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Warhammer 40,000 -> Cardlists -> Battle for Delos V

Available cardlists:
PromoBattle for Delos V
Foil SectorsInvasion: Verdicon
Battle for Pandora PrimeSiege of Malogrim Hive
Coronis Campaign

Edition: Battle for Delos V

Available languages (6):

Subsets: Normal / Transparent

ScanName Name (org)TypeFactionRarity
[brak obrazka]Zourial - Incubi (DE)Zourial - IncubiUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Zaghai - Ravager (DE)Zaghai - RavagerUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Wrecked Gargant (DE)Wrecked GargantFortificationOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Wolff's Squad (DE)Wolff's SquadUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Webway Portal (DE)Webway PortalFortificationDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Warlock Bodyguard (DE)Warlock BodyguardUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Vyper Squad Taryl (DE)Vyper Squad TarylUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Vyper Squad Legyr (DE)Vyper Squad LegyrUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Vortex Minefield (DE)Vortex MinefieldFortificationGenericUncommon
[brak obrazka]Vorpal Talons - Raven Squadron (DE)Vorpal Talons - Raven SquadronUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Virok's Bodyguards (DE)Virok's BodyguardsUnitImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Viorion - Wraithlord (DE)Viorion - WraithlordUnitEldarFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Viondel - Striking Scorpions (DE)Viondel - Striking ScorpionsUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Vengeance Seekers - Raven Squadron (DE)Vengeance Seekers - Raven SquadronUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Vasterlund Sappers (DE)Vasterlund SappersUnitGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Vampires (DE)VampiresUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Uzthizarr - Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (DE)Uzthizarr - Daemon Prince of TzeentchCharacterChaosFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Unendur - Storm Squad (DE)Unendur - Storm SquadUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Ulrik the slayer (DE)Ulrik the slayerCharacterMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Tzeentch (DE)TzeentchFleetChaosFixed
[brak obrazka]Toxigaunts (DE)ToxigauntsUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Toxic Gargoyles (DE)Toxic GargoylesUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Tithral - Rangers (DE)Tithral - RangersUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Tinanduil - Wraithguard (DE)Tinanduil - WraithguardUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Thunderer Siege Tank (DE)Thunderer Siege TankUnitRare
[brak obrazka]Thralls (DE)ThrallsUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Thousand Sons Dreadnought (DE)Thousand Sons DreadnoughtUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Thorn Ravener (DE)Thorn RavenerUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]The Shadow (DE)The ShadowUnitDark EldrFoil Only
[brak obrazka]The Pit (DE)The PitFortificationDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]The Aquilorg Sea (DE)The Aquilorg SeaSector / SeaGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Tharil - Fire Dragons (DE)Tharil - Fire DragonsUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Terridan (DE)TerridanUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Teneril - War Walkers (DE)Teneril - War WalkersUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Tarrem - Wyches (DE)Tarrem - WychesUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Sybarite Ghatash (DE)Sybarite GhatashCharacterDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Subjugator Titan (DE)Subjugator TitanUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Stygian Reavers (DE)Stygian ReaversUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Storm Boy Nobz (DE)Storm Boy NobzUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Vethorn (DE)Squad VethornUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Valgaard (DE)Squad ValgaardUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Thorbrandr (DE)Squad ThorbrandrUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Theth (DE)Squad ThethUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Skapti (DE)Squad SkaptiUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Squad Sigfast (DE)Squad SigfastUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Sethos (DE)Squad SethosUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Olaf (DE)Squad OlafUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Nikulas (DE)Squad NikulasUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Kolgrim (DE)Squad KolgrimUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Gunnlaug (DE)Squad GunnlaugUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Squad Grimr (DE)Squad GrimrUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Amun (DE)Squad AmunUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Amenephis (DE)Squad AmenephisUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Alrik (DE)Squad AlrikUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Squad Alfar (DE)Squad AlfarUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Spotter Grots (DE)Spotter GrotsUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Spined Gargoyles (DE)Spined GargoylesUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Speed Freek Buggy (DE)Speed Freek BuggyUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Space Wolves (DE)Space WolvesFleetMarineFixed
[brak obrazka]Space Hulk (DE)Space HulkFortificationTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Soul Eaters - Mandrakes (DE)Soul Eaters - MandrakesUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Solvarr - Bike Pack (DE)Solvarr - Bike PackUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Slave Herd (DE)Slave HerdUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Skallagrim (DE)SkallagrimUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Sirens (DE)SirensUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ship Wreck (DE)Ship WreckFortificationGenericCommon
[brak obrazka]Shadowscythes (DE)ShadowscythesUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Shadow Hunters - Warp Beasts (DE)Shadow Hunters - Warp BeastsUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Seth, the Gatekeeper (DE)Seth, the GatekeeperCharacterChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Seth's Chosen (DE)Seth's ChosenUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Sentinel Power Lifter (DE)Sentinel Power LifterUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Seed Swarm (DE)Seed SwarmUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Sect of Tainted Blood (DE)Sect of Tainted BloodUnitDark EldrSpecial
[brak obrazka]Salaq - Scourges (DE)Salaq - ScourgesUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Ruwyn - Dark Reapers (DE)Ruwyn - Dark ReapersUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Rokkit Kopta (DE)Rokkit KoptaUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Road Network (DE)Road NetworkFortificationGenericRare
[brak obrazka]Revenant Scout Titan (DE)Revenant Scout TitanUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Retributor Squad (DE)Retributor SquadUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Research Station (DE)Research StationFortificationGenericUncommon
[brak obrazka]Rending Swarm (DE)Rending SwarmUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Rekkul - Incubi Master (DE)Rekkul - Incubi MasterCharacterDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Redemptor Kyrinov (DE)Redemptor KyrinovCharacterImperial GuardFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Red Gobbo (DE)Red GobboCharacterOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Reaver Squad Taktan (DE)Reaver Squad TaktanUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Reaver Squad Takaj (DE)Reaver Squad TakajUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Reaver Squad Naman (DE)Reaver Squad NamanUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Reaver Squad Aitair (DE)Reaver Squad AitairUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Reapers (DE)ReapersUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Razorgants (DE)RazorgantsUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Ratskin Rough Riders (DE)Ratskin Rough RidersUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Rath'il - Grotesques (DE)Rath'il - GrotesquesUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Raralith - Storm Squad (DE)Raralith - Storm SquadUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Rampage Gunship (DE)Rampage GunshipUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Raider (DE)RaiderUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Ragnar's Bodyguard (DE)Ragnar's BodyguardUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Ragnar Blackmane (DE)Ragnar BlackmaneCharacterMarinePromo
[brak obrazka]Rael 'Stealers (DE)Rael 'StealersUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Quat'hari - Scourges (DE)Quat'hari - ScourgesUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Psygaunts (DE)PsygauntsUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Possessed Land Raider (DE)Possessed Land RaiderUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Pink Horror Swarm (DE)Pink Horror SwarmUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Ork Hunters (DE)Ork HuntersUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nylreth (DE)NylrethCharacterDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Nylad - Howling Banshees (DE)Nylad - Howling BansheesUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Norn Queen (DE)Norn QueenUnitTyranidFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Njal Stormcaller (DE)Njal StormcallerCharacterMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Night Talons (DE)Night TalonsUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Nezan - Raider Squad (DE)Nezan - Raider SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Nezam - Scourges (DE)Nezam - ScourgesUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Neril - Dire Avengers (DE)Neril - Dire AvengersUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Necrifex (DE)NecrifexUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub (DE)Nazdreg Ug UrdgrubCharacterOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Narakez - Hellion Squad (DE)Narakez - Hellion SquadUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Na'Kor the Tormentor (DE)Na'Kor the TormentorCharacterDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Morgorn - Defenders (DE)Morgorn - DefendersUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Monitoring Station (DE)Monitoring StationFortificationGenericCommon
[brak obrazka]Minions of Strife (DE)Minions of StrifeUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Mercenary Ogryn Mob (DE)Mercenary Ogryn MobUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Mek House (DE)Mek HouseFortificationOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Medusa (DE)MedusaUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Marauder Destroyers (DE)Marauder DestroyersUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Lt. 'Savage' McCray (DE)Lt. 'Savage' McCrayCharacterImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Lord's Crags (DE)Lord's CragsSector / MountainGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Lightning Raider (DE)Lightning RaiderUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Lightning Fighter (DE)Lightning FighterUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Lashers (DE)LashersUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Landing Pad (DE)Landing PadFortificationGenericRare
[brak obrazka]Kwikapa (DE)KwikapaUnitGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Krug's Mob (DE)Krug's MobUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Korai Soulstalker (DE)Korai SoulstalkerCharacterDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Khemar - Mandrakes (DE)Khemar - MandrakesUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Khatkah the Twice-Born (DE)Khatkah the Twice-BornCharacterDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kebirra - Hellion Squad (DE)Kebirra - Hellion SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Kainaq - Warrior Squad (DE)Kainaq - Warrior SquadUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Kabira the Heartless (DE)Kabira the HeartlessCharacterDark EldrFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Jorluk Glacier (DE)Jorluk GlacierSector / GlacierGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Jiraq - Wyches (DE)Jiraq - WychesUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Jetbike Squad Fendel (DE)Jetbike Squad FendelUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Jetbike Squad Elil (DE)Jetbike Squad ElilUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Iyanna Arienal (DE)Iyanna ArienalCharacterEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Isarandil - Rangers (DE)Isarandil - RangersUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Iron Priest Avanger (DE)Iron Priest AvangerCharacterMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Inquisitor Tyrus (DE)Inquisitor TyrusCharacterMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Infected Hive City (DE)Infected Hive CityFortificationTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Hydra Platform (DE)Hydra PlatformUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Hive Ship (DE)Hive ShipFortificationTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Hergrimr - Land Raider (DE)Hergrimr - Land RaiderUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Hellcrone Gunship (DE)Hellcrone GunshipUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Harpoon Trak (DE)Harpoon TrakUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Hale's Squad (DE)Hale's SquadUnitImperial GuardSpecial
[brak obrazka]Hab Block 404 (DE)Hab Block 404FortificationGenericRare
[brak obrazka]Gunwagon (DE)GunwagonUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gunnvaldr - Attack Bikes (DE)Gunnvaldr - Attack BikesUnitMarineUncommon
[brak obrazka]Gungnir (DE)GungnirCharacterMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Grot Orderlies (DE)Grot OrderliesUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Greer's Squad (DE)Greer's SquadUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Gorzag's Mob (DE)Gorzag's MobUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Goff Skarboyz (DE)Goff SkarboyzUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Go Fasta Trakk (DE)Go Fasta TrakkUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Ghatash - Talos (DE)Ghatash - TalosUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]General Sejanus (DE)General SejanusCharacterImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Geirmundr - Rhino (DE)Geirmundr - RhinoUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Garkah - Hellion Squad (DE)Garkah - Hellion SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Gargant (DE)GargantUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Garakzaral - Lord of Change (DE)Garakzaral - Lord of ChangeUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Galuril - Striking Scorpions (DE)Galuril - Striking ScorpionsUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Frostfen (DE)FrostfenSector / ForestGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Flesh Tyrant (DE)Flesh TyrantUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Flesh Reapers - Warp Beasts (DE)Flesh Reapers - Warp BeastsUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Flamer Horde (DE)Flamer HordeUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Fithral - Wraithguard (DE)Fithral - WraithguardUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Fenrisian Wolves (DE)Fenrisian WolvesUnitMarineRare
[brak obrazka]Farseer Kai (DE)Farseer KaiCharacterEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Farmer Militia (DE)Farmer MilitiaUnitGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Exegants (DE)ExegantsUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Executioner (DE)ExecutionerUnitRare
[brak obrazka]Excrents - Warp Beasts (DE)Excrents - Warp BeastsUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Eldjarn - Land speeder (DE)Eldjarn - Land speederUnitMarineCommon
[brak obrazka]Elarimir - Fire Dragons (DE)Elarimir - Fire DragonsUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Earthshaker Carriage (DE)Earthshaker CarriageUnitImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Dracon Ash'han (DE)Dracon Ash'hanCharacterDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Dolumar 'Stealers (DE)Dolumar 'StealersUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Dhamaq - Warrior Squad (DE)Dhamaq - Warrior SquadUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Dhakara - Wyches (DE)Dhakara - WychesUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Destroyer Tank Hunter (DE)Destroyer Tank HunterUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Decapitator (DE)DecapitatorCharacterDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Deathskull War Buggy (DE)Deathskull War BuggyUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Death Guard Terminators (DE)Death Guard TerminatorsUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Death Guard Space Marines (DE)Death Guard Space MarinesUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Death Guard Dreadnought (DE)Death Guard DreadnoughtUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Dark Swords (DE)Dark SwordsUnitChaosCommon
[brak obrazka]Dark Stalkers (DE)Dark StalkersUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Dark Eldar (DE)Dark EldarFleetDark EldrFixed
[brak obrazka]Da Kult of Speed (DE)Da Kult of SpeedFleetOrkFixed
[brak obrazka]Cutter Swarm (DE)Cutter SwarmUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Curland's Raiders (DE)Curland's RaidersUnitGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Cultists of Tzeentch (DE)Cultists of TzeentchUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Crucigants (DE)CrucigantsUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Crag Rats (DE)Crag RatsUnitGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Coronis 'Stealers (DE)Coronis 'StealersUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Conquerer (DE)ConquererUnitImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Commissar Virok (DE)Commissar VirokCharacterImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Commissar Tank (DE)Commissar TankUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Commissar Schmidt (DE)Commissar SchmidtCharacterImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Cliff holes (DE)Cliff holesFortificationOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Cleaver Swarm (DE)Cleaver SwarmUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Chukka's Mob (DE)Chukka's MobUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Chapel of Blades (DE)Chapel of BladesFortificationDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Cadian Manticore (DE)Cadian ManticoreUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]Bonekraka's Mob (DE)Bonekraka's MobUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bone Stalkers - Warp Beasts (DE)Bone Stalkers - Warp BeastsUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bomma (DE)BommaUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Blue Horror Swarm (DE)Blue Horror SwarmUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Bloodshrikes (DE)BloodshrikesUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bloodied Claws - Razorwing Squadron (DE)Bloodied Claws - Razorwing SquadronUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Blood Hands (DE)Blood HandsUnitChaosRare
[brak obrazka]Blake's Storm Troopers (DE)Blake's Storm TroopersUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Black Horsemen (DE)Black HorsemenUnitChaosUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bjorn the Fell-Handed (DE)Bjorn the Fell-HandedUnitMarineFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Biothrope (DE)BiothropeUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Biogaunts (DE)BiogauntsUnitTyranidUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bikeboyz Mob (DE)Bikeboyz MobUnitOrkCommon
[brak obrazka]Big Scrappa (DE)Big ScrappaUnitOrkFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Big 'un (DE)Big 'unUnitOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Beastmaster (DE)BeastmasterCharacterDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Bastion (DE)BastionSector / ValleyGenericFixed
[brak obrazka]Barracks (DE)BarracksFortificationGenericUncommon
[brak obrazka]Barbed Heirodule (DE)Barbed HeiroduleUnitTyranidRare
[brak obrazka]Barbed Gargoyles (DE)Barbed GargoylesUnitTyranidCommon
[brak obrazka]Baranroth - Defenders (DE)Baranroth - DefendersUnitEldarRare
[brak obrazka]Banna wava (DE)Banna wavaCharacterOrkRare
[brak obrazka]Bad Gitz (DE)Bad GitzUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Azaaq - Raider Squad (DE)Azaaq - Raider SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Attack Squigs (DE)Attack SquigsUnitOrkUncommon
[brak obrazka]Ash Dunes (DE)Ash DunesFortificationGenericCommon
[brak obrazka]Asdrubael Vect (DE)Asdrubael VectUnitDark EldrFoil Only
[brak obrazka]Armored Fist Recon Patrol (DE)Armored Fist Recon PatrolUnitImperial GuardUncommon
[brak obrazka]Arariel - Warp Spiders (DE)Arariel - Warp SpidersUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Anowyn - Dire Avengers (DE)Anowyn - Dire AvengersUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Anendel - Howling Banshees (DE)Anendel - Howling BansheesUnitEldarCommon
[brak obrazka]Alikhari - Warrior Squad (DE)Alikhari - Warrior SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Al 'rahem of Tallarn (DE)Al 'rahem of TallarnCharacterImperial GuardRare
[brak obrazka]Akkor - Raider Squad (DE)Akkor - Raider SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]Akhai - Ravager (DE)Akhai - RavagerUnitDark EldrUncommon
[brak obrazka]Aga'el - Talos (DE)Aga'el - TalosUnitDark EldrRare
[brak obrazka]Adael - Warp Spiders (DE)Adael - Warp SpidersUnitEldarUncommon
[brak obrazka]Abhatar - Warrior Squad (DE)Abhatar - Warrior SquadUnitDark EldrCommon
[brak obrazka]'Tundra Wolves' - Valhallan VIII (DE)'Tundra Wolves' - Valhallan VIIIUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]'Iron Frost' - Valhallan XVI (DE)'Iron Frost' - Valhallan XVIUnitImperial GuardCommon
[brak obrazka]'Ice Hunters' - Valhallan XI (DE)'Ice Hunters' - Valhallan XIUnitImperial GuardCommon

Cards: 251

Rarity distribution
Foil Only9
Type distribution
Sector / Forest1
Sector / Glacier1
Sector / Mountain1
Sector / Sea1
Sector / Valley1
Faction distribution
Dark Eldr57
Imperial Guard27