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Card: Virus-to-Wyrm

[Card image]
GameRage: Tribal War
Card TextType: Garou Renown: 5
Tribe: Glass Walker Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun Gender: Female
Tribe Friendly: Affiliation:
Breed Rage: 3 Crinos Rage: 6
Breed Gnosis: 4 Crinos Gnosis: 4
Breed Health: 2 Crinos Health: 4
Turns to Regenerate: 2
Breed Text: Insight: 1
Crinos Text: Insight:1
Pre-Combat (In): If your opponent is a Wyrm, choose a keyword. All of Virus's attacks that have that keyword have +1 Damage.
Flavor Text"Actually, I just got into town. Where are all my packmates? Do you know?"
ArtistQuinton Hoover
LanguageEnglish EN
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