResource Allycd DC4
[Skan]Noble SteedResource Allycd EC4
[Skan]Not at HomeResource Eventcd C(B)C2
[Skan]Not at HomeResource Eventcd C(W)C2
[Skan]Not Slay NeedlesslyResource Eventcd FU
[Skan]Nothing to Eat or DrinkHazard Eventcd E(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]Nothing to Eat or DrinkHazard Eventcd E(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]Nurniag CampSitecd IU
[Skan]NurniagsResource Factioncd IU
[Skan]OdoacerCharactercd JF1
[Skan]OinCharactercd CU
[Skan]Old ForestSitecd BCA1
[Skan]Orc BrawlerCharactercd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Orc CaptainCharactercd FU
[Skan]Orc CaptainCharactercd GU
[Skan]Orc CaptainCharactercd JU
[Skan]Orc CaptainCharactercd IU
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd F(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd H(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd F(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]Orc QuarrelsResource Eventcd H(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]Orc TrackerCharactercd HF5, CB
[Skan]Orc TrackerCharactercd IF5, CB
[Skan]Orc VeteranCharactercd GF5, CB
[Skan]Orc VeteranCharactercd IF5, CB
[Skan]Orc-guardHazard Creaturecd ACA1
[Skan]Orc-lieutenantHazard Creaturecd AU
[Skan]Orc-warbandHazard Creaturecd ACB, CS1
[Skan]Orc-watchHazard Creaturecd ACA1
[Skan]OrcristResource Itemcd DU
[Skan]OrcristResource Itemcd BU
[Skan]Orcs of GundabadResource Factioncd GF1
[Skan]Orcs of GundabadResource Factioncd JF1
[Skan]Orcs of MirkwoodResource Factioncd HF1
[Skan]Orcs of MoriaResource Factioncd FF1
[Skan]Orcs of MoriaResource Factioncd GF1
[Skan]Orcs of MoriaResource Factioncd HF1
[Skan]Orcs of the Ash MountainsResource Factioncd IU
[Skan]Orcs of UdunResource Factioncd IU
[Skan]Orders from LugbúrzResource Eventcd GU3
[Skan]OrophinCharactercd BCB1
[Skan]OstisenCharactercd FF1
[Skan]Ovir HollowSitecd CU2
[Skan]Palantir of Minas TirithResource Itemcd IU
[Skan]Palantir of OrthancResource Itemcd AU
[Skan]Palantír of OrthancResource Itemcd JU
[Skan]PallandoCharacter Wizardcd CF2
[Skan]PallandoCharacter Wizardcd EF2
[Skan]PeathCharactercd AU
[Skan]PelargirSitecd ACB1
[Skan]PerchenCharactercd FU2
[Skan]Piercing All ShadowsResource Eventcd FU3
[Skan]Piercing All ShadowsResource Eventcd GU3
[Skan]Piercing All ShadowsResource Eventcd HU3
[Skan]Piercing All ShadowsResource Eventcd JU3
[Skan]Plague of WightsHazard Eventcd HU
[Skan]Poisonous DespairResource Eventcd FU
[Skan]Poisonous DespairResource Eventcd JU
[Skan]Power Built by WaitingHazard Eventcd EC3
[Skan]Power Built by WaitingHazard Eventcd HC3
[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource Eventcd AU3
[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource Eventcd BU3
[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource Eventcd CU3
[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource Eventcd DU3
[Skan]Promptings of WisdomResource Eventcd EU3
[Skan]Pukel-menHazard Creaturecd ER
[Skan]QuickbeamResource Allycd EU
[Skan]QuickbeamResource Allycd CU
[Skan]RadagastCharacter Wizardcd BF2
[Skan]RadagastCharacter Wizardcd DF2
[Skan]RadbugCharactercd GU
[Skan]Raider-holdSitecd GU
[Skan]Raider-holdSitecd DU2
[Skan]Raider-holdSitecd JU
[Skan]Rain-drakeHazard Creaturecd EC2
[Skan]Rain-drakeHazard Creaturecd FC2
[Skan]Rain-drakeHazard Creaturecd IC2
[Skan]Rangers of IthilienResource Factioncd EF1
[Skan]Rangers of IthilienResource Factioncd AF1
[Skan]Rangers of the NorthResource Factioncd BF1
[Skan]Rank upon RankHazard Eventcd DC2
[Skan]Ready to His WillResource Eventcd JR
[Skan]Rebel-talkHazard Eventcd ACB, CS1
[Skan]Rebel-talkHazard Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Rebuild the TownResource Eventcd AC2
[Skan]Records UnreadResource Itemcd HC2
[Skan]Records UnreadResource Itemcd IC2
[Skan]Red Book of WestmarchResource Itemcd FU
[Skan]Regiment of Black CrowsResource Allycd FC3
[Skan]Regiment of Black CrowsResource Allycd G(W)C3
[Skan]Regiment of Black CrowsResource Allycd JC3
[Skan]Regiment of Black CrowsResource Allycd G(B)C3
[Skan]Rescue PrisonersResource Eventcd BCA2
[Skan]Return of the KingResource Eventcd ER
[Skan]RhosgobelSitecd DF2
[Skan]Riders of RohanResource Factioncd EF1
[Skan]Riders of RohanResource Factioncd AF1
[Skan]Risky BlowResource Eventcd BCA1
[Skan]Risky BlowResource Eventcd DCA1
[Skan]Risky BlowResource Eventcd CCA1
[Skan]RivendellSitecd ACB1
[Skan]RivendellSitecd BCB1
[Skan]RivendellSitecd DCB1
[Skan]RivendellSitecd ECB1
[Skan]RivendellSitecd CCB1
[Skan]RiverHazard Eventcd CCA2
[Skan]RiverHazard Eventcd JCA2
[Skan]RuseResource Eventcd FR
[Skan]Sable ShieldResource Itemcd GU
[Skan]Sable ShieldResource Itemcd HU
[Skan]Safe from the ShadowResource Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Sam GamgeeCharactercd AU
[Skan]Sand-drakeHazard Creaturecd FU2
[Skan]Sapling of the White TreeResource Itemcd AU
[Skan]Sarn GoriwingSitecd CCA1
[Skan]Sarn GoriwingSitecd HF1
[Skan]Sarn GoriwingSitecd IF1
[Skan]SarumanCharacter Wizardcd AF2
[Skan]SarumanCharacter Wizardcd CF2
[Skan]Scatha AhuntHazard Eventcd IU2
[Skan]Scorba AhuntHazard Eventcd DU2
[Skan]Scroll of IsildurResource Itemcd AU
[Skan]Scroll of IsildurResource Itemcd HU
[Skan]Scroll of IsildurResource Itemcd BU
[Skan]Scroll of IsildurResource Itemcd JU
[Skan]Searching EyeHazard Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Searching EyeHazard Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Searching EyeHazard Eventcd E(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]Searching EyeHazard Eventcd E(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]Secret BookResource Itemcd JC2
[Skan]Secrets of Their ForgingResource Eventcd FU
[Skan]Seized by TerrorHazard Eventcd BC2
[Skan]Seized by TerrorHazard Eventcd D(W)C2
[Skan]Seized by TerrorHazard Eventcd CC2
[Skan]Seized by TerrorHazard Eventcd D(B)C2
[Skan]Sellswords Between ChartersHazard Creaturecd DCB, CS2
[Skan]Sellswords Between ChartersHazard Creaturecd ECB, CS2
[Skan]Sellswords Between ChartersHazard Creaturecd JCB, CS2
[Skan]ShagratCharactercd GF1
[Skan]Shelob's LairSitecd HU
[Skan]Shelob's LairSitecd IU
[Skan]Shield of Iron-bound AshResource Itemcd BCA2
[Skan]Shrel-KainSitecd CCB1
[Skan]Shrel-KainSitecd DCB1
[Skan]Skies of FireResource Eventcd JCB
[Skan]SlayerHazard Creaturecd BCB, CS1
[Skan]SlayerHazard Creaturecd FCB, CS1
[Skan]SlayerHazard Creaturecd JCB, CS1
[Skan]SlayerHazard Creaturecd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Sly SouthernerCharactercd HC3
[Skan]Smoke RingsResource Eventcd CC2
[Skan]Smoke RingsResource Eventcd AC2
[Skan]Smoke RingsResource Eventcd EC2
[Skan]Snaga-haiResource Factioncd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Sneakin'Resource Eventcd HR
[Skan]SnowstormHazard Eventcd IR
[Skan]Sons of KingsHazard Creaturecd ECB, CS2
[Skan]Southron OasisSitecd JF1
[Skan]SouthronsResource Factioncd JF1
[Skan]Star-glassResource Itemcd EU
[Skan]Stay Her AppetiteHazard Eventcd GR
[Skan]StealthResource Eventcd ECA1
[Skan]StealthResource Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]Stench of MordorHazard Eventcd HU
[Skan]Stench of MordorHazard Eventcd IU
[Skan]Stench of MordorHazard Eventcd GU
[Skan]StinkerResource Allycd FU
[Skan]StinkerResource Allycd HU
[Skan]StinkerResource Allycd JU
[Skan]Stirring BonesHazard Creaturecd BC2
[Skan]Stirring BonesHazard Creaturecd HC2
[Skan]Stout Men of GondorHazard Creaturecd DC3
[Skan]Strange RationsResource Itemcd HCB, CS1
[Skan]Strange RationsResource Itemcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Sudden CallResource Eventcd FF5, CB
[Skan]Sudden CallResource Eventcd GF5, CB
[Skan]Sudden CallResource Eventcd HF5, CB
[Skan]Sudden CallResource Eventcd JF5, CB
[Skan]Sudden CallResource Eventcd IF5, CB
[Skan]Summons from Long SleepHazard Eventcd FC2
[Skan]Swarm of BatsResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Swift StrokesResource Eventcd GU
[Skan]Sword of GondolinResource Itemcd ECA2
[Skan]Sword of GondolinResource Itemcd BCA2
[Skan]That Ain't No SecretResource Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]That's Been Heard Before TonightResource Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]The ArkenstoneResource Itemcd HP
[Skan]The ArkenstoneResource Itemcd JP
[Skan]The ArkenstoneResource Itemcd GP
[Skan]The Cock CrowsResource Eventcd B(W)U
[Skan]The Cock CrowsResource Eventcd B(B)U
[Skan]The Dwarves Are upon You!Resource Eventcd CU2
[Skan]The Least of Gold RingsResource Itemcd FF5, CB
[Skan]The Lonely MountainSitecd CF2
[Skan]The Lonely MountainSitecd GF2
[Skan]The Moon Is DeadHazard Eventcd HC2
[Skan]The Moon Is DeadHazard Eventcd BC2
[Skan]The MouthCharactercd JR
[Skan]The Old ThrushResource Eventcd CU
[Skan]The Ring's BetrayalHazard Eventcd BU
[Skan]The Tormented EarthResource Eventcd JU3
[Skan]The White TreeResource Eventcd AR
[Skan]The Wind ThroneSitecd JF1
[Skan]The Windlord Found MeResource Eventcd BU2
[Skan]The Witch-kingCharactercd IF2
[Skan]The Worthy HillsSitecd FR
[Skan]TheodenCharactercd AF1
[Skan]Thorin IICharactercd CR
[Skan]Thorough SearchResource Eventcd ECA1
[Skan]ThranduilCharactercd DF1
[Skan]ThranduilCharactercd EF1
[Skan]Thranduil's HallsSitecd DF1
[Skan]Thranduil's HallsSitecd FF2
[Skan]Thrice OutnumberedHazard Eventcd DU
[Skan]Thror's MapResource Itemcd CU2
[Skan]Thror's MapResource Itemcd GU2
[Skan]Tidings of Bold SpiesHazard Eventcd DCB, CS2
[Skan]Tidings of Bold SpiesHazard Eventcd ECB, CS2
[Skan]To Satisfy the QuestionerResource Eventcd FCB, CS1
[Skan]Tokens to ShowResource Eventcd FC2
[Skan]TolfalasSitecd AR
[Skan]Torque of HuesResource Itemcd DU
[Skan]Tower Guard of Minas TirithResource Factioncd EF1
[Skan]TreebeardResource Allycd AU
[Skan]Tros HesnefCharactercd GU
[Skan]True Cold-drakeHazard Creaturecd FC1
[Skan]True Fire-drakeHazard Creaturecd FC1
[Skan]True Fire-drakeHazard Creaturecd IC1
[Skan]TumaCharactercd GU2
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd A(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd B(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd C(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd D(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd E(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd F(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd G(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd H(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd A(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd B(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd C(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd D(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd E(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd J(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd J(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd F(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd H(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd I(W)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd I(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]TwilightHazard Eventcd G(B)CB, CS1
[Skan]Two or Three Tribes PresentHazard Eventcd AC2
[Skan]UfthakCharactercd HR
[Skan]Under His BlowResource Eventcd GCB, CS1
[Skan]Under His BlowResource Eventcd ICB, CS1
[Skan]Uruk-haiResource Factioncd IR
[Skan]VanishmentResource Eventcd DCA1
[Skan]VanishmentResource Eventcd ACA1
[Skan]Veils Flung AwayHazard Eventcd BU
[Skan]Vile FumesResource Itemcd HU4
[Skan]Vile FumesResource Itemcd IU4
[Skan]VilyaResource Eventcd BR
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd FCB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd GCB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd HCB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd J(W)CB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd J(B)CB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd I(W)CB
[Skan]Voices of MaliceResource Eventcd I(B)CB
[Skan]Wain-easterlingsResource Factioncd DU2
[Skan]Wain-easterlingsResource Factioncd JU2
[Skan]Wake of WarHazard Eventcd CU
[Skan]Wake of WarHazard Eventcd GU
[Skan]War-wolfResource Allycd HCB, CS1
[Skan]WargsHazard Creaturecd CCA2
[Skan]WargsHazard Creaturecd GCA2
[Skan]Watcher in the WaterHazard Creaturecd CU
[Skan]Watcher in the WaterHazard Creaturecd GU
[Skan]Weariness of the HeartHazard Eventcd JCB, CS1
[Skan]Weigh All Things to a NicetyResource Eventcd FCB
[Skan]Weigh All Things to a NicetyResource Eventcd ICB
[Skan]Well-preservedResource Eventcd FU3
[Skan]WellinghallSitecd CF1
[Skan]WellinghallSitecd EU2
[Skan]WellinghallSitecd AF1
[Skan]Wisp of Pale SheenHazard Creaturecd HC1
[Skan]Withered LandsHazard Eventcd IC1
[Skan]Wizard UncloakedResource Eventcd AU2
[Skan]Wizard's LaughterResource Eventcd DU
[Skan]Wizard's LaughterResource Eventcd AU
[Skan]WolvesHazard Creaturecd GCA2
[Skan]Wood-elvesResource Factioncd DF1
[Skan]WormsbaneResource Itemcd CR2
[Skan]Woses of the Eryn VornResource Factioncd FR
[Skan]WuluagCharactercd GU2
[Skan]Zarak DumSitecd BU2

Cards: 748

Rarity distribution
CB, CS1114
CB, CS210
F5, CB23
Type distribution
Character Wizard10
Hazard Creature86
Hazard Event119
Resource Ally21
Resource Event153
Resource Faction46
Resource Item75
Race distribution
cd A78
cd A(B)1
cd A(W)1
cd B70
cd B(B)3
cd B(W)3
cd C70
cd C(B)3
cd C(W)3
cd D67
cd D(B)6
cd D(W)6
cd E66
cd E(B)8
cd E(W)8
cd F71
cd F(B)2
cd F(W)2
cd G68
cd G(B)2
cd G(W)2
cd H60
cd H(B)3
cd H(W)3
cd I61
cd I(B)3
cd I(W)3
cd J67
cd J(B)4
cd J(W)4