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Games database updated

countvoncount, 2013-08-21 06:40:54
Thanks for posting the Echelons lists! I picked up some cards at a con recently and found your 1st edition list posting to be spot on for cards I have. But looks like the second edition list is not accurate, I have a number of U.K and other cards not on the list, some of the listed cards don't match. Here are cards I found so far which don't seem to be on the posted list:
U.K. Fire Team
U.K. L.M.G.
U.K. Sergeant
U.K. Warrior
Serb Fire Team
Soviet (Serb) T-54
Supply [Fuel] 2x
U.S. 2nd Lieutenant
U.S. F-15 Eagle
U.S. M-577

Anyone have an updated 2nd edition list, or a collection of the set and willing to verify cards?

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